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I especially like this quote from's Guillaume Rambourg:

"Piracy is some kind of ghost enemy, and chasing a ghost enemy is a pure waste of time and resources. The only way really is to make the whole gaming experience easy, convenient and rewarding for the users - this is the only way to fight against piracy,"

I have never played as many games as now with Steam, Impulse and GOG because they make it so simple and easy to buy them.
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Good article. What struck me was quotes like the two below. I think that these can be applied to various interactions between citizens and governing parties. If cheating, working on the black market, taking advantage of loop-holes etc. gives a more pleasent experience than being honest, more people will cheat, work on the black market, take advantage of loop-holes etc.

"If the legitimate user is ever going to have a more negative experience than a pirate, you've done something wrong."

"If you make the process too troublesome - even if you are a good hearted gamer, you will be tempted to give piracy a try. This should be the obsession to fight piracy. Putting restrictive measures, putting any kind of technical restraints can only encourage piracy"
Steam is the bomb, where else could I have bought Xcom the original and playwd it without issues on my 2007 (or was it 2006) bought computer :D It was sweet by the way.

The copy protection system used by some companies, like the ones making the bioshock games make me angry, so angry that when I had bought bioshock one I got myself a pirated copy just to play it without the copy protection issues. Then I just downloaded number 2 and played it. Will buy it when it comes cheap on steam.
Já segðu. HAnn er líka svo vel stilltur að þeir eru nýbúnir að taka burtu "online translation"... google translate var blokkað.
En á sama tíma get ég farið a´allar íþróttaasíður heims og streamað vídeo þaðan en ef tetris er á síðunni, þá er tetris blokkaður... skil þetta ekki
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