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I have always been here.

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Hi, I am Kris. This post is pinned to the top of my stream. It explains who I am and what I do. If you are planning to follow me, here is what you will get.

What changed since last time?
After several failed starts in using Collections, I am now trying again, but in a very limited way. I still think they are broken, but because I have multiple recurrent themes in my stream, I will now add these themes into their respective Collections.

Still, if you want to read me, you need to follow me and not any of my Collections.

A list of Collections at the end of this post. Since the content is mostly German, the descriptions are in German, too.

This is a support post. If you have questions, ask them in the comments below. I will try to answer, and I may or may not delete question and answers after some time, depending on the permanent value of our conversation for other readers.


I am German, and I am posting a lot of content in german language. Some posts are in english, but overall I am convinced that there is a sufficient amount of english content on Google plus, so I do see no pressing need to add to that.


I am at the moment building data centers at, having moved to the Netherlands in 2016. Before that I was working on Openstack at SysEleven, an ecommerce hosting company in Berlin, Germany. Even earlier, I used to work at in Amsterdam working on databases, at MySQL AB as a consultant, at in Karlsruhe as a Security Engineer and at NetUSE AG in Kiel in various roles. I wrote Linux HOWTO documents, contributed to PHP, Spamassassin and many other projects. I do speak on conferences.


I am a high volume poster. Many of the posts are reshares. If you are new to Google plus, and follow me that may mean I am about to spam your stream.

You did delete my comment

I probably did.

I have a lot of followers, and many read the comments. I want to make that a worthwhile experience. So a comment that does not contribute to a meaningful discussion is likely to be deleted - 'me too', 'awesome post', 'haha funny' is likely to go.

I don't hate you, and I didn't dislike your comment. I just thought that it was a waste of time for some 50k+ other people, because it was redundant. Don't take it personally. You can always reshare my article and comment on it in your stream (and post a link to that as a comment to my article, explaining and inviting people to come over, I will never delete that).

You posted spoilers to some film or book

I probably did. I don't care where in the worldwide media consumption you are, and if you are on a US, German or other publishing schedule. I just post about stuff.

If you want to avoid spoilers, do not follow me.

I am a customer of, and I am using that to reshare stuff to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. You can follow me there, but discussion happens here. My identities on other social services are presence and reshare only, I do not really exist as a person over there.


Fertig gelesen Bücher, die ich gelesen habe und was ich so dazu gedacht habe. Ich fülle eine Review-Queue auf dem Kindle und arbeite die so 2-3 mal pro Jahr ab.

Gebackenes Meine Frau liest nicht nur das Ploetzblog, sondern setzt das dann auch radikal in die Tat um. Fotos von Broten und Brötchen sowie Diskussionen um Backwerk.

Ist ja bald Weihnachten Tand, der entweder geekig, cthuloid oder anderswie bemerkenswert ist und den man eventuell Leuten schenken könnte, die entweder schon alles haben oder die man nicht mehr kennen möchte.

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Isoblogdump for February 18, 2017, in case you haven't switched RSS back on.

In Container Theory, put quota on everything.

In Neuland, Focus Online is being nominated as a Facebook Fact Checking Institution - and not by +Der Postillon

And in Hackerterrorcybercyber,
Dark Reading discovers signatures are useless, 15 years after the fact

and Trendmicro learns about 223 security problems in 11 of their products, and still has not considered corporate seppuku

Thats Two Hundred Twenty Three Vulnerabilities found by two external people in six months time in eleven products.

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Isoblogdump for February 17, 2017, in case you haven't switched RSS back on.

At Home, I wrote
a thing about containers and another
about Benchmarking, which allowed me to destroy the blogspot

In Amsterdam,
I took a photo

At Booking,
Simon Mudd has been writing about MySQL Orchestrator and how we use it

At Google,
Nobody has a chat strategy, and it shows

In Berlin,
Harald Wagener has been looking at U2F Fido Stuff with BT Support

In Brussels,
Max Mehl of the FSFE wrote about the coming radio lockdown in the EU and why this is a bad thing

In the Post Car Society:
Smart stops selling cars with gas powered engines in North America and Norway

Opel does not yet know what it's going to do - either give up or go all in electric

Daimler is making plans for an electric future, but that will have a deep impact at the region around Stuttgart

Proterra is planning to build all-electric buses

Manufacturing PV cells is seeing improvements, with changes to the manufacturing process to increase yield and module stability

People in the US are installing battery arrays like mad, so we will be seeing a nascent, still very small market for energy storage or deferred electric energy

Meanwhile in Amsterdam
Electric Car variety is up - we see more than just Tesla

In Neuland and Tumblr of the Day:
A Vodaphone User checks their bandswidth against the promised bandwidth, hourly.

Somebody has build a machine to sort M&M by color
Heatless Habaneros - quite pointless.

In the Netherlands:
Amsterdams Universities team up to make more data scientists

In the Trump Dump:
A NASA empoloyee reports that his cellphone has been seized and searched on US entry
The USAgile Testing Days have been canceled

and finally,
Iron Sky: The Ark is a thing

The Isoblog: RSS and

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I have no idea how to send feedback in Gmail, but I am getting a new notification display in Gmail.

Instead of "previous notifications", it shows a "^" up arrow. If you try to click on it, it slides up without clicking, reveals three services and very pointedly leaves out Youtube.

