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How much data do you need when mobile live streaming with Periscope or Facebook Live?

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If you are live streaming to Periscope, your Facebook profile or your Facebook Page, are you aware of the demands on your data?

I usually live stream using my wifi or my device with an unlimited data plan so the outcomes of this test did surpise me.

Which platform do you think demanded the most data for live streaming?

#livestream #livestreaming #Periscope #FacebookLive #livestreaminsiders

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Krishna De

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Facebook Live two person live streams - a first look

Have you been awaiting the roll out of Facebook Live two person live streams?

Well now we can see what they look like and guess what it's a vertical video with a small embed of the person you are in conversation with.

This is an example of Rebecca Jarvis of ABC News in the US using the Facebook Mentions app for her interview with Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank - you can find a link to the video (not just screen shots that I posted here) in this article

I don't think this format will work for my Live Stream Insiders Shows as we are joint co-hosts - but perhaps there will be updates and a different format in months to come.

#FacebookLive #FacebookLiveUpdate #LiveStream #LiveStreamInsiders
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Krishna De

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Office 365 iOS app v 2.4.5 error results in the changing of png files to jpeg format

If you are creating content on your iPhone and then transferring it to your desktop or other locations via Outlook using the share bar on your camera roll or uploading to the Outlook app please note this error as it will convert your transparent PNG files to JPEG format.

Consider this a public service announcement for mobile journalists!

#mobilemarketing #visualmarketing #mojo #OutlookiOSapp

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+Dave Webster
 Thanos for taking the time to watch/listen!
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Krishna De

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Eight ideas to steal for your live streams from The Cheddar Facebook Live Show

Read the article here:

There is a new show in town broadcasting from the 'Big Apple' in a studio in an iconic building. It's aimed at millennials and there is no cable network in site as it is live streaming on Facebook every day.

It's called the 'Cheddar Life' and here are eight things you could apply to your own shows from this small startup that I think is headed for big things given the background of their founder and some of their key people!

#livestream #livestreaminsiders #facebooklive #smm #socialmediamarketing
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Krishna De

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Live Stream Insiders Show Replay 14 August 2016 The latest live video, social video and live video news for week commencing 14 August 2016

In this weeks episode we explore:

- how much data is required to live stream using Facebook Live and Periscope

- innovative uses by brands using Facebook Live

- how the UK publisher Glamour has integrated Facebook Live into their marketing and at the same time grown their social media followers

- a little insider knowledge about the new YouTube Live app

- the implications of ceasing to operate and what this means for users

Find the articles referred to in this show here

#livestream #livevideo #socialvideo #LiveStreamInsiders #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #FacebookLive #Periscope #mojo #mobilejournalism

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Krishna De

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Live stream platform Blab closes with no prior notice to users

We you using Blab for live streaming?

Then please note that the site has now closed.

Learn what this means for you here -

If you are concerned about accessing your replays if you had not downloaded them as you can no longer log into the site - but you may still be able to download the replays - see this article for details.

‪#‎Blab‬ ‪#‎livestreamtip‬ ‪#‎socialvideo‬ ‪#‎livestreaminsiders‬ #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing
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Blab is closed but we still meet.
To be invited to many video-chat rooms, click “Join Community”.
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Krishna De

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360 Live Stream - In The Now 360° - The Rehearsal With Barry Gibb

Who says that live video streaming is just for millennials? Here is Barry Gibb using 360 live streaming to promote his new album.

Did you know he has produced 14 number 1 albums!

He has had number 1 hits in the 1960's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 200's and now in 2016. Pretty amazing.

I have to declare I am a child of the Saturday Night Fever generation and that film would not have been as iconic without the music of the Bee Gees!

Whether you appreciate or like his music or not is really not the point of this post - I just think it is a great example of 360 video for musicians and pre-promoting a new album.

#livevideo #livestream #BarryGibb #360video #BeeGees

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+Sue Aston +Phil Aston this one is especially for you - I am waiting to see your 360 live streams from the Aston family!
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Krishna De

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Replay of the Podcasters Roundtable Episode 76 - the state of podcasting and live streaming

If you missed watching the show live and can not wait for the audio podcast you can watch the replay here on YouTube

You will find some of the chat at the show page too

Lots of great wisdom as always shared by +Ray Ortega, +Daniel J. Lewis, +David Jackson and +Rob Greenlee

Thank you +Ray Ortega for inviting me to join you - it was terrific to speak to you all eye ball to eye ball so to speak having interacted with you all through social and listened to the shows you all host on my favourite podcast player!

