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<3 SEO <3
SEO Training in full swing in Milan, Italy ... next, Los Angeles

This picture was taken in Milan earlier today, where Bruce Clay is delivering SEOToolSet® training to a packed house of marketers from all over Europe. According to +ale agostini, the director of +Bruce ClayEurope and organizer of this training, "we have a full house at the Milan SEO training ... "

Bruce Clay has taught over 4,000 people worldwide how to do #SEO  right — according to ethical and effective search engine optimization best practices — since the year 2000, when he looked around the fledgling industry and saw so many people doing it wrong.

Bruce Clay's SEO methodology combined with access to the company's proprietary SEOToolSet® suite of tools gives attendees a huge advantage as they return armed with a new strategy and the tools they need to bring more traffic to their website.

Here's what a recent attendee said on SurveyMonkey: "Suitable for beginners and even more experienced SEO's. The course is very insightful and makes you walk away excited about optimizing your site."
Rating: 5 of 5
Sara - Bloomingdale, IL

NEXT TRAINING: July 14–16 in Los Angeles, CA
For more information or to register, go to

#seotraining   #seotrainingcourses  
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Kristi Kellogg

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We're hiring! Bruce Clay, Inc. is looking for a super-talented #SEO to join our world-class team of SEOs. Do you have what it takes? Find out: #SEO #InternetMarketing
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are you looking for Local people to hire? Or anyone can apply for this Post ?
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Kristi Kellogg

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#SMX -ers: come meet Bruce and the gang in Booth 29 in the Expo Hall. We'd love to meet you and answer any Internet marketing questions you have. 

You can also catch Bruce at the Birds-of-a-Feather networking lunch at 12:15 p.m. today.
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Kristi Kellogg

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The SMX Advanced 2014 Interview Series continues with Christine Churchill, president and CEO of KeyRelevance. She shares her insights on keyword research and more. The SMX Advanced 2014 Interview Series continues with Christine Churchill, president and CEO of KeyRelevance. She shares her insights on keyword research and more.
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Kristi Kellogg

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‘Mad Scientist’ +Seth Meisel Reveals Secrets to Paid Search Wizardry

SEM Manager Meisel runs remarketing campaigns for +Walgreens -- he'll be taking the SMX Advanced stage on June 11 to speak in “The Mad Scientists of Paid Search” and  “Maximizing The Synergy Of Paid Search & Social.”

In an exclusive interview with +Kristi Kellogg, Meisel gives a sneak peek at his powerful paid search strategies — the very same strategies that landed his previous company a spot as a top ten PLA advertiser last year.

•Meisel's must-do and must-don't when it comes to remarketing
•The paid search + social rumor Meisel dispels
•Meisel's top three paid search + social tips
•and more!

Get the full story here:

#SEM #PaidSearch #PPC #SMX
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If you're an #SEO , this is well worth the 8 minutes -- get the latest info on #Panda  4.0!
Panda 4.0 is live: SEO Manager +Mindy Weinstein discusses why this is a good thing for Internet marketing, and what SEOs should do if their sites are impacted. Interview by +Kristi Kellogg. 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Bruce Clay, Inc.. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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Why Press Releases Still Matter to SEOs … and How to Write a Press Release that Entices Media

It's no secret that press release links have been devalued by search engines in recent years — but press releases are still an integral part of many  #SEO initiatives. A successful press release that gets turned into an article can be critical to branding and will live long online.

Journalist +Kristi Kellogg explains how to write a press release that will get the attention of a journalist or editor, with insights from +Lisa Buyer and +Mickie Kennedy. Kellogg writes:

According to Starch Research, news articles have “three times more credibility and six times more readership than paid advertising.” For more than a century, press releases have served as a direct line to media professionals and the starting point of many articles.

Editors and journalists are inundated with press releases. PR Newswire and Business Newswire alone send out more than 2,000 press releases a day. If you want your own press release to stand out among the daily flood of press releases journalists and editors receive, it’s essential that you:

*Only issue press releases that are truly newsworthy.
*Get to the point and be concise.
*Leverage statistics, quotes, photos and videos.
*Take the format, spelling and grammar as seriously as an editor will.

Get the full story: :

#PressReleas #MediaRelations #ContentMarketing #PR
Though press release links have been devalued in recent years, they remain an integral part of SEO; find out why and learn how to write a press release that will entice the media.
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Kristi Kellogg

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Matt Cutts You & A at SMX Advanced LIVE Google+ "Blog"

UPDATE: Now complete! Session is over.

Starting in about 5 minutes at 5 PM PDT I will live blog the Matt Cutts "You & A" question and answer session on this post (if the conference wifi holds up). Refresh every few minutes for updates for everything +Matt Cutts reveals (or obscures ;-)!

#smx   #mattcutts   #seo  


Danny: Any new announcements?

Matt: I'll intersperse them between questions.

Matt and Danny are throwing little hummingbirds into audience.

Matt: Another aspect of the Payday Loan update will be coming out soon, maybe tomorrow or later this week. Tackles different things than previous rollout. This will go after spammy queries; previous one was after spammy sites. 

