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After years of controversial comments, #TopGear  host Jeremy Clarkson has finally reached the end of the road with the BBC.
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Way to go, +GoDaddy :)
GoDaddy, the the world's largest ICANN-accredited Internet domain registrar with more than 59 million domain names under its management, has filed...
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Building culture/Finding talent  - 
What turns a relatively healthy workplace into a nightmare in which employees dread going into work?
Find out here: 
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Yeah it does. When we finish a 12 hour shift and have to stay after work for a meeting yeah no one likes it
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Science Humor  - 
Well.. here's why: >>
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It's not even real but the air is so bad even fake trees help
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Awesome <3 
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Right! ♥
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Solid writing tips here by +Darren DeMatas! 
Learn how to use human psychology to influence buyer behavior. You'll be able to write persuasive copy and sell more products without being sleazy.
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Thanks for checking it out +Kristel Cuenta  :)
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My newest article at +Kairay Media:
*6 Reasons People Unfollow Your Brand on #SocialMedia * :) 
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yes love me
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Social Content  - 
Not sure why you're losing followers?
Here are 6 reasons why followers may be disengaging with your brand!
Business success is more than just being liked and followed. With consumers being 43% more likely to buy a new product from brands they’re following, busin
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Thanks, +Simone Wessels-Bloom ♥
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Omg. Hahah (:
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Jesse H
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6 Reasons People Unfollow Your Brand on Social Media

Business success is more than just being liked and followed. With consumers being 43% more likely to buy a new product from brands they’re f

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