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Speaker | Bestselling Author | Strategist

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Multi-tasking and busy-ness are hurting you and your loved ones more than you know. Listen to this interview on the On Air With Ella podcast to find out why - and how to start fixing it fast!

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7 Critical Moves @Target Must Make to Re-Engage Stressed Employees  on @LinkedIn#stress #targetlayoffs

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Thanks to + for sharing my #widow story in her latest BBC article! Take a read - great tips!

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Being an #entrepreneur  can cause #stress, but it doesn't have to! Listen to my latest podcast interview to find out how to love your work and life! 

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Job stress is the most common thing that causes us unhappiness. What can you do to fix it? Here are 5 quick tips to get on track with your career happiness. 

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Recently appeared on The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast with Beth Buelow. Fun show - listen here: 

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I will be live via Google Hangout tonight at 9:15pm CST with +Dan R Morris and +Rachel Martin of +Blogging Concentrated  talking media kits, promotion and more so tune in!

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Are you stressed at work? Don't deal with it in these 5 ways!

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I'm on a mission to help 1,000,000 people ditch the crap that holds them back from having an amazing life! Yep - 1 MILLION!

 I'm calling it my Life Leadership Mission! I might be a little crazy!

As a widow mom who has gone through some serious crap, I understand how a bad day or a bad year can suck the wind from your sails. We get tired, scared, overwhelmed, frustrated and maybe even a little bit lazy with a poor-me attitude.

I've been there! It's not fun!

But those days and years don't have to hold you back from having the life you want and deserve. You just need a little guidance and inspiration to get through the storm - and a whole lot of resilience and support along the way. You choose how to lead your life!

The first resource I want to give you to get on track is a complimentary teleseminar to uncover the 5 big mistakes even smart people make that keeps them stressed, stuck and overlooked for success. 

It's a fast and easy way to become more aware of what might be holding you back from your goals. You will also get a Goal-Getter Action Checklist to help you move ahead with your small and big goals for 2015 and beyond!

This short call will be held on January 15th, 2015 over lunch (or close to it depending on your location) so whether you work a traditional job, work from home or you're a business owner, you can grab your lunch and take a listen to critical mindset shifts that will help you minimize stress, improve your goal productivity and help you succeed in work and life. 

I hope you will join me - but if you can't make it, register anyway. I will send the teleseminar recording out after the call so you don't miss it! 

Hope to see you there! (And invite a friend, colleague, spouse or accountability partner!)

Register Below:

Are you feeling stuck, stressed or overlooked for career success? Find out if you're making the big 5 mistakes even smart people make that holds them back from personal and professional growth. Register now for the free Life Leadership Jumpstart teleseminar - and don't forget to invite your colleagues! (Space is limited!)
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