Danny: What happened to meta filter (like Digg before Digg)? Looked like he got hit by Panda, but Google said there was none at the time. 

Matt: Was not Panda. I have a ton of respect for Matt (the owner). Affected by an algorithmic update, but not Panda or Penguin. Osner's report was good feedback for their engineers. They've been in touch with him. Haven't yet found signals that could help, but they're working on it.

Owner  was concerned about all the link removal requests he was getting. Cutts said that was not the problem. Google had not told anyone that the Meta Filter site was a problem for their links. 

Matt: Trying to figure out how to handle reconsideration requests better. Building into templates for recon requests an open space for notes, so that Google can give the webmaster better idea of what he still needs to do. 

(Matt just beaned a woman with a stuffed hummingbird!)

Danny: Rolled out Panda 4 and Payday Loans 2.0 on same day. Messed with heads of webmasters who got hit. Why not tell people what hit them? 

Matt: Fair feedback. What happened was "an interesting indexing situation" where the two overlapped more than they intended. We want to show in GWT things that are actionable. Panda is a long term thing to fix. Also there are 500,000 algorithm things that could affect someone, not just the "named" ones. 

Danny: Why not a Google "weather" service?

Matt: We do try to announce large changes. But yes, good feedback.

Matt: Webmaster Tools check it out: Fetch and render as Googlebot gives better view of what Google actually sees on your site. Much more to come. Over next few months:

 - better robots.txt testing
 - continue to make site moves easier
 - better reports about language version syntax
 - error reporting for apps

Danny: Penguin update since Oct?

Matt: I don't believe we have. Probably about time...

Danny: I get link removal requests for Search Engine Land (for links they spammed into our comments). I tell them maybe you should delete the comment. They say they didn't know it was in a comment. They were depending on a tool that autogenerates emails to the supposed bad sites. You make people do this link walk of shame, but now its a punishment for publishers. Why not just disavow links and leave the publishers out?

Matt: Point taken, pendulum might be too far on the "link walk of shame." But it's tricky. Want to make sure all the white hat people aren't put at disadvantage because of the bad guys.Wouldn't be fair if they could spam and then get out too quickly.

Danny: Remember when you said we were going to get kw data back on GWT?

Matt: We're still working on it.

Danny: Give us the forever data. You have the machines. 

Danny: Guest blogging for links is dead, right? Then why are major companies still doing it?

Matt: Takes time for even large sites to get the memo.

Danny: Is linkbuilidng just dead at this point?

Matt: No, it's not dead. People in this room have a different view of the web than avg people. Actually the no-follows on the web is a very small minority of links. 

(Side comment: "Bing is a perfectly fine search engine" - Danny suggests this as a tag line for Bing!)

Duanne Forrester wrote that if you know where your links are coming from you're doing it wrong. Matt says that's a bit too far. Matt says his linkbuilding strategy is to post useful things with a unique perspective. Easier to be real than to fake being real. The era of ranking shortcuts is quickly coming to an end. 

Danny: Video about page w/o links, that it didn't work.

Matt: Old days engines didn't have links.

Danny: would it work now?

Matt: Context of that video was that there are other things to do than just links.

Danny Author Rank

Matt: Can't get into that. The long term trend is that we will use that data more. 

Danny: Aren't you useng that now?

Matt: I'm a big fan of the idea behind AR. But when is it coming? That's a more difficult problem to solve.

Matt: We are open to looking at all sorts of signals, but I'm not going to say any particular signal works. 

Danny: Wouldn't engagement figures be helpful?

Matt: My experience is that it's noisy, skewed and gets spammed. Not off the table for the far future. but I'm skeptical about it.

Danny: Are you preferring an https over http?

Matt: As far as I know there is no preference now. I'm a fan of getting the web more encrypted.

Danny: expiration of manual actions? 

Matt: Some penalties have an expiration that's short. Worse ones (black hats) will last much longer, potentially years. But even that has an expiration eventually. GWT no longer allows you to do a reconsideration req if there is no manual action in effect. 

Danny: Is the KG carrousel gone crazy? It resets after every click.

Matt: Havent' seen that, will pass it on.

Danny" Is Google+ dead

Matt: Google+ is not dead. We are not currently using +1's in general ranking. 

Danny other social data? Facebook links?

Matt: We don't have a deal with Twitter and Facebook so we have to try to crawl them like other web pages. If their links are no-followed, we honor the no-follow.

Danny: Can I reavow a disavowed link?

Matt: Can, but there's a big time lag. 

Danny: How do I reavow?

Matt; Upload new disavow file without the link. But be careful about trying to game that.

Danny: The future of search in one word?

Matt: No.

Danny: Responsive or what for mobile?

Matt: I tend to like responsive. All will work with Google. Mobile is important. It will be most of your traffic soon. If you aren't thinking about it, you need to now. For example: do your forms have markup for auto complete?

DAnny: Site speed as a ranking factor. Penalty or better if you're good.

Matt: More if you're really slow, it will hurt you than a boost for fast sites. 

