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Today's 15 Minutes Of Google Hate have been more like 30 Minutes, and resulted in these two Feedback requests.

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Did you get any reaction yet on one of your feedbacks?
How many have you filed already?
I filed about 10 or of them. Most of them have been addressed in some direct way or been made obsolete by other changes that addressed the problem indirectly. All in all, I'd think the success quote is about 70%.

The suggestions that saw no responses have been improvements that would affect the core business idea behind Google Plus in some way. I believe they are still worthwhile implementing, but not doing it now has the advantage of not confusing the current user base (cf. the reaction of power users/noisy adopters to the Google Reader changes of today).
Interesting quota. And did also some support person comment your feedback? What is the comment ratio?
Never got any person responding or commenting from Google. There is mechanism for that in Feedback.

There have been plenty of +1 and comments on the postings that I made of the feedback, but not from Googlers.
Using a service as much as you do and hating the provider only 15min per day is a actually strong commendation ;-)
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