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Kristi Kellogg

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Don't miss it! <3
Or: "Why you can't miss October's major digital marketing conference." When +Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East comes to NYC next month, what will digital marketers be talking about?+Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land founding editor, and +Ginny Marvin, paid media contributing editor, share the quick dish with +Kristi Kellogg. 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Bruce Clay, Inc.. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Danny Sullivan Dishes Out the Hot Talk of SMX East
Mon, August 24, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Kristi Kellogg

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Two Power Players Talk #SEO & #Social: Bruce Clay and David Amerland’s Video HOA

Yesterday Bruce Clay was the featured guest on +David Amerland's #SMTPowerTalk show. Click through for an article detailing the important highlights, including Bruce's thoughts on:
•The Evolution of SEO
•Why Some People Think SEO is Dead
•The Necessity of Planning 2-5 Years Ahead
•The Cube Theory
•Making Your Team Work as a Team
•The Effect of Social Buzz on Ranking

#Google #DigitalMarketing #SocialMedia #HangoutOnAir  
Two master marketers talk about the evolution of SEO, social media and branding in a video Hangout On Air.
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Kristi Kellogg

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Nice to meet some of the Bruce Clay, Inc. Japan team! :)
Bruce Clay, Inc. Japan Visits Bruce Clay, Inc. U.S.

The Bruce Clay, Inc. U.S. content & media team welcomes Ricky Driando and Noriaki Ibe. With +Kristi Kellogg, +Virginia Nussey, +Paula Allen and +Chelsea Adams.
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Kristi Kellogg

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NEWS: +John Mueller ON HTTPS, VIA +Gary Illyes, LIVE AT #smx:

"We heard reports that after switching to HTTPS some people's rankings dropped. We are actively looking into these reports. We don't see any correlation to migration. HTTPS should be very transparent and not painful at all. For some people it worked brilliantly and I know that for most sites, it has to work because our index will just handle it well."

Full story coming soon on the Bruce Clay Blog #liveblogging

#seo +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Services 
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Kristi Kellogg

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A Different Kind of #Search Refresh

Today, +BruceClayInc participated (en masse) in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge . +Paula Allen, +Virginia Nussey and I pose post-drenchery with Bruce Clay. Watch the video here:

#SEO #InternetMarketing #Brrrrrr  
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kristie did u have to outdress everyone? 
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Kristi Kellogg

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SMX East 2014 Speaker Series: Jason White’s ‘Stupid Successful’ SEO Guide to Keywords, Link Cleanup and Personal Success

+Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East 2014 is fast-approaching. In preparation for the acclaimed Internet marketing conference, +Kristi Kellogg invited a handful of distinguished speakers (Bruce Clay among them) to sit down for an interview. First up is +Jason White the director of #SEO at +DragonSearch.

White shares the must-do's of keyword research, the mistakes that are too often made when it comes to managing links, his philosophy on personal brand-building and more. Get the story:

#InternetMarketing   #ContentMarketing   #linkbuilding  
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Kristi Kellogg

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Free #DigitalMarketing books! #SEO #PPC #SEM #contentmarketing Great contest +HubSpot !
HubSpot is giving away free marketing books just in time for summer. All you have to do is enter the giveaways and share with your friends to gain additional entries - happy reading!
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Kristi Kellogg

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+Matt Cutts is NOT Leaving Google for +Globe Runner

On Friday,  posted on announcement that Globe Runner was welcoming Matt Cutts as Director of Search, effective April 1. The post earned 70 comments and more than 500 social shares over the weekend. 

Cutts took to Twitter late Sunday, however, to refute the rumor: "Since two different people have emailed me about ( ... Someone is doing an early April Fool's prank."

Well played, Hartzer, well played. 

The audacious April Fool's joke does, however, bring up a question that's been lurking at the back of digital marketers' minds ... what is next for Cutts? Weigh in.

#DigitalMarketing #SEO   #SEM   #Google   #Search  
19 votes  -  votes visible to Public
He remains (in absentia) at Google.
He starts his own search engine.
He runs for President. #Cutts2016
He pens the next Great American novel.
He becomes a private SEO consultant.
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Kristi Kellogg

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The Essential Guide to Hiring the Super SEO
Including A Huge List Of Questions For An SEO Interview!

Hiring a great SEO is becoming more and more difficult as Google continues to evolve. Last week SEO experts joined our special guest, +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing, to share their tips. Based on their knowledge and experience we created a roundup post with questions and considerations you should take into account before hiring the right SEO. 

1. Does every company need an SEO? Why or why not?
2. In-house, agency or freelance: How can a company decide which is better for them? 
3. What qualities should a company look for in an SEO?
4. How can you tell if an SEO "walks the walk"? What questions should you ask during the interview?
5. What mistakes should a company avoid when hiring an SEO? 
6. What is the minimum budget for a good SEO toolkit, one even a small business can afford?

Tips by: +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing +Kristi Kellogg +A.J. Ghergich +Emma North  +Brian Honigman +Andrew Dennis +Tony Dimmock +Anthony Randall +Mike Blazer +DOZ +Steve Masters +Niraj Bariya +Sam McRoberts +Reva Minkoff +Sergio Redondo  +Ed Leake +Rohan Ayyar and many more! 

#seoservices   #tipsforsmallbusiness   #seocompany  
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Kristi Kellogg

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#Halloween  at +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing -- always an involved affair :)
Happy #Halloween from the Bruce Clay, Inc. Team!

Friday was a real treat for the Bruce Clay, Inc. staff, with everyone getting into the spirit. Check out +Bruce Clay in Lederhosen, +Virginia Nussey as the Queen of Hearts, +Robert Ramirez as Run D.M.C., +Michael Shore as Risky Business' Tom Cruise, +Paula Allen as Vanna White, and so much more! We've got a leprechaun, a butterfly, The Penguin, Willy Wonka, Jaws, and even Dwight Shrute from The Office. Plus, see two very different takes on what it means to be a mouse from +Kristi Kellogg and +Chelsea Adams. Enjoy!

#GoodTimes   #HolidayFun  #SEO
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Kristi Kellogg

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#SMX <3
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You are a beautiful woman
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Kristi Kellogg

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