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Kristian Rink
i do pictures, write software, listen to strange music and hate stereotypes. ;)
i do pictures, write software, listen to strange music and hate stereotypes. ;)
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#MyBeautifulEarth #mybeautifulearth

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In zehn Tagen stimmt das EU-Parlament über Netzneutralität ab. Informiere Dich und werde aktiv um ein offenes Netz zu sichern:

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"The Whole Path of War and Acceptance"
our path of personal growth conjugate with diffirent stages of inner processes. when we can't accept world structure and some dramatic events around (or personal tragedies) we trying to resist and figth, protecting our inner world of destruction. But transformation is inevitable, and soon changes floating down in person, twitching mind starting realize the imminence of future changes. Universe is just what it is, not depending of our consciousness. Person could infuence at universe, but at one moment universe tends to rectification.and exactly in this moment accaptance coming, the realizing of endless consciousness of universe itself, and realizing inner personality like a part of this.This album tells about personal story of inner war and acceptance. About inner fighting with whole world and the seeming injustice; and the path of acceptance of own inner nature, and nature around.

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Not yet sure how this will scale for larger or more complex applications. Yet, for small, dedicated RESTful services, I am pretty astounded how fast you get somewhere this way without too much a stack of infrastructure required to get you working / running. 

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All along with the first "stable" release of +elementary , I updated my VirtualBox installation to see, despite eventually being the visually most appealing desktop system I have recently seen, I still decided to keep going with an +Xubuntu environment because in some point it seems a bit more configurable and mature to me. Yet, in +elementary some of the basic apps actually are pretty nice, in example the "Noise" music player and, most specifically, the "Scratch" text editor. Working with Java IDEs most of the time, I then and now need "simpler" editors for working with local scripts, configuration files and the like, and by now I have been using geany for this purpose, and then and now looking at Sublime Text which seems more visually appealing. Scratch however seems to pretty much fill the gap between the both of them - software libre, lean, stable, comes with a limited set of extensions that still cover most of the functionality I need. Right now, only something such as the geany VC (SVN/Git) integration plugin is missing, but that's not "mission critical" at the moment.

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Java EE 7 is to be launched today, with the procedure common these days, including an introducing webinar. All along with this, there's Glassfish v4 ( as its reference implementation, as well as a bunch of tooling for the common development environments. There's a pretty good write-up on the changes in Java EE 7  to be found at . While I am indifferent to some of the changes, I am looking forward to seeing the new JSON and WebSockets APIs in Java EE 7 in production use - given an environment with Java EE based (RESTful) services in the back and modestly lightweight JS / HTML5 UI components in the frontend, this really could turn out to be useful.

If leaving #instagram  right now for good reasons, where will you be heading? Just out of curiosity?

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With the recent #Flickr articles around here: I wonder how you +Google+ photographers keep all your stuff "in sync" - images in other platforms like Flickr, maybe mobile shots in +Instagram and the like, and a fairly well-maintained G+ account. Is there a sane way for doing so without spending more time on dealing with online platforms than actually spent dealing with images? Thoughts?

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We Stopped #SOPA & #PIPA - Similar Worries Already Here Though

Read + Share + Spread + Educate = Stop Stuff Similar To #SOPA and #PIPA ...

The problem with the defeat of these two bills is that other pieces of legislation will just keep popping up. They will pop up in forms that want to accomplish the same general thing. Maybe not to the full extent, but to slowly creep in through bits of legislation here and there. Constantly going on the defense against these bills won't work. Eventually the movement will die out and after time we will have the contents of / into law through those bits and pieces of other laws.

We Need To Defend The Internet

There are already new threats to the Internet. The main one right now is . If you don't know what it is, check out this youtube video that explains it briefly: What Is ACTA ? We will be talking about it a lot more though and we encourage you to do your own research. A good place to start would be and if you are in the United States call your Representatives and demand more transparency with regards to ACTA.

Check Out The Current List Of #ACTA Petitions

But the attack doesn't just end there. We have "The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011" Which would go about tracking the everyday activity of internet users and would treat every internet user as a criminal. The bill is being presented as a bill protecting Children from Internet Pornographers but at what cost?

The problem is there's very little transparency in what is being done. Just like , The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is also being discussed behind closed doors and we don't know if similar agreements and regulations are in it Head on over to to demand transparency.

Defend Through Legislation

We need laws that are updated to support the dynamics of the digital age and to make sure that they protect our freedoms on the Internet. An upgrade to the "Electronic Communications Privacy Act" of 1986 needs to be made.

This is a good starting point to make sure we aren't just endlessly defending the Internet through protests, blackouts, and constantly being aware of the attacks against it. Until we rework the system and write laws that protect us, we will have to be aware of the looming attack on us.
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