Resolving the Fate of the Thirteen

On 13 June 12:55 -7 GMT a message from H. Richard Loeb was sent to seven agents (+Liberty Naud, +Matt Stevenson, +Kristen, +Cate Goodfriend, +Tina W., +Winona Tong, +Dillion C)

Agents, I have assembled you in this Hangout because you are Enlightened and were the Team Leads at 13MAGNUS Reawakens at Camp Navarro, CA. As cliché as it sounds, I have a mission for you if you choose to accept it. ....The fate of the 12 rests in your hands.
At Noon PST on Monday June 19th you must tell me what fate holds for the twelve researchers whose shards you captured during Fate Of The 13 event. Consult with your factionmates and amongst yourselves. Will each of the researchers retain their archetype or will you choose to change them? The answer lies with you.

We didn't seek out this responsibility, and as the weight of the decision we were tasked with settled upon us, we reached out to additional agents around the world. We sought the advice of sensitives who have studied, analyzed, questioned and actively participated in the ongoing investigation of exotic matter and its effects. As our decision would have to represent the opinions of all of our teammates who had fought so hard to win the Fate of the 13 global shard event, we asked for input from the worldwide Enlightened community. We immersed ourselves in the history of the Niantic Project, and re-examined the documents we thought we knew, as well as those still new to us.

The Enlightened won the burden of governing the fate of these 12 researchers, but with that we also have the opportunity to set a legacy of our choosing. The Enlightened stand for progress but not at the expense of free will.

Our initial discussions quickly revealed a strong theme: The researchers had not consented to be a part of the Niantic Magnus. Over the next several days our advisers pressed, debated, and revisited this theme more and more. We had to do what was right, and return them to their true forms if that was their desire. But it was unclear whether these individuals would prefer to stay or go from the Magnus. So we asked them to speak for themselves, giving them each a voice in their own fate.

PAC advised us late Sunday night, just 14 hours before our decision was due, that the researchers had indeed heard our query, but have chosen not to sway our decision. In the absence of their input, our decisions for the #Fateofthe12 are as follows: (Please see our full text with supporting links and reasoning for reach decision here: )

We don't know what lasting consequences our choices will hold; but we are certain the unnatural "Niantic Magnus" that was formed when Ezekiel Calvin engineered the event that "forcibly converted [the Magnus members] into Simulacra", must come to an end.

+Hank Johnson was freed from his endless cycles as a Simulacrum when Azmati sacrificed himself while destroying the Shōnin Stone, and we will not send him back. Johnson will not stay in the Niantic Magnus. We hope that he will fulfill the destiny Azmati hinted at, and find the all-Enlightened "13MAGNUS" he is destined to be a part of.

For +Roland Jarvis, we have chosen to leave him within the Niantic Magnus. Once Jarvis became a part of the portal network, he was the outlier who embraced this evolution. In addition, after his many cycles of death and rebirth, we are concerned that releasing Jarvis from the Magnus may cause the loss of what remains of this great man. We leave him where he has chosen to be, with the Ultimate.

Other members of the Niantic Magnus have either spoken out against their imprisonment as Simulacra or not spoken at all. +Devra Bogdanovich and +Carrie Campbell both have shown ill effects from being a part of the Niantic Magnus and a desire to be free from them. We will not be responsible for increasing those ill effects, and so +enoch dalby must join Campbell outside the Magnus, as we are not sure their connection could sustain the separation.

+A Detection Algorithm, we don’t trust you. As you have continued to evolve, you have pushed to become the AI that the N’Zeer sought. You have been scattered and are now struggling to find yourself once again. You are not ready for a Magnus.

Of all the researchers, it is perhaps fitting that Ezekiel Calvin was also sentenced to roam without his memories as a Simulacrum, as it was he who engineered the the ‘accident’ that artificially caused the formation of the Niantic Magnus. We strongly suspect that Victor Kureze’s intentions have not been fully revealed. Neither of you can be trusted with the power and influence over the portal network granted to those within a Magnus, therefore you will no longer be a part of this one.

+Martin Schubert It is clear from your shock that despite what you wanted from life, from Marlie, as a Simulacrum you were unhappy it would all be taken away from you again in 1331 days. Additionally, your dealings are suspect and there is much we don’t know about your current intentions. Are you working for Jahan? We can’t take the risk that you would support a Resistance-aligned Anti-Magnus.

While your alignment has been contested, +Stein Lightman you have continued to pursue the mysteries of the glyphs and the answers we are only beginning to understand. The complete memory loss that occurs with Recursing every 1331 days does not support the continuancy needed for a researcher trying to translate a language from a dimension breaking into ours. Our need is great, and we need you outside the Magnus.

+Yuri Alaric Nagassa we hope you will continue to aid Hank Johnson in his search for answers. We believe you are best able to do so from outside the Magnus.

This is not just another government project, +Misty Hannah and your actions after your recursion show that you would have never consented to losing your memories, with your existence being left at the mercy of others. You will no longer be a part of the Niantic Magnus.

+Oliver Lynton-Wolfe we are sorry we can not also free you from this inhuman recursion as a Simulacrum; we were so close. Hopefully there is an end for your suffering close at hand.

Enlightened Agents, we have spent the last five days quizzing our compatriots, digging through references, and always following our dedication to the evolution of humanity. Thank you for weighing in through your local communities and on our posts. Your voices have been heard and we sincerely hope these decisions adequately reflect your efforts in #Fateofthe13.

Niantic Magnus decision summary:

1. The Catalyst - Devra Bogdanovich - REMOVED
2. The Explorer - Hank Johnson - REMOVED
3. The Dreamer - Roland Jarvis - RETAINED
4. The Alchemist - Oliver Lynton-Wolfe - RETAINED (no choice)
5. The Spiritualist - Stein Lightman - REMOVED
6. The Omniscient - ADA - REMOVED
7. The Interpreter - Carrie Campbell - REMOVED
8. The Trickster - Misty Hannah - REMOVED
9. The Skeptic - Martin Schubert - REMOVED
10. The Listener - Enoch Dalby - REMOVED
11. The Visionary - Victor Kureze - REMOVED
12. The Humanist - Yuri Alaric Nagassa - REMOVED
13. The Patron - Ezekiel Calvin - REMOVED

Another thank you to our Ingress Lore Advisory Group; we could not have done this without you. Your varied perspectives, backgrounds, and knowledge of the Ingress storyline made gathering the data and worldwide voices needed to make an informed decision much easier. Many hands make light the load. +Yik Sheng Lee, +Mike Wissinger +Typhoon Jim +JoJo Stratton +Nola Circuit +Itonaga Naohiro +Achim S., +Nancy Something, +Mario Valenzuela II, +Gustav Andersson, +Bryant Durrell, +Charlie Hsu, +ollie tronic, +Pongo Lyn +absolute 119966, +pete bolesh

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