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How to take your business global with digital marketing

Are you considering expanding your geographic reach for your business? There has never been a better time to 'go global'.

Many years ago when I started out on my international career, I was amazed that my then 'boss' could use our internal email system to connect to people in the organisation around the globe.

Roll forward some twenty plus years, now we can do that without even being connected to acomputer AND we can meet 'face to face'.

My friend and colleague +Sarah Santacroce hosts a weekly hangout answering questions from her followers, clients and community and this week she has invited me to discuss a question about using digital communications to take your business global.

If you can not join us live, there will be a replay.

My biggest challenge will be how we will be able to spend only 15 minutes on this topic which I am truly passionate about!

#digitalmarketing #internationalbusiness #HOA  
How to take your business global with Digital Marketing?

Live this Thursday, April 17th, 9.00 am EST, 3.00 pm CET

*Join my guest +Krishna De  and me  when we attempt to answer this question *

You can join us for the live call directly on Google+, either as a viewer or I'd love to have you join me as a participant.

What the 15 min Q&A Hangout is NOT

It's not the place to ask your questions on the spot (unless it's related to the question I'm answering that day). You can however send me a question now and with a bit of luck, I'll answer it during the next call. 

Ask to be added to my Q&A circle

If you'd like to get reminders for every event, just ask to be added to my Q&A circle and I will send you a notification before each event. 

And invite your friends !
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Sarah Santacroce. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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looking forward to it, +Krishna De ! thanks for the share. 
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A new addition to my Google Hangouts toolbox

If you read my article at the end of March when I shared 7 steps for getting started using Google Hangouts you will know one of the resources I mentioned was the soon to be released book Google Hangouts for Business by +David Amerland and with the assistance of +Ronnie Bincer as the technical editor.

While the official launch day is a few days time, the book is now available on Kindle - and remember you do not need a Kindle to read ebooks from Amazon - as you can see from my photo I read ebooks on my desk top and on my tablet and smartphone devices.

You can read my article with my 7 tips here

You can read some interesting business case studies here

By the way what you see in the photo is my second screen, my camera on a movable monopod, one of the lights I have in front of me, a clock I use to watch the time that has lapsed in the show and one of my mobile phones.

So I know what this weekends reading will be for me.

Do let me know if you decide to invest in the book - looking through the chapters it is a terrific introduction for people getting started thinking about using Google Hangouts in their business.

#Hangoutsbook #Hangoutsforbusiness #HOA  
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+Chef Dennis Littley Yes I keep meaning to get a boom to suspend my Yeti :)
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Eric Enge on becoming an authority

If you are building your visibility with prospects and potential customers one of the areas we need to work on is building your authority in your topic.

Through a number of tactics this can also help you then be identified as someone who has authority on that topic area.

I know this is something many people when starting their business are concerned about and the idea of being seen as an authority is something that they find it hard to adjust to - especially here in Ireland in my experience.

The fact of the matter is that people buy from people they trust and they see an an authority or expert.

This last week the topic of a hangout hosted by +Eric Enge who was joined by +David Amerland and +Mark Traphagen explored the topic of authority.

See the event here

Listening to the replay there was a quote that really struck me (around the 35:00 mark) from Eric - Solving problems for others is engagement that is memorable

This was something he covered in his SXSW event "How To Plan for Long Term SEO" - you can find the SlideShare here of his presentation

I think this very true and in fact that approach is at the heart of effective content marketing.

However in my experience, not everyone or every situation we are in when solving peoples problems results in creating memorable engagement that is perceived by the recipient as positive.

So I took the liberty of adapting Eric's quote (I hope he won't mind) to the following:

Solving problems for others can create engagement that is memorable.

That is something I strive to do in my work and my speaking and I hope that for the many times I achieve Eric's vision.

Thank you Eric for sharing your thoughts and perspectives on an important aspect of how to create engagement.

#authority #personalbrand #buildingauthority #contentmarketing  
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+David Amerland You are very welcome - it was an interesting discussion
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Plus My Reach - A new tool for measuring your Google plus post and event engagement

If you are looking to analyse the effectiveness of your Google Plus events then check out this new tool called +Plus My Reach from +David F Leopold and +Michael Mason - the video shares how the tool works and also lets you know how to get a free report.

