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Kristian Lykkegaard Sørensen
Management consultant and leader. Helps organisations find direction and transform into beeing something entirely different.
Management consultant and leader. Helps organisations find direction and transform into beeing something entirely different.

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Take it from a professional ...

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It so cool to learn from people that are both extremely clever and posses the ability to communicate their field of expertise.

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På vej hjem efter et super rekrutteringsarrangement i Århus. Var sammen med en flok fantastiske, ivrige og knaldskarpe studerende. Perfekt arrangeret af et stærkt hold unge Deloitte konsulenter. Nu alene i kupeen på DSB '1. Ikk' så tosset :-).

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Let's travel to the end of the apple keynote today.

Remember last year said apple watch was said to be three things (NOTE THE IPHONE WAS THREE THINGS ALSO)
1. The world's most precise time piece.
2.  A fitness tracker
3.  An intimate new way to communicate 

Why these three areas?

Well TechCrunch comes close, but doesn't really dig deep enough.

"If you argue the Watch isn’t going to sell or do well, it’s worth pointing out that there are very, very, very few products that allow you to hand someone cash and be given back TIME."
"This will be the Apple Watch metric to track: time saved."  
1. Why time??? 

The idea that we can each mine/create time it is the suffering that people feel. The suffering I talk about when I say people are suffering every day because of tech.

The perception that we can create more time, or more dangerous, optimize our time (everything around it, connected to it) is a falsehood.
Computer system clocks can be optimized, light can be refocused, sound slowed, speed is not constant. Only in altered states of mind (theta waves) can we actually experience the loss of time (Mindfulness / contemplation)
In all other states of mind, our limbic system (hunting, breeding) is in charge.
Hence why I have been so focused on time over data since fall.
My suffering was related to my in ability to efficiently get myself out of a depression connected to life changes.
Being with those life changes in deepened states actually helped me move through them.
The largest hole in my theory is a problem I have yet to solve.
The faster your acceptance of the current moment is directly increases the velocity of the impermanence of the moment. 
This is a difficult organic math issue.
On one hand, this is very efficient and causes rapid brain and genetic changes that are lasting, on the other hand the velocity of these changes can be unsettling to the parts of the brain that want to bond to others.
Bonding to others creates heavy drag on impermanence. 
Any time we attach to others, we increase our need to control time.
Time can only be mastered by letting the world burn and surrendering to your uselessness. 
Awakening is  divide by zero.

2. Why Fitness?
Because you don't wear tech, tech wears you.  You don't use software, software uses you.  You're identity and behavior are a platform. The devices are NOT the platform your biological behavior is the platform.

3. Intimate new way to communicate?
Communication networks are the most valuable properties on the internet. Ephemeral networks are even more valuable. What's more valuable than the drawings, sounds and heart beats between you and your family? Nothing.  What's more intimate than the way you pay for groceries?  What's more intimate than connecting your behavior to your home for automation? HomeKit and health kit were designed for each other. 

It's no accident apple released apple watch, iOS 8 with health kit and apple pay together. What you will hear in a few hours will match everything I"m telling you here now. 
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Fantastisk. Fars lille yndlingsspinner gav en ørred på 42 cm i dag. Den har efterhånden mange fine bidemærker...
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Changing someone else's code: how it looks vs. how it feels

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Projekt vand-"resistent" fjernstyret bil.

Så har vi dyppet Emils ESC i Plasti Dip. Den skal nok have et lille dyp mere om 20 min. Tror ikke, at det klogt at indkapsle den store kapacitator, men tror på den anden side heller ikke, at den kan tåle vand.

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Jeg bruger Hue og er begejstret for nuancer at hvid, gul og rød. Den blå diode bliver ikke belastet ret meget... Men det er dårligt implementeret, at mine drenge på 4 og 6 ikke kan tænde vores vigtigste lamper i stue og på kontoret.

Og så beder Philips om 450 kr for en tap mod en gammeldags stikkontakt til 89. Og jow, der skal ikke en gang sluttes strøm til den! Det sidste taler for sig selv...

Want to turn on the bedroom light? Sure, just pick up your smartphone, enter the unlock code, hit your home screen, find the Hue app, and flick the virtual switch. Suddenly, the smart home has turned a one-push task into a five-click endeavor, leaving Philips in the amusing position of launching a new product, Tap, to effectively replicate the wall switches we always had.

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I need your help spreading the word about this project. The Kickstarter is past the halfway mark and is running out of steam. Even if you are not into DIY computing, getting the word out to more people can only help :)

#openmono   #monolit   #mono  

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Endnu en god aften i Forretningsudvikling og IT. Nets og Dansk Bank fortæller om nye og mobile betalingsmetoder. Her om MobilePay. #DanskIT
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