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Why You Need to Track Your Ads With Google Analytics
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"A lot of businesses are familiar with Google Analytics as a traffic-tracking tool for their websites, and while that is one of their greatest functions, Google Analytics has a ton of great uses, such as monitoring traffic flow and learning what people are searching for on your site."

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Is Windows 10 a trumped up version of Win XP? Google's head of design thinks so. Hmm.

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AirBoard Self-Balancing Board
Animated Photo

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Very Hard Hitting Questions in this AMA - I answered as many as I could (~55), but there was one even I couldn't do, and a number I haven't yet been able to tackle at the bottom.

Thanks to all the folks who asked great questions, and to the Inbound crew, particularly +Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, for having me. I tried to include some visual answers and screenshots for some of the questions, including the 1Metric chart you see below.

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23 (Rather Marvellous) Twitter Best Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

"Twitter comes with a pretty steep learning curve. When you’re just getting started and trying to figure everything out it can get really overwhelming, really quickly.

For example, who should you follow? How do you get people to follow you? Which are the best days and times to tweet? What’s the height and width of your cover photo? What are Twitter Trends? Where should you place links? How many times a day is okay to promote yourself? And what in blue blazes is a hashtag?

Thankfully, help is at hand, courtesy of this rather marvellously designed infographic from +Passion Digital, which presents 23 best practices for Twitter users in 2014."

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Social Media Comparison 2014 by +Leverage New Age Media

This infographic breaks down the most popular social outlets into digestible snippets demonstrating advantages of each and how they can be best utilized.

Larger image link:


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How to Get More Retweets on Twitter

Read More :

There is no various to analysis. the foremost powerful tool in business is data. analysis and data area unit each correlative. within the world of net selling and social media management, you would like to stay learning new tricks, you've got to amass the mandatory data and you want to stay updated in the least times. Not doing which will result in poor selling methods and ineffective execution of existing methods.

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Moz 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors Results are out

You can access the full study here, and below, you'll find the main takeways as described by +David Mihm of +Moz (

Behavioral signals —especially clickthrough rate from search results—seem to be increasing in importance.

Domain authority seems to be on its way up —particularly since the Pigeon rollout here in the U.S. Indeed, even in clear instances of post-Pigeon spam, the poor results seem to relate to Google's inability to reliably separate "brands" from "spam" in Local.

I expect Google to get better at this, and the importance of brand signals to remain high.

♨ Initially, I was surprised to see authority and consistency of citations rated so highly for localized organic results. But then I thought to myself, "if Google is increasingly looking for brand signals, then why shouldn't citations help in the organic algorithm as well?"

And while the quantity of structured citations still rated highly for pack and carousel results, consistent citations from quality sources continue to carry the day across both major result types.

Proximity to searcher saw one of the biggest moves in this year's survey. Google is getting better at detecting location at a more granular level—even on the desktop. The user is the new Centroid.

♨ For markets where Pigeon has not rolled out yet (i.e. everywhere besides the U.S.), I'd encourage business owners and marketers to start taking as many screenshots of their primary keywords as possible.

With the benefit of knowing that Pigeon will eventually roll out in your countries, the ability to compare before-and-after results for the same keywords will yield great insight for you in discerning the direction of the algorithm.

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Social Media 2014: User Demographics For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest - infographic

Do you know which social media site teens visit most? Have you ever wondered which demographics dominate Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest?

Find out in this infographic which comes courtesy of Brittonmdg.

Some key stats:

• Nearly, 7 in every 10 internet users have a #Facebook account, and it is the favorite social networking site among adults.

#LinkedIn appeals most to sub-urban residents, men and those with high-level income.

• Tumblr appeals most to urban area residents and 18 to 29 year olds.

• 21 percent of internet users use #Pinterest.

Pin it for later:

Read it all here:

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