Plus My Reach gives a snapshot at a point in time and can not provide historical data unfortunately at this time.

Note - this is a paid tool.

This looks as though it could be an interesting tool if you are hosting events on Google Plus including being able to identify some potential influencers that you can build relationships with.

#GooglePlusAnalytics #PlusMyReach  
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Really pleased about that Krishna because Ronnie's group will really benefit.

We discussed something and I'll let Ronnie disclose the details in he has it scheduled.

Great to connect ;)
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*Google Hangouts The UK, US and Irish Experience'

If you are considering using Google Hangouts for your business here is a show that you will find of interest as the topic is about exploring experiences with guests from the UK, US and Ireland.

The show takes place today at 5 pm Ireland/UK time and 12 pm ET and is hosted by +Phil Aston and +Sue Aston

Other guests on the show are +Dave Webster +Julie Pell +James Dearsley +DigiDesk from the UK and +Chef Dennis Littley and +Mia Voss from the US.

If you are not able to attend there will be a replay.

Let me know if you plan to be there and if you have questions after the event by all means don;t hesitate to reach out to me.

#hangoutsforbusiness #marketingwithhangouts #googlehangout #googlehangoutsfornewbies #googlehangoutsonair #googlehangoutsforbusiness #hoa #KrishnaDe
Hangouts On Air - The UK Experience - Episode 2
Our first transatlantic HOA was a great success and we had a stella panel of guests from the UK and the USA.

In this show we will be building on our experiences and ideas relating to Hangouts On Air for UK business and exploring the business benefits with our guests from the USA.

Special Guests on this show are

+Krishna De  Social Media consultant

+Dave Webster Owner of Webster Consulting

+Julie Pell  Video Marketing and Social Media

+James Dearsley  Digital marketing, property and beekeeping specialist,

+DigiDesk  Video Production and Editing - Hangout Hosting & Production

+Chef Dennis Littley  Chef / Food Blogger / HOA Host

+Mia Voss  Entrepreneur, Host of the #TheMiaConnectPowerChat  

Your Hosts
+Phil Aston  Digital Marketing / SEO / Photographer / HOA Host
+Sue Aston  Composer + violinist / Music HOAs
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Phil Aston. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Genius Loci Business & Media Show
Wed, April 2, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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+Mia Voss Ditto!
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How to quickly and easily create images for your visual content marketing

If you are using social media you will know how important visual content is for marketing success.

In this article I share a video and screen shots about how to:

- quickly create images for your Google Hangout event quote images

- create visual content for your Twitter updates

- create images so you can curate content to Pinterest where there is no pinnable image

- create visual content for your Facebook Pages and Profiles.

The tool I am referring to is Share As Image and I also share the special offer for lifetime access that expires today.

I use this tool every day and it certainly speeds up my content curation workflow.

What are your 'go to tools' for visual content creation?

#VisualContentMarketing #ContentMarketing #Quoteimages  
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+Kapil Jekishan Yes it certainly speeds up my visual content creation and curation - as I explain in the article it has some limitations but I find it great to have in my toolbox and use it all the time as well as +PicMonkey and +Canva which I really love
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How to add in a 'slide in' call to action for your blog

If you are publishing articles on your business blog you will no doublt have been including a call to action.

I recommend testing the position of the call to action as people will not read to the end of the article and click on the link there.

You might have seen some calls to action slide in from the bottom right of a blog post - and example can been see on +HubSpot and if you are interested in learning how to do this you can read their article which takes you through the process.

This just might be something worth testing - though of course check what happens if people view your article on a mobile device.

What tools or tactics do you use on your blog to help you bring attention to your calls to action?

#Businessblogging #leadgeneration #digitalmarketing  
Learn how to add a slide-in CTA to your blog posts to increase the amount of leads you can generate from your blog.
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Google Hangouts for Sports - the Sacramento Kings

If you are exploring how organisations are using Google Hangoutsm why not join the +Sacramento Kings for their first-ever Hangout On Air on 6 April where they will be talking about technology and basketball.

