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Let me count the ways the new design is broken - A Memo to myself for a thousand "Send Feedbacks"

- Chat Windows open horizontally, covering my stream
- Everything is slow

- When clicking Send Feedback, a screenshot is made. Chat windows and other things are being disabled before the screenshot is being made. How am I going to document this?

- The list of circles to the left is gone. Instead I get buttons. 2 useful buttons left instead of previously 5 or so circles. Reading individual substreams just became complicated.
- There is a dropdown menu with all circles next to the buttons. It drops down deeper than my screen is high.

- Trending on Google+ cannot be disabled. Hangouts Button cannot be disabled. You may know list cannot be disabled. You mighty like cannot be disabled.
- A button advertising the G+ App is shown. I am using that already. You are Google, you know that. Why is the button shown?
- Add fields in You may know and You might like are hover. Accidentally touching them with the mouse opens stuff. This is all wrong. And slow. And wrong.

- Using Adium and not signing out of G+ chat is unuseable. Why is there no Chat icon on the bar to the right? Why is there no counter bubble like Adium has for unread chat messages? Why do chat windows open whenever someone sends me a message? Why are you forcing me into syncronous communication? I hate you. I do not want to chat. At least not now. Sign out, now!

- Signing out closes the chat roster. Now there is whitespace to the right. The uncloseable Hangout/You may know/You might like to not go to the right.
- Making the window wider opens the chat roster again. Even when signed out. Empty bar is shown.

- In Profile, I still cannot order my Biography chronologically without deleting and reentering everything.
- There is a +1 tab. For external +1's. Internal +1 are still not shown.

- I have two things marked as 'Current' in my Bio: I am a blogger, and I work at Booking. My bio now claims under my picture that i "work at Blogger". Editing that just throws me into the bio editor, which is broken, see above.

- Layout now has frames around articles. And shows comment bars, and other buttons, even with I am not commenting. Consequently, articles now use 1.5 to 2 times more vertical space. I cannot see more than 1 to 1.5 articles vertically in my window. Everything feels cramped, and UI elements that I do not need most of the time (because I do not comment on most articles) are being shown needlessly. Clutter. Despite whitespace.

- Whitespace? No. Everything is full of lines and boxes. There is no whitespace. There is clutter.

- Gray on Gray. Also, icons grayed out. It is like my screen is foggy.

- Notification bar can show a summary 'Activity on this post'. Only the button to show that looks actually like two different buttons.

- Propietary scroll bars. Because that was already a good idea in Adobe Flash already (+Tatiana Azundris)

- 'What's hot' is not a stream any more, so no volume adjustment for these (+Oliver Paul)
There is a Volume slider. Klick on "Explore" on the left hand icon bar.
The slider is in a completely different location on the screen, compared to circle sliders. It is also medium gray on light gray.

- Notifications and What's hot really should be shown with the other streams generated from circles. And be adjustable like them where it makes sense.

- Can I have RSS feeds for the streams? Because then I can finally retire my wordpress installation that does nothing but download this stuff via API and exporting it via RSS into my feed reader.

- Klicking on an individual article now shows my picture, and my wrong bio. Every. Single. Time. Need to delete my bio, it is unfixable broken anyway, and delete my picture. This comes over WAY to offensive and in your face.
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There is a dropdown menu with all circles, just like u had it before on the top.
WTH? When I scroll horizontally so I can see the feed instead of the left menu, this works until I scroll downwards far enough for the top menu to disappear, at which point the left menu is forced in again, this time covering the stream.
As soon as you click on a circle from the popup, it will be added to the permanent bar. Very handy : )
+David Reichgeld And this dropdown menu means more clicks. It's even worse if you are a heavy user of these saved searchterms. There is no dropdown.
+Siegfried Kiermayer But only until you click on the next field in the dropdown.
Again: At least for me "What's hot" IS a stream can CAN be adjusted ;-)
Also, I can't figure out how to organize chat contacts into folders or hide certain contacts. I use DeskSMS and DeskSMS creats a Google Talk contact for each person I send an SMS to. These contacts are always online, but honestly I'm not really interested in seeing them as available chat partners all the time. Let me sort those into a folder that I can collapse or let me hide those contacts from the list.
There seems to be a common trend nowadays to ruin every somewhat sane and useable user interface people are getting used to. Be it Gnome 3.0 and other stuff... that trend sucks golf balls through a garden hose, what are those developers thinking really? That we are all using tablets only and are going to be happy with it? Argh!
One more bullet point: Changing zoom level (Ctrl-+) modifies the layout significantly. This is broken UI behaviour at its best. Changing font size should not change anything except, well, the font size.
(at least in my SeaMonkey, going to 120% size moves the Hangout button from its own huge whitespace into the Trending whitespace block and collapses the Enable Chat advertisement into a large overlay button at the bottom. This actually makes the design a little less cluttered. As a tradeoff, i've now got even more whitespace. And huge text.)
Add: On a widescreen the stream is on the left and there is a huge blank area in the middle - then the chat list on the right. So the Area where the eye usually wants to look - there is nothing. Guess this is some Zen thing.
Oh, I want RSS-feeds so bad, even one that shows my last messages on G+ (like on twitter).

What happened to the navigation bar?
Fixed-width design has been the beginning of many other evils :-)
+Tatiana Azundris : No I meant Gnome 3.X, which suffers great lenghts from the same trend like e.g. Windows 8: its interface is overoptimized for tablets (really, which tablet uses GNOME anyways?) with neglecting the old grown user base - desktops - more and more.
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