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Krishnan Dasan (Krish)

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I don't know how much it sounds nerdy or geeky, but when I see a new version of Linux​ kernel or Firefox browser it feels like world hasn't ended yet.
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Krishnan Dasan (Krish)

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1. Use a Coding Standard
2. Use Meaningful Variable/Function/Class Names
3. Write Comments in Code
4. Use Meaningful Structures
5. Avoid Global Code
6. Use Version Controlling Software
7. Use Automated Build Tools
8. Refactor
9. Use Code Documenters
10. Use a Testing Framework
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Krishnan Dasan (Krish)

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Short Bytes: The 256th day of every year is celebrated as Programmers' Day. Interestingly, 256 is the highest power of two that is less than 365. It falls on
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Krishnan Dasan (Krish)

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Occasionally you will come across arguments in programming community that argue for and against Linux as a preferred development environment. The Linux side of the argument appears to be winning fo…
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Krishnan Dasan (Krish)

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तेरे नाम कि यादें (Memories of your name)

मेरे हर सासोंमे है तेरा नाम,
नाम के हर शब्द पर है मेरा ध्यान|

हर कदम पर उछल्ति है तेरि यादें,
उन यादों मे दुबि रहति है मेरि नज़रे|

चाहता हुं उन्हि सासोंमे कदम बढाए जाऊं,
तेरे साथ शब्दॊ कों युहिं बुन्ते जाऊं|

पता नहि क्युं सोचता हुं तेरे बारें में,
सोचता हुं बस जीना चाहता हुं तेरे दिल में|

यह दिल तो है हि प्यार का भिकारि,
एक हि सोच मे बलिदान हो जाति है प्यार कि अमीरी|

याद तो बोहोत कर लिये पुरानि बातें,
क्युं न हो जाये और भि नये मुलाकाते|

तेरे एक नाम से झलक उठति है यादें पुरानि,
अब क्युं न हो जाये और भि नयि नयि|

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मेरे हर सासोंमे है तेरा नाम, नाम के हर शब्द पर है मेरा ध्यान| हर कदम पर उछल्ति है तेरि यादें, उन यादों मे दुबि रहति है मेरि नज़रे| चाहता हुं उन्हि सासोंमे कदम बढाए जाऊं, तेरे साथ शब्दॊ कों युहिं बुन…
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Krishnan Dasan (Krish)

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1. Early morning caffeine overdose
2. Breaking the breakfast habit
3. Overeating is eating up your productivity
4. Junk food items are ruining your body’s physiological processes
5. Frozen and processed foods don’t help either
6. Long breaks in-between meals
7. Improper fluid intake is going to leave you drowsy

If you want to feel satisfied and relaxed at work, then stop overeating during lunch hours.
We are what we eat. But, what are we eating? That’s the big question. Researches have shown that our eating habits have a big role to play…
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Krishnan Dasan (Krish)

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:D :D :D :D ssoooooo funnnyyy....
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Krishnan Dasan (Krish)

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  • Tarang BPC Ltd., Palakkad, Kerala
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  • Prasad Color Lab, Palakkad, Kerala
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