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How to use Periscope on your Android device

Yes Periscope is now available for you to use on your Android device.

I did a hand on run through of the app filmed using Periscope on my iPhone as a live event earier today - you can watch the replay here

Let me know if you have any questions if the video is not clear enough to support you getting used to the tool - this is an introductory orientation.

#livestreaming #Periscope #Periscopeforbusiness #Periscopeformarketing #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #Android #Periscopeupdate  
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Hey +Krishna De very helpful thank you. I am a newbie to Periscope. 
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Krishna De

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NEW FEATURE: How to add multi media to your LinkedIn publisher posts

At last we can now embed multi media into our LinkedIn posts including Tweets and YouTube videos.

I wonder if this will mean that people now start to use LinkedIn Publisher more as a blogging platform?

#LinkedIn #LinkedInforbusiness #LinkedInupdate #VisualMarketing #TalkingSocBiz

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YES!!!  finally a GOOD change on LinkedIn :))
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Krishna De

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Discovering how to post to circles, communities and contacts in the new Google Plus design

By now you have probably heard about the new design of Google Plus - if you have changed over to the new design you may, like me wonder how to do your first post.

On desk top on the bottom right of your screen you will see the icon to create the post.

After you have written your post you will need to either search for a person to post to them, or as you can see in this animated image you can search for the appropriate collection or community to post to.

Remember you can still upload photos, add links to content or include video content to help your posts stand out.

And if you are wondering where the link to Hangouts On Air have gone you will need to go to - I recommend you bookmark that link as we can no longer navigate to Hangouts from the left hand menu of Google Plus.

How do you like the new design of Google Plus? What tips do you have to share to help us get familiar with the design?

If you missed the announcement about the Google Plus redesign you can find it here h

#GooglePlus #GooglePlusUpdate #Visualmarketing #Visualcontentmarketing

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Damn. Thanks +Dustin W. Stout​ .
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Krishna De

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A new free tool to poll your Periscope live audience

So you have tried Twitter polls - well now it is time for a free tool to poll your Periscope audience.

It also lets you see all the comments in real time which is great if you want to ensure you don't miss any.

The tool is a free extension in the Chrome store called Chatterbox for Periscope.

How do you imagine using it?

#livestreaming #livestreamingtip #socialmediamarketing #livestreaminsiders #visualmarketing #Chromeextension #Periscope #Periscopeforbusiness  
Using the free Chatterbox for Periscope Chrome extension you can poll your live stream audience including and see all the comments that are posted
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Krishna De

Shared publicly  - updates on desktop released this week - helping you to be found online is where you will find my tutorials and resources on how to use to live stream for your business and organisation.

As I mentioned in an earlier post +Team Blab continue to develop their platform and no sooner than I had published my tutorial on how to use Blab on your desktop than they released some updates to their home page including a search bar, tagging for hosts to use when scheduling their live streams and an updated profile page.

This video takes you through how to make the most of the new features to imporve your online visibility on and beyond when your content is shared on social media including Twittter.

Are you using yet? Let me know your profile and the content you plan to live stream below as I would lve to follow you there.

Find me at

#Blab #livestream #learntolivestream #livestreamtutorial  
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Krishna De

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How to use the live stream platform on your desktop

If you have been hearing about the reltively new live stream platform Blab and have wondered how to navigate around the platform, this video will help get you started.

The app is continuously being developed so even since creating this video in the last day or so, there have been updates. I hope this is of assistance - you will find many familiar faces there from Google Hangouts On Air and Periscope.

In summary is a public platform where you can live stream with up to four people at the same time.

This video covers how the desk top version works - a separate video covers how the Beta iOS app works.

Do let me know if you are on Blab and I am not already following you.

#Blab #livestream #howtolivestream #livestreamtips #livestreamtraining #howtouseBlab   #visualmarketing  
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+Krishna De yes, so i see these 4 comments at g+ are NOT cross posting over to youtube, what a big shame :(  / see > (which is thios video above)..
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Krishna De

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Creating animated gif's using Tumblr

Are you using Tumblr as an outpost for your content? If so you will probably be aware than many people use it for reposting images and gif's.

