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Speaking at #ideas15   was the first time I was referred to as "faculty" and I kinda dug it. I was so honored to have been commissioned to create this session for ASAE (thanks +Jeff Hurt ).

It was so much fun to give, we'll be bringing it to  +Plan Your Meetings  LIVE  on April 23! 

What constitutes engagement during an education program? What factors compete for the brain’s attention? How does the definition of engagement change based on group demographics? Bring your ideas and your questions to this interactive session where we will spark discussion with industry expert Kristi Casey Sanders and crowdsource leading-edge ideas on engaging attendees and helping them learn at meetings and events. Learning objectives: • Define ...
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Wow did I have a blast talking with +Helen Pickett about +Atlanta Ballet 's Camino Real. I hope you all can see it this weekend. If you're in Atlanta, I think it's something you shouldn't miss!

#artsatl   #ABCamino  
Join +Encore Atlanta 's Editor in Chief +Kristi Casey Sanders as she interviews choreographer +Helen Pickett about her world premiere ballet "Camino Real," debuting with +Atlanta Ballet March 20-22, 2015 at the +Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. During this on-air interview, you'll be able to ask questions live through the Google Q&A app or by tweeting them @EncoreAtlanta. Want to submit questions before we go on air? Leave them as comments below.

#ballet   #theater   #Atlanta   #dance   #choreography  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Encore Atlanta. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Live Q&A with Atlanta Ballet choreographer Helen Pickett
Thu, March 19, 11:00 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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If you love theater, dance or the arts, I hope you can join me for this live interview/Q&A with choreographer +Helen Pickett. She's a fascinating woman, a brilliant artist and has a gorgeous new show opening up this weekend at +Atlanta Ballet.
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Kristi Casey Sanders

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Are you getting paid what you're worth? Let me know if you'd like to be interviewed for a follow-up feature we're writing on this topic.
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Fun animated pic celebrating past +Skål International Atlanta presidents from last month's Presidents' Ball. #Skal
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We just opened registration for our March 26 PYM LIVE Event in San Francisco! Hope you can join us!

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Should be a fun year! If you plan meetings and events or if you're trying to reach corporate meeting planners, I hope you can make it!
Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 29, 2015 -- U.S. meeting and event planners in Atlanta, Austin, Denver, New York, Raleigh, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Houston have the chance to experience the newest event technology and design trends at PYM LIVE Events this year while meeting representatives from some of the nation's best hotels, destinations and other meeting industry suppliers.
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Have her in circles
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Kristi Casey Sanders

The future of meetings  - 
Excited to test this out next week. Any #eventprofs  have experience they want to share about this format?
Many conference organizers are being asked to step up their content delivery game. One-way “Sage on the Stage” presentations to audiences held hostage for an hour or more won’t cut it in today’s hyper-digitized conference environment.“A body at rest, stays at rest.”Same thing goes for a brain at rest.If you’re not familiar with Dr. John Medina’s Brain Rules, that’s a good place to start learning more about brain science and its impact on educatio...
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Just got this sweet vid from +Jordan McArthur who's leading one of our sessions at PYM LIVE San Francisco next week. Will we see you there? It's not too late to register:

#eventprofs   #sanfrancisco   #iaap   #mpi   #pcma   #ises  +Plan Your Meetings 
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what a fun celebration there was the Fox Theater tonight for the 40th anniversary of the save the Fox campaign #throughglass
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In case you missed our  (PYM) LIVE Event on Thursday with +Midori Connolly at the +Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina  , here's a recap of the event, taken #throughglass2015  
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Kristi Casey Sanders

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Four generations. 
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Very nice
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Educate. Empower. Innovate.
I'm the VP of Creative/Chief Storyteller of Atlanta Metropolitan Publishing. I determine the editorial direction for our main titles Encore Atlanta and Plan Your Meetings (PYM) and develop new digital assets and social media strategies to support our other divisions: Keep America Weird, PoshDealz, Promote Your Message and Planner Toolbox.

I'm also a professional speaker and travel writer who frequently educates, moderates panels and leads roundtable discussions about industry challenges and solutions, how to prove your worth in the workplace and incorporate technology to help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

