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Kristian Köhntopp

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Rainbow Nerds!
This week on the Ingress Report Report
Pour yourself a stiff one before you read this, dear agents, because Suzy has actual newsworthy news  - she has received “unconfirmed reports of new access levels 9 through to 16 coming to Ingress”!! She’s not sharing any more tasty tidbits at the moment but this reporter suggests that you get your medals out for a good shine and then go upgrade your collection, coz if you wanna be a Grand-Poobah Pokemon Master, chances are you are gonna have to catch them all.
Caught Interitus yet? Cough There there, you’ll be better when it ends on June 21. Suz tells us what went down at the first in the anomaly series at Amsterdam, Glasgow and Malaga. A healthy battle was fought on the ground, with EN winning the satellites and RE winning Amsterdam, but RE won the war by throwing up a sickening blue field that covered both Amsterdam and Glasgow. Eww.
O, Suzy muses, what does it mean that EN won Glasgow, Klue’s home town? I dunno Suz… we all become more confuddled as the backstory / IRL nexus becomes even blurrier, give up, then head off to the pub for a wee dram? Seems like it will be sake and sushi for Klue, though, as she heads to Ishinomaki, Japan for the May 10th anomaly there. Domo arigato Ms Roboto. Suz, in her most authoritative leading dialogue says “perhaps that will reveal what stake Klue and ADA have in the outcome of the Interitus anomaly series?”
Aunty Suzy goes on to give us the heads up about the field-tastic features of this new anomaly series. Don’t pooh-pooh the value of that fielding agents, this time around it’s all about who controls the septic-cycle at the start, middle and end of the anomaly whether you are in a primary, satellite, or connected site. Plus the global MU score counts too, whether or not it is accurate... So plough into those blue fields, frogs everywhere, and plant and fertilise those fields of green!
Sitrep o’clock. Enlightened German and Czech agents used their frogs legs to capture and field up a whole series of portals in hard to reach places, up hills and down dales, where nary a car can go. A gaggle of smurfette gals from the Philippines made over 251 level 8 femportals, joining green’n’blue ladies of Ingress everywhere, in celebration of international women’s day and women’s herstory month. Suzy has taken the ‘unbiased much?’ hint and gratz’s both factions on their most excellent ops.
Oh noes! It’s looking like a wrap, but then Suzy shares some disturbing personal news. No she is not pregnant with Jarvis’ baby…(ok, who said that?!)…her daddy has gone missing! Dun dun dun. Suz draws on all her Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts training as she bites back the tears and reports that a search of her old man Nigel’s office has turned up just one clue (Klue?), the word Interitus. Hope it’s not a diagnosis. She says she is flying to London, and will “check in if possible” (protip: you’ll need to check in BEFORE you fly Suz)
So if you are hunting for virtual and IRL Easter Eggs this weekend agents, spare a thought for poor ol’Suz as she goes too goes on a search. The hunted becomes the hunter, as what goes around comes around for those who live and die by the sword blah blah cliché cliché. Who writes this stuff?!

The Ingress Report Report, watching the Ingress Report so you don’t have to, every week
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Kristian Köhntopp

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statische codeanalyse findet viele kleine fehler. zb. if (a.width() == b.width() && a.height() == a.height())... und dann das copy & paste davon woanders hin. 
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Kristian Köhntopp

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Apples neuster Coup: bundesweite Ausschilderung zum jeweils nächsten Apple Shop. 
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Der Rollout hat definitiv stattgefunden:

Container ship sails straight to shore - Hong Kong April 6, 2014
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Neutron is cancer and without a slide set like this pretty much incomprehensible. Hastexo does a great job making this stuff a lot more accessible. \o/
Our resident #OpenStack SDN expert +Martin Gerhard Loschwitz has put together this excellent introduction to data flows in Neutron. Take a look!

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If you're using a Jailbroken iPhone, you should probably take a look at this right now.

Comments locked from the start, as the Android fanboys run strong on G+, but this is important to share anyway.
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I hate when I forget why I came into a room. 
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Okay! I am in! I will eat chocolate each day for the next 100 days. 
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Kristian Köhntopp

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Frohe Ostern.

Und Dicke Eier oder so. 
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Danke. Das wünsche ich Dir und Deiner Familie auch.
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Kristian Köhntopp

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Yes, +Ralph H., but if his books are overdue we better clear the library...
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