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Kristeen Bullwinkle
Online marketing consultant, hiker, gardener, blogger
Online marketing consultant, hiker, gardener, blogger

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There are some great videos here you could use in your training programs. The Power of Purpose, The Power of Empathy, The Power of Humor, The Power of Story, How Happiness Changes

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One of our Facebook friends shared that she uses Points of You cards when doing the Day in the Life activity. Participants can use these cards as well as QuikDiSC cards and their own drawings to create their posters. Anyone else use these?

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This is an activity designed to support The Leadership Challenge, but would work well with the Vision section of the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders.

Sharing a Vision: Can You See What I See?

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Learners not paying attention? Use storytelling to grab their focus and keep their interest.

To increase trust try sharing "Where I'm from" stories.


"At our firm we have moments where people share their “where I’m from” story as an introduction story in front of groups. What’s good about the “Where I’m from” story is that it is a fundamentally human one. We are all “from” somewhere, and we all have a shared human heritage of growing up with various pressures and external circumstances and weird shit that happens. The nice thing is that this kind of origin story helps relate you to other people from different walks of life without making you a faceless caricature—because it has dimension and because it does not define your future, only your past. The abstract, if I were having a difficult conversation with someone of a radically different persuasion than me, would be “here’s where I’m coming from, this is my story, it’s a story of me, and what has shaped me… Now, tell me yours…”. It’s humanizing and shifts the conversation from one between strangers to one between acquaintances, with less suspicion and more openness to each other’s ideas, regardless of status or disposition.

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You may have heard of, or used, most of these, but it's a nice collection of activities. Most aren't really geared toward leadership. Many are ice-breakers or trust-builders.

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Have a little fun with the quotes of Lemony Snickets while brushing up on your understanding of the DiSC styles.

I watched a facilitator last week and noticed two techniques she used.

She handed out small "gem" stones to anyone who asked a question or shared a comment. She walked over to them as they spoke and after responding to their question or comment she thanked them for sharing and for being a "gem."

After the distraction of dessert being placed on the bouquet table, she said, "I'm visualizing everyone moving back to their seats." She made her desire known without telling anyone what to do.

What are some of your favorite facilitation or training tricks of the trade?

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Thinking about getting your Everything DiSC or Everything DiSC Workplace certification? These classes fill up quick. Come to Minneapolis for a face-to-face training or specialize in Workplace and meet online only.
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