The click then accidentally hits the Photos icon.

I have questions:

1. Why the menu? There is no point in hiding these things, as there is enough space to display them straight on.

2. Why the slide effect, instead of a click to reveal? The imagery suggests an action, and a clickable thing.

3. Why does the menu hide back again when I move the mouse off the bar down there? That's completely pointless.

4. Where is Youtube here?

2 Photos - View album

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Isoblogdump for February 9, 2017, in case you haven't switched RSS back on.

In the Trump Dump, today we are looking at four ways to get the best democracy money can buy:
What did Betsy De Vos buy?
How else has been buying into the democratic ideal of the US?
Following the money of the middle class, the trail dries up - there is no money any more, and hence no middle class
And Linux Kernel's JBQ looks at numbers from a neocon think tank and reads their numbers slightly differently than they do.

Also, the FBI is about to implement the chinese social score, but in the US. It's called RAP Back.

But Europe won't take this lying down. Amnesty International confirms: We have achieved surveillance state, and they provide the numbers to prove it.

In a world where Donald Trump can become president of the United States, nothing is impossible any more. If you were unsure if we are in a bizarro universe, here is Mongo 3.4 actually passing the Jepsen test suite.

In the Post Car Society, we are looking at Wind Power in Germany, and how after 2019 things become a lot more complicated:

Meanwhile, Utilities in the US are installing Solar, and make nice exponentials in graphs with their capacity

CO2 is stable in Germany, in total, even when CO2 in German cars is up. Nobody has heard of these nice e-Cars in Germany, it appears.

We did actually learn a thing or two about crash safety in cars, in the last 20 years.

The Open Fast Carging Alliance is a charing network for electric cars in 6 countries. Notably absent: Germany, see above.

And connecting the Trump Dump to the Post Car society is an article about laws where truck drivers can spend their weekends - that is, anywhere but in their truck. Some people object, and think that is un-implementable. Ideas of what is normal in the civilized world apparently differ wildly:

In Content and Copyright, the European Union wants to abolish IP based geoblocking, and favors passport based geoblocking instead. The idea of a single market for content is still too complicated even for a thing as powerful as the EU to tackle.

Content is also bloated, and unless you serve it through fiber, the web will suck. Here, Dan Luu has shown how bad things are:

For Science, mad scientists have been counting ant populations in treetops, with and without Lianas, and we now know that Lianas are the Skyways of the Jungle:

I did my part, and for science, I turned a Blade Center into a Döner Grill and achieved power usage of 7kW in 10U.

And finally, the Tumblr of the Day is a Twitter, @landsatbot

The Isoblog: RSS and

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Isoblogdump for February 8, 2017, in case you haven't switched RSS back on.

Post Car Society:
An exploding battery in an eBike sets a shop on fire, which in turn smokes out an entire parking structure in Hannover.

Digital and Copyright:
Ancillary Copyright - a bad law confuses lawyers and judges.

The Free Interrail for young Europeans is an awesome idea, that is currently being hollowed out inside the political process.

Trump Dump:
Somebody modified an Amazon Dash button so that if gives $5 to the ACLU every time you press it.

Computer Stuffz:
New, larger server instance types become available in Scaleway, which is the hosting provider of this blog.
The getrandom() and getentropy() functions in glibc become available now that glibc2.25 is out. LWN has an article that explains the woes around it.
Bash 4.4 has an interesting bug, where commands on disk are being actually executing by using tab completion

and the Tumblr of the Day is the NYT Podcast "The Daily"

while Marvin Clifford has the Delivery Blues

The Isoblog: RSS and

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It happens to the best, even to +Charly Kuehnast.

It could happen to you.

- Check your Skype.
- Don't reuse passwords.
- Use a password manager.


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Isoblogdump for February 7, 2017, in case you haven't switches RSS back on.

A FOSDEM talk about the Cgroups V2 API
A FOSDEM talk about the Graphite infrastructure at

Dave Täht is certainly not an easy character, but he's been doing a lot for the net, and even more for Wifi. Here's what.
Dave Cutler is another person who is not an easy character, but he's been also a force of nature, basically defining multiple digital ecosystems. Here's what he did.
And even more computing history, this one courtesy of The Guardian

SElinux and seccomp vs. variability in Linux and Libraries. Not an easy game.
OMG, somebody let the cyber out, and now everybody is having it.
Who else needs to be cybered? Netflix, with their annoying tunnel blockers.
Google - totally compliant, but legally obliged to give your euro data to US law enforcement, because.

The City Of Amsterdam vs. AirBnB, unfinished business
Meanwhile, in Germany, a lot of cable customers are getting passwords to their devices

There will be war, because Trump is a dummy and Bannon wants to kill all those lazy hipsters, all nonwhites and all atheists

Klimaretter and Tobias Kurth about the challenges of the German Energiewende.

The weather on Mars, 3.5 bn years ago, is a mystery to current scientists
The environment in space, it's deadly and life-prolonging at the same time.
Hans Rosling dies, aged 68, from cancer

For your entertainment, quotes and signs that could also be culture ship names
For your convenience, the interesting and important part of the Superbowl
For better enjoyment of the coming apocalypse, atomic annhilation.

The Isoblog: RSS and

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