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+Frank Karlitschek reacts to my two ownCloud articles:
»Anyone who actually looked into the ownCloud development noticed that this code was replaced several month ago with Doctrine. The new code will be released as ownCloud 6 soon.

I also agree with +Volker Randt That patches and pull requests are always welcome. But complaining about other peoples code is of course more fun.«
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The code I looked at was from the SuSE 12.3 build server, built yesterday. It is probably a lot more like the code that everybody else is running right now than the code Frank is working with.

I stand by my claim that "'host your own' is not a solution , because you are likely to be not competent to do this." See also for a longer text about the very same topic.

I know that I should have read this code half a year ago before actually installing it.

Had I, I would not have let this onto my box.

I am not sewing my own shoes, and I am not writing all my server software myself. Not even close.

I am not reading all source I run (and I know I should do this more, even if the usual response is "don't talk about the crap we ask others to deploy, fix it silently", as above).

Code like this is also why I am not even running most of my services myself any more. Because I believe that, as bad as much enterprise code is that I had the infinite misfortune to see, it is better on the average than stuff like this.

Were I running my stuff myself, I'd have to read, understand and the refactor all of this, and then some, and finally argue against the people that wrote it in the first place to get my patch accepted. Because, open source, democracy and stuff.
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To make this clear: I too write code like the one I criticized here.

I do not label it five dot something, I do not claim it works for anyone but my own closed and limited use case, and I make very sure it does not end up on a SuSE build server as part or complement of the distro.

People run 'zypper install owncloud' and think they are solving a problem. Instead they now have two of them.
Somebody just explained to me in a hangout that 'owncloud GmbH' is a thing.

OMG. m(
People run 'download dropbox client' and think they are solving their owncloud problem. Instead they now have two blackboxes (dropbox and amazon cloud) with pow($yourFavouriteNumberOfProblems, 2) problems. But they can sleep at night, without knowledge of broken code.
So he said. Hence the suggestion. :)
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