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Social business and live video strategist, keynote speaker and educator
Social business and live video strategist, keynote speaker and educator

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NEW: How To Live Stream - learn with Live Stream News

Find all the episodes of "Live Stream News" at

Are you interested in learning about the latest live stream news and tips that can help you in terms of your marketing, social selling, employee engagement or even crisis management programmes?

Then check out "Live Stream News" which you'll find on the Amazon Alexa app, or of course on the Amazon store.

You'll find it in the UK, US, Australian Canadian, and Indian Alexa app stores.

I do hope that you'll subscribe to "Live Stream News" in the Alexa app or on the Amazon website and look for Alexis Skills - there you'll find "Live Stream News".

And don't worry if you don't have an Alexa enable device, you can find the archive of all the episodes at

All episodes are under 5 minutes so these really are the 'cliff notes' to keep you up to speed with live stream best practice that you can implement in your organisation.

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How To Augment Your Live Stream With Messenger Bots - one of the topics I covered in the Live Stream Insiders Show on 15 July 2018

Find the resources referred to in the show and additional live video news articles and tutorials here


- we cover the IAB live video research - did you know 47% of live streaming video viewers worldwide are streaming more live video compared with a year ago;

- I shared the different ways you can augment your live stream production with chatbots to support your live video goals;

- Peter outlined a case study of how one local news organisation in the US is using live video for hyperlocal news;

- I talked about an interesting copyright case of mistaken identity by YouTube and also the details of the new YouTube Copyright Match tool, including what it means for live streamers re-purposing content to YouTube;

- you will also learn about a new live video mobile app that will be rewarding players with gift cards that can be spent with major retailers.

Find more live stream tutorials can be found at

Let me know if you have questions about any of the topics I cover.

#LiveStreamInsiders #FacebookLive #socialvideo #socialmedia #mojo #livevideo #socialmediamarketing #Livetream #LiveStreamNews #videomarketing #YouTubeCopyright
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The Twitch streamers who spend years broadcasting to no one

I am sure the same can be said for YouTube and Facebook and Instagram too. Though if you have a network on Instagram and Facebook already and you stream from your profile it is often easier to find your audience.

This is an interesting read and I don't mind admitting that I've streamed live and hosted webinars when no one attended live - but it is all good practice and you can hone your skills plus create content you can repurpose or make your live content available for replay!

The article goes on to say:

"With the push of a button on your game console or phone, you can share whatever you’re doing at that exact moment with friends and strangers alike. The rise of popular (and profitable) influencers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch has also made the idea of being an online influencer aspirational. Some parents note that their children pretend to unbox toys to a nonexistent audience, and teachers report that their students often say they want to pursue YouTubing as a career."

"Starting a career on platforms like Twitch often means spending some time broadcasting to absolutely no one. Discoverability is an issue."

Have you ever live streamed when no one else joined you? What did you do?

#livevideo #livestream #socialvideo
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Showdown Live - create and play live streaming trivia games on your mobile - launching 31 July 2018

Note when I created this gif it was initially due to be available on 24 July 2018.

Now in private beta on iOS and Android.

You earn points based on how fast you answer a question correctly, not just that you got it right

Instead of winning a cash prize, Showdown pays out coins for various actions inside the app which can be redeemed for $25 gift cards at popular stores. This gives users a better chance to walk away with a prize even if they don't win all the games they play.

I was guessing this is going to be initially for the US market as they mention Bestbuy and Walmart alongside Amazon and Starbucks as places you will be able to redeem your vouchers. However the website says "Currently Available in the United States, Canada and Australia".

Learn more at

#livevideo #mobileapps #LiveStreamNews

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Facebook Brand Collabs Manager Tool

You may be aware that Facebook announced they were introducing a Brand Collabs Manager tool.

Brand Collabs Manager is currently available to limited brands and creators focusing on the U.S. If you're interested in gaining access, add your email to the waitlist.

If you are a brand they comment you will be able to:

Reach Your Target Audience
See how closely each creator's audience matches yours based on criteria like interests, gender, age range

Discover Fresh Talent
Explore up-and-coming creators with follower counts ranging from 25,000 to 8 million

See Brands Creators Have Worked With
Browse creators' history of branded content posts on Facebook and view a list of past business partners

If you are a creator you will be able to:

Showcase Your Best Original Content
Brand Collabs Manager automatically displays your audience insights, performance data and past brand partnerships

Quickly Customize a Portfolio
Take a few minutes to highlight the info brands need to know about you

Show Brands You're Interested
Use your Page to like a brand's Page and appear on their suggested list of creators.

Register to be part of the programme here:

#influcnermarketing #Facebookmarketing
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Using page speed in mobile search ranking - on 9 July 2018 Google announces the Speed Update is now rolling out for all users in an update to their original post

Read more in this article where it also lists resources you can use to check your page speed performance.

#searchmarketing #digitalmarketing #mobilemarketing
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How To Use The Facebook Ads Transparency Tool For Pages - - one of the topics discussed on the Live Stream Insiders show on 8 July 2018

Find the resources referred to in the show here


- The news of a new patent from Facebook and asks is Facebook going to offer an integrated teleprompter for Facebook Live?

- The announcement from L’Oréal that they will be introducing AR-enabled live-streamed digital beauty assistants

- Are you repurposing your video live streams as audio podcasts? Subscribe to Live Stream Insiders as an audio podcast

- Two examples of how your radio station could use Facebook Live for a treasure-hunt to engage with your listeners

- The new Facebook Ads Transparency for Pages

- Two examples of how public sector organisations can integrate live video to engage with their audiences.

More live stream tutorials can be found at

#LiveStreamNews #LiveStreamInsiders #livevideo #videomarketing