In my spare time, I spend all the time I can with my family. Then, while they're asleep, I cram as many books as possible into my mind's eye, write my blog Things No One Tells You and stay up way too late writing and reading things on Quora. Take a peak inside my world.
Bragging rights
I helped found NYC's Village Lions Rugby Football Club's Women's Side and played open-side flank during their inaugural season. I played Maggie the Cat in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and got good reviews during my theater days in NYC. After studying improv briefly with UCB, I performed in comedy festivals in Chicago, NYC and Auckland, NZ, with an all-girl improv group (supposedly we introduced long-form spontaneous theater-style improv to NZ's north island). Then I was whisked away to Amsterdam, where I joined the cast of Boom Chicago and entertained and did corporate training throughout the Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium. I even got a chance to be a Google Glass Explorer - one of the active ones! I love that my life has followed a lot of random pathways. And that I've finally found a way to synthesize and use all that knowledge and all my talents on a day to day basis.
I take people's dreams and visions and develop the physical products and strategic support networks that make those goals attainable.
Facilitation, education, content development, community building, strategic planning, event design, improvisation, writing and demystifying technology for the masses.
  • Atlanta Metropolitan Publishing
    VP of Creative/Chief Storyteller, 2011 - present
  • Atlanta Metropolitan Publishing
    Editorial (Assistant Editor, Associate Editor, Editorial Director), 2003 - 2011
  • Boom Chicago Comedy Theatre
    Improviser/Corporate Trainer, 2001 - 2002
  • Condé Nast Publications
    Graphic Designer, SELF Magazine, Marketing Dept., 1997 - 2001
  • Independent Contract Performer
    Actress/Improviser/Writer/Artist, 1995 - 2008
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This is the WORST cable/internet company in the world. My suggestion is to NEVER do business with them. I had to move. They don't provide service where I'm moving. I was told that they would cancel my account because I've sold my house. They did not cancel my account. They're still charging me. They don't have any email or direct ways to communicate with people. There are no direct lines so they always have to transfer you to an agent or a department. Three times in the past 40 minutes I've been "transferred" and the call has dropped. When I do get people they have no record of my previous conversations and say there's no way Comcast would cancel a contract even if they cannot provide the service they want me to pay for. This is an insane way to treat customers. Run!
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I loved the RN I had, but I hated my doctor so much I can't even remember his name. This is why: Before the first test, I wasn't informed of my financial liability, so when I showed up, I had to fork over $800 right there. Then after a third round of tests, the office failed to call me in a timely manner with results. When I called them, the person I got on the phone wasn't able to decipher my results, every time I asked a question, she had to stop and ask the doctor and then come back to me. They wanted to do an MRI but I was pregnant. In frustration, I said, didn't I test positive for anything? She put me on hold to ask the doctor again. When she came back she told me I did test positive for Celiac. When I asked what that meant, she put me on hold to ask the doctor. When she came back, she told me "He said don't worry about it." Two miscarriages later I discovered that having Celiac was something pretty big to worry about. Really disappointed and shocked that a Gastro was so laissez-faire about a progressively serious immune disorder.
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All my husband wanted to do for his 50th birthday was to play a round of golf with me. I booked at the Trophy Course because my father said it was the best course near his house and they were babysitting for us. It was still almost 30 minute's drive there, but if we could have a relaxing day of high-quality golf, I figured it would be worth it. I think the course is in excellent shape, but there were a couple of things that really made this a very frustrating experience. The first thing was that when I checked in I purchased some range balls and was told to get them from "Mike" in the cart shack. I guess he had to give them out because the machine was broken. He wasn't there, so I had to go back into the clubhouse and the lady there had to track him down. He told me the range balls were up at the driving range, so my husband and I went up there. The only balls there were the ones left by other golfers. As I was walking back to see if I'd missed something, Mike drove up in a cart and started collecting the baskets of balls that we had started practicing with since we had spent money on a basket we couldn't find. I asked him where the balls he told me were there were -- by now I'd wasted 10 minutes just trying to warm up, which meant now I couldn't practice chipping or putting. Finally he brought up a basket but it was a waste of $6 because had to hurry to tee off almost right afterwards. What was even more frustrating, though, was that they had a junior tournament going on and they still sold tee times knowing there was going to be a bottleneck. At other courses with that kind of situation going on, they'll often start you on the back nine or something so you can play without getting stuck, but our starter just told us we'd catch them soon and have to be patient. We teed off at 12:44 and caught up to the tournament on the 3rd hole.... behind two other groups. One group gave up at the 6th hole and headed back to ask for a refund and the other gave up a little later. We still plowed ahead, determined to enjoy the game and the first round I had been able to play with my husband since his last birthday (our child is so little I can't get away on the weekends anymore). Needless to say the pace of play was glacial, which not only disrupted our enjoyment of the course, but also impeded our ability to finish our round. Four hours after teeing off, when we should have been finishing up, we had barely gotten to the 12th hole. We were losing the light and any hope of seeing any more of the course. Because there was no fluidity to the game, both my husband and the other golfer who'd joined us were getting too stiff in the cold to feel comfortable playing at that pace, so we just left. I really wanted to go back and get at least a 30% credit since we only got to get 2/3s of the way through the course, but I didn't want to waste any more time. It wasn't the girl in the pro shop's fault. It was management's. And I didn't want to cast any more of a pall over my husband's special day than the Trophy Club already had. My husband still said he enjoyed playing with me for his birthday. But I was really angry that I could have chosen anywhere to play, and I chose a course we couldn't finish. Since I very rarely get to play, I'm still furious that I got cheated out of 1/3 of the course and my money.
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