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Dammit, +Google! You took away the RSS Subscription extension for Chrome, too? WTF?!
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The cancellation of Reader, yes, and I fear for FeedBurner's fate.

I'm looking into options though, such as Yahoo! Pipes.
THAT would suck -- i'd have to move all those character sheets
Blogger is a vital part of Google's offering for businesses and institutions. It wont' go anywhere
Yes, I saw that when you posted it. I still don't think Blogger is going anywhere :-)
Time will tell. I don't trust Google very much these days.
Just as you wouldn't trust any other company if they pulled the plug on a product that you had been using for many years? Or do you trust Google less than an other company who did something similar? If so, why? Trying hard to understand this
I trust Google less with its own products because they've been pulling the plug on so many in such a short amount of time. They seem to be uncaring with respect to the dependency people have on these products, too.
And why should they keep Reader alive if Reader-users might just as well use, say, Feedly? To save those users the horrendous trouble of importing their Reader-feeds into Feedly? :-)
Well, to be honest, no other companies had a service that I enjoyed using so much and depended upon so strongly. And no other companies have the wide variety of quality web-based services and products that Google has.
And yet you think of Google as more evil and heartless than other companies? :-)
Regarding Reader, for me, it does more than just allow me to read feeds. I depended heavily on the public tags feature which allowed me to tag feeds and individual items from other feeds under a specific topic to create a new public feed that I then passed into FeedBurner for others to syndicate.
Once again, I would encourage you to ask the people at Feedly to add features like that to their product
I didn't say evil and heartless. I don't believe Google is evil. I just don't think they consider the impact they have on users and their trust in the company when they place so much emphasis on a product for so long only to yank it away.

It's like giving a puppy to someone and 5-8 years later, telling them it's going to be shot dead in 3 months.
In any case, back to the OP, the extension was a feature of the browser, not of Reader.
But it's not a puppy - it's a product. And it was never yours. 
It was a RSS-extension - and Google don't want to spend more time on their RSS-products :-)
I guess it's like having a license to read a Kindle or Play book rather than owning it.
Funny. Blogs have RSS, which is how a lot of people follow them. Hmmm...
We can go around and around on this. You won't convince me otherwise.
That's what I have been saying all the time. Google don't want to kill RSS. They just don't want to spend more time on giving us RSS-products
Only if they allow for permissions management for Sites, Calendar, and Docs via Circles and Communities.
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