H/T +Sunny Cadwallader my go to person for social media and sports in the US!

#HOA #GoogleHangouts #GoogleHangoutsForSports  
Sacramento Kings legend Peja Stojakovic joins and fans from around the world to discuss technology and basketball before the Kings host the Dallas Mavericks. 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Google for Sports. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Kings Global Hangout with Peja Stojakovic
Sun, April 6, 5:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

Sunny Cadwallader's profile photo
Happy to help +Krishna De 
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Hand crafted, locally sourced and 100 percent organic images for your visual content marketing

Thank goodness that visual content does nt have to always be created like this for our digital channels.

A fun April Fool video from +PicMonkey

#AprilFool #visualcontentmarketing  
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Very good!
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How to schedule an unlisted Google Hangout on Air

If you have been wanting to restrict the live broadcast of your Google Hangout so that it does not live stream from your personal profile, we now have a way to do so - check out +Ronnie Bincer's post for the low down.

This change means that you will not have to set up your events from YouTube so makes it really simple to implement.

This will not make your HOA private at the time of broadcast - they will be unlisted - but you can always go back and change the privacy via YouTube after the event has ended.

I know this is a feature many users will find really helpful. What ideas do you have for using unlisted hangouts (semi private) events in your business?

#Hangoutsforbusiness #Marketingwithhangouts
#Hangouts #Hangoutsonair #Hangoutstips #HOA  
Unlisted HOAs via Google Plus - YouTube Becomes your video recorder
Hangouts on Air (HOA) can act as your personal video recorder, or limited viewership broadcast machine.
There are times when you want to have a hangout session and record it, but don't want it "broadcast" to the world (right away, or ever)… Enter Unlisted HOA or Private HOA.

You could always use 3rd party software to record your screen while in a Hangout Video Call, but then you have large files that need to be rendered and uploaded for others to view, and that takes loads of time. When YouTube does the recording (via HOA), it is done quickly and ready to go right after the HOA ends.

Now Google Plus can start Unlisted HOAs
We've been able to start Unlisted or Private HOAs via the YouTube Live Event interface, but now we are able to start Public HOA & Unlisted HOA on Google Plus as well via the SHOAE tool (Scheduled HOA Events).

Until now, if you used Google Plus to start your HOAs you could only do Public HOAs. Now we can also do Unlisted HOAs starting with the Google Plus Hangouts menu.

3 important uses:
✓ HOA Trailer Recordings - Record now, add as a trailer later.
You can do these alone or invite your featured guest(s) to be part of the trailer days or weeks ahead of time.
✓ HOA Broadcasts to limited groups - semi private screening rooms
✓ Vlogging - a simple way to create video content which can be "published" later at a time of your choosing.

From what I've observed:
► The Unlisted HOA is not posted publicly on your G+ Stream
► The Unlisted HOA is not easily visible to others on your YT Channel
► You can easily change the Recorded Unlisted Video to be 'Public' or 'Private' to suite your particular needs

How to Start an Unlisted HOA from Google Plus
► Start your HOA process via the (1) Hangouts Menu (
► Next press the (2) Start a Hangout on Air Blue Button.
► Give the HOA a Title (3)
► Here's the Trick... Do Not Invite the Public Circle (4) to be in the Audience. Suggestion: just invite yourself to the Audience (optional: invite the group you want to see the unlisted broadcast) this is the HOA Event's invitation/guest list (aka Audience).
► After you Share the post (5), you'll be on the Private Event page & you start up the HOA Green Room via the "start" button when you are ready to go.

There are many other great uses of this new tool and a few "gotcha's" that will be discussed in the membership group for Hangouts called Hangout Mastery.

Want all the details? Signup to keep up... .
=== ===
#HOAtips   #UnlistedHOA   #HOAevents   #EventsTips   #GooglePlusTips   
h/t: +Jeff Sieh & +Jim Shankle for helping me test and verify this
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+Denise Fay you are welcome!
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