Recently Tumblr introduced the ability for us to create gifs from video's and burst photos when we are posting. You can learn about this new feature in this short tutorial.

#Tumblr #Tumblrupdate #blogging #businessblogging #visualmarketing #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #contentmarketing

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Krishna De

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A Black Friday special offer on stock photography

If you are creating digital content today, you will know the importance of relevant images to encourage people to engage, interact and share your content.

I always recommend that people take their own photographs, but even then we may not have a relevant image to include in the article or post.

Yes there are some great free stock photography sites around, but you don;t want to look like your post was a 'me too' or copycat.

Today I invested in a credit pack of 100 photos from Deposit Photos

I love the fact that the credits do not expire after a certain length of time - I probably will not need 100 photos in the near future but it is good to know that I will be able to access them over time.

Before making the investment I was able to search the site to see if there were the kinds of images I would want to use in presentations and documents.

If you want to access the same deal I did you will be able to do so as part of a #Blackriday promotion - please not if you purchase through my link I will receive a credit (not cash) for the referral.

You can access the promotion here

#visualmarketingtips #premiumstockimages
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+Nicky Pasquier
Hope you enjoy using your new photo credits!
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Krishna De

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How to share a post on the newly designed Google Plus profile

If you are experimenting with the new Google Plus profile design you might be wondering what the announcement meant when it referenced it would be easier to share your content to other networks.

At the bottom of a post you will see the share icon and when you click that you have four options:

- share to Google Plus

- copy the link

- share to Facebook

- share to Twitter.

When sharing on Google Plus you will need to click at the top of the post to determine who you want to share the content with or if you want to share the content to a community.

The animated screenshots below show you the process in action.

I am demonstrating this on a post from my friend +Ronnie Bincer and thanks to +B.L. Ochman for prompting me to check out these changes as she has been exploring all the changes to Google Plus.

#GooglePlusChanges #GooglePlusUpdate #Socialmediamarketing #visualmarketingtip
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Nice demo. Mmmm has inspired me to learn how to do a gif!
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Krishna De

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New updates to Blab that you may have missed including the ability to embed a scheduled event on your website or blog

Repin the article to read later

If you have been experimenting with +Team Blab for your business live stream events, one of the things you may have wanted to be available is an official embed code to allow you to embed your scheduled event on your blog or website.

Well that is now available - yes we were previously sent the embed code for replays but there was no 'official' embed for forthcoming events.

The platform has also had a number of changes to it since my original tutorials and I highlight some of the most important updates in the article.

Are you experimenting with #Blab or are you still using Google Hangouts On Air?

#livestream #livestreaming #Blabupdates #Blab #socialmediamarketing #livestreamingtips #LiveStreamInsiders  
If you are live streaming on Blab you can now embed your scheduled episodes on your website or blog and encourage people to watch on your own platform
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+Roosevelt Gist
 I have not stopped - I have been watching and participating in the chat during number of events but my co-host has been traveling for the last 4 weeks and I have been pretty busy with work and business travel. Thanks for asking and missing me!
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Krishna De

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UK Police forces test out Blab for live streaming

Live streaming today on +Team Blab are Birmingham, Norfolk and Kingston Police forces are testing out the use of Blab to live stream.

The live stream is interesting to watch as they talk about their use of other live stream platforms including Google Hangouts On Air and Periscope.

Watch the live stream now or the replay here 

Watch the trailer for the event which gives some context thanks to +Mike Downes 

#livestreaming   #livestream   #Blab   #UK
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+Mike Downes Yes I just checked the video on YouTube and my share was not visible to me - I'll have to remember to go to comment on YT also for some videos I share!
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Krishna De

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What's in a name? The renaming of Google Inc to Alphabet Inc

You have no doubt read the details of the restructuring of Google Inc - more information here

What caught my attention today was the renaming of the business and what the name Alphabet was chosen.

And I love the url - how inspired!

I am looking forward to watching what will be next from Alphabet Inc.

#Google #GoogleInc #AlphabetInc #Googleupdate #Googlenews #news  
Google suprises investors and consumers with the re-structuring of Google In and the rebranding to become Alphabet Inc and refocusing the Google business
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Strategies, technologies and advice about visual marketing and digital communications for business

I'm passionate about guiding businesses in how to build visibility and reputation by integrating content marketing and digital marketing into their communications and engagement programmes.

My breadth of global experience having held positions on the board of some of the worlds biggest brands places me in a unique position to help you in achieving your strategic goals.

I am based in Ireland and have lived and worked in Asia, Noth America, Western Europe and Eastern Europe so have a breadth of experience of how to grow businesses internationally.

I am fortunate to have been invited as a key note speaker at conferences across Europe so please do connect if you are looking for an engaging speaker or MC for your next event.

Here are some of the ways I can support you:

Digital Marketing Strategy and Mentoring - I work with my clients and their digital agencies behind the scenes helping them understand how to develop a winning plan for integrating their inbound marketing

Social Media Training and Consulting - you don't need a social media strategy - what you need is an effective social media plan to help you deliver your business goals. From helping you develop your social media policy through to running workshops I can help you develop your plan to profit with social media communications

All my programmes are customised for your audience be that your board and executive team or your customer services representatives.

Platforms covered in the social media workshops include include blogging, multimedia content from podcasts to wevbinars and online video to hangouts, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare, Twitter, YouTube and Vine

Social Media Compliance  Advice and Education - across the topics of social media policies, online reputation, crisis management, influencer marketing, and content marketing.

Integrating Google Hangouts Into Your Communications Plan - if you are considering using Google Hangouts for your internal employee engagement programmes of for visibility, marketing, lead generation and customer support I provide guidance, training and mentoring for Google Hangouts for business covering your content plan, communications plan and can act as a producer for your shows.

I also provide support through Google Helpouts for businesses looking to use Hangouts On Air.

Personal Branding For Career Success - since 2005 I have worked with individuals and organisations to help professionals build their visibility and reputation both online and offline. If you want to differentiate yourself, contact me to find how we can work together to support your career goals by developing your Personal Brand Communications Plan.

As A Speaker, MC or Facilitator For Your Conference Or Event - as an event organiser I know you need a speaker that can inspire, entertain and educate your audience. I have spoken at conferences with over 1000 attendes and facilitated and acted as an MC for many events. I understand the challenges you face as I too have organised international conferences.

I would be delighted to speak with you about your forthcoming conference speaker requirements. I am also a full Member of the Professional Spearkers Association in the UK and Ireland.


► Find my contact details here.


You'll want to put me in circles that relate to

- Google Plus tips

- Digital marketing

- Social media marketing

- Visual marketing

- Marketing and communications

- Personal branding


- Digital communications and social media articles I have authored
- Resources to help you be more effective with your integrated marketing

- Recommended Google Hangouts - sometimes hosted by me or others that I think my network will be interested to hear about (mostly these are related to business communications)

- Occasional recipes from me Cooking With Kids series where myself and my kids test recipes and at the same time we are developing skills they will be able to use for the rest of their lives

- From time to time I will share content not related to business, but this will be related to supporting people in my network I know, trust and like!


► I was the first female and youngest person to join the Board of Guinness in Ireland

► I was the co-founder and Chair of the Association for Coaches in Ireland

► I was appointed an Ambassador for Female Entrepreneurship in Ireland for the EU

► In 2005 I became one of the first ever Certified Personal Branding Strategists in the World. I have been training people in social media marketing since 2005.

► I created the curriculum for Social Media programmes run by the Irish Times, the Irish Internet Association, the PRII and the Digital Marketiing Institute.
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