#podcasting #livevideo #livestreaming
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Krishna De

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Live stream and podcasting - where do podcasters go now that Blab is dead and Google Hangouts On Air is closing?

It's great to see this topic being discussed on Podcasters Roundtable today thanks to +Ray Ortega - it's a conversation you will want to join or watch the replay of if you are a podcaster who has been integrating live video for your shows or after shows.

I am looking forward to hearing Ray's thoughts especially as he has been using HOA for the show and also understanding what podcast authority +Rob Greenlee has to say on the topic.

I'm honoured to be one of the people who will be popping in to share some thoughts.

I realise it's a late night show for those of us in Europe as it will be on at 12.30 am - but there will be a replay or of course you can listen to it through your favourite podcast app.

#podcasting #livevideo #livestream 
With the recent closing of and now the move of Hangouts On-Air away from G+ to YouTube, what's the current state of tech for podcasters who want to live-stream their recordings?
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Krishna De

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Using live video to promote your food business and recipes

Watch the live event referred to in this article at 7 pm today (2pm ET) or catch the replay at

Over the years I have seen many people and brands use live video for cooing shows.

I think the earliest person I saw and who inspired me was +Jackie M who used Google Hangouts on Air to share Asian recipes - it was a lovely reminder of my time living in Singapore. She was one of the earliest users of Hangouts on Air across the world and was an ambassador for Google in Australia as they rolled out the product.

Then there were the terrific Hangouts on Air hosted by Tesco as part of their farm to fork campaign for schools and the series of live streams that Cadbury hosted to promote new products and engage with home cooks.

I met +Chef Dennis Littley who was gracious to be a guest on my live show at the time - he was the master of the multi camera angle shoot from his kitchen.

I loved the series of shows that +Larry LIVE hosted with cooks from around the world - which is how I met +Azlin Bloor who shared lots of recipes that we tried at home.

Then there was the terrific +Donal Skehan - a firm favourite in our home and an inspiring person who started blogging and now has around 6 recipe books and a host of TV series behind him - boy does he know how to use live video including promoting his new books through using YouTube live streams, Facebook and Periscope.

Someone I got to come across last year using Periscope (and now Facebook Live) is +George Bryant who promotes paleo recipes.

If you want to know how he is using live video you can join him in conversation with +Joel Comm here - if you miss the live event there should be a replay available.

Who has inspired you to cook through the power of live video? I know watching live video with my kids has not only entertained us but educated us as a family.

#livestream #livestreaminsiders #socialvideo
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+Chef Dennis Littley
 You are very welcome
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Krishna De

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Google Hangouts on Air as we know it to close in September 2016

We have seen the closure of Blab in the last few days - now it is the turn of Google Hangouts on Air according to a post today from on the Verge - though details are in this post by Google

The Verge article says 'closing' - well in fact it is really about consolidating HOA into YouTube - in the Google article they comment:

Hangouts On Air will move from Google+ to YouTube Live on September 12. If you want to schedule new Hangouts On Air you will need to use YouTube Live. Events cannot be scheduled on Google+ after September 12 and you will need to move existing events scheduled to happen after September 12 to YouTube Live.

Unfortunately it is a little more complex than setting up a live stream with HOA as we used to be able to with events.

At least Google has given us fair warning unlike Blab with no notice to users this last weekend

Check out this comprehensive article by +Peggy K who shares support links to resources to help you navigate the changes

#livestream #livestreaminsiders #livevideo #HangoutsOnAir #RIP
Google has announced that Hangouts on Air — the live-streaming service once used by Barack Obama and Pope Francis — will be mostly discontinued next month. A new post over at Google's YouTube...
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+Niilo Alhovaara Yes that was essentially the gist from the Verge article - as I went on to mention I saw it as about consolidation and bringing things together 
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Krishna De

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Win a 360 live video Allie Camera

So you have had the idea of wanting to experiment and use 360 live streaming video and have had your eye on +ALLie Camera especially as you can live stream to YouTube in 360 degrees.

Well now you have the opportunity to win one with their new sweepstakes - enter here:

And I checked with the team who can enter - you can enter the sweepstake if you are in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Europe (other), France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.

Good luck!

‪#‎360video‬ ‪#‎Alliecamera‬ ‪#‎VR‬ ‪#‎livestream‬ ‪#‎livevideo‬ #mojo 
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You are very welcome!
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I am based in Ireland and have lived and worked in Asia, Noth America, Western Europe and Eastern Europe so have a breadth of experience of how to grow businesses internationally.

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