Matt: We need to do a better job of reaching out to small businesses and other non-SEOs. 

Danny: What about neg SEO?

Matt: We're aware that people worry about it. We try to do the algo so it's not a useful thing to do.

Danny: Fave SEO tools?

Matt: Fetch as Google Bot.

Matt: One of the ideas behind Hummingbird was dealing w/ natural language conversations better. Matt demonstrated a conversational search with multiple questions, using the keyword only in the first query on his Android phone. Very impressive! He got nine questions down, all the way to asking to navigate to the first Italian restaurant shown near the Space Needle. Space Needle only mentioned in first query.

Works better on mobile now, but getting better for desktop.

Matt: Links in java script can be crawled and discovered.

Matt: the future of search in one word: quality

Danny: why is Buzz Feed killing in the rankings?

Matt: they actually email us asking why they aren't ranking as well as they think they should! Everyone thinks their site is above average and Google underrates them. 

Danny: Actions against black hat tactics for YouTube?

Matt: Our ears are open to that feedback. It takes time to get to everything. There are engineers looking at it.

Matt: Linkbuilding as a service often tends to be high risk. Every tool and service you've heard at this conference can be beat with your own creativity and resourcefulness in your content. White hat linkbuilding is called "being excellent." Sweat plus creativity.

DAnny: such a thing as manual benefits? Getting on a Google white list?

Matt; No. Well, very rare, but there are some sites that would get picked up as a false positive that we manually white list so they don't get hit, but again, very rare. There are no exception lists for Panda. 

Danny: fave 30 day challenge? 

Matt: I used to think I hated biking until I biked to work every day for 30 days.

Danny: Last inspiring words?

Matt: Get ready for mobile. Reduce mobile friction on your site. 

Danny: If you could be anything else, what would you be?

Matt; I owe my wife years of whatever she wants to do! Seriously, there's a lot of evil in the world. I'm drawn to the evil ;-) I mean as trying to solve it. Clark Kent without the Superman. 

Danny: What would your superpower be?

Matt: Seeing spam! 

Danny: That's why the web is ruined for SEOs!

Matt: I'm just happy being me!

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Kristi Kellogg

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+Eric Enge shares 7 Modern Age #SEO Myths with +Forbes -- No. 7, which dispels the notion that SEO is only about creating good content, is especially salient.

"This myth is a new one on the horizon, and comes from people rebelling against SEO abuses of the past. It is true that creating good/great content is a part of the puzzle, but you still need to architect your site so Google and Bing can find it, there is still a role for keyword research, you probably should be implementing Schema on your web site, and a lot more." 

Find out what else Enge had to say:

One of the challenges that the world of SEO presents us with is its lack of clarity. The search engines obscure their algorithms, and as a result, SEO is really a best practices game. You can learn more about what works best by constantly testing ideas on your [...]
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A First-Hand Perspective on SEO in Europe (Right To Be Forgotten & more) — with +ale agostini
What’s the state of Internet marketing in Europe, and what are the biggest needs among EU marketers? In this interview, Ale Agostini, head of Bruce Clay, Inc. Europe, weighs in from a first-hand perspective.

According to Agostini, the biggest need among European marketers is for solid SEO training to succeed, especially in Europe’s complex multilingual market. Here in the U.S., we have a wealth of training and information sources available. But marketing in another country and language can be quite different. Search engines roll out updates on a delayed schedule, translated information may be slow in coming, and the number of search industry conferences is still low in comparison.

Bruce Clay, Inc. Europe will put on a special two-day SEOToolSet® Training July 2–3 in Milan, Italy to help fill the need. This event is specially geared for search marketers from Italy, Germany, UK, Holland, France and across Europe. Bruce Clay himself will be the instructor.

Today we turn our focus to the state of SEO in Europe and ask Ale Agostini to weigh in on:

   • Top needs of European marketers
   • State of SEO in Europe
   • Right To Be Forgotten and Panda 4.0 effects
   • What to expect from Bruce Clay’s upcoming training in Italy

Read more of The State of SEO in Europe (Right to Be Forgotten & More) with BCI’s EU Director, by +Paula Allen. To register for the Milan SEO Training, visit 

#seotrainingcourse   #seotraining  
What's the state of SEO in Europe? Director of Bruce Clay EU Ale Agostini weighs in on "Right To Be Forgotten" & the main needs of European marketers in this interview.
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Kristi Kellogg

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Kristi Kellogg

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Praised by +Matt Cutts for its powerful debugging ability, Fetch as Google's new feature (released May 27) allows webmasters to not only view a page's source code from Google's perspective, but allows them to view the page the way it is rendered for Google in a browser, as well.

Bottom line? This is a HUGE benefit for #SEO. Bruce Clay, Inc. Director of Software Development +Aaron Landerkin shares his expert insights on how SEOs can best wield this tool in an interview with +Kristi Kellogg. He also answers common questions related to Fetch as Google, including:

   •Will Google render all the JavaScript on my site?
   •Does this negate the need for Ajax-enabled crawling?

Get the answers to these and other question in this 14 minute video: #TimeWellSpent
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