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Thanks for contributing to WANACon. Your classes were among my favorite (though tough to choose). And your class was the perfect way to end WANACon. We were all punch drunk tired, so fun was in order. WANA was NEVER intended to replace an in-person conference. There isn't a substitute. But for some folks, this can pretty much never be a reality. For instance, you were teaching to people from Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and even the Arab Emirates. For many, the beating and cost of travel leaves them out, even though they long to learn and write. So we are reaching those who've been left out for a long time. That, and, publishing is changing SO quickly. It used to be going to a conference once a year was plenty. Now? You'll get left behind. So, WANA was designed to fill in those gaps and act as a viable supplement to the full-fledged conference. THANK YOU SO MUCH for contributing. I think there are far more horror fans out there than writers realize, just they are slapped under different (possibly more "palatable") genre names. I think you made quite a few converts :D.
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