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If you only had one hour for social every day, where would you spend it? via +Kairay Media
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Need to automate small tasks to save time on Twitter? ★

Here are some IFFT recipes you can use:

• Automatically Add Those Who Mention You to Twitter List

• Automatically post your Instagrams as Twitter photos 

• Add "Favorite" Tweeters to Twitter List

• Add Tweets to Google Spreadsheet

• Tweet Your WordPress Blog Posts
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I'm not that much a twitter user but nice tricks!
Thanks for the share +Kristel Cuenta 
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The future is here <3 
Wearables seem to be the “next big thing” when it comes to consumer electronics devices. While interest in Google Glass seemed to fizzle out rather quickly, fitness trackers and smartwatches -- like the Apple Watch and the Android Wear-sportin’ Motorola Moto 360 -- are gaining in popularity with consumers. But while those devices put a
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So stupid. :'-(
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#Success  doesnt come and find you.
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that was a lesson I learnt when I purchased my car
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This poster is pretty helpful :) #lol  
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.... and practically this defines the word "wasting" for the people who don't know how it can be wasted; please try this couple of times so you know it and also teach this to your colleagues.
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thought this was beautifully designed.
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"A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook 
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The that's exactly as it should be. 
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When you feel like things will never get better... #motivationalquotes  
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Love this!
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Japan is slammin.
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the fuck?
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My favorite hotel in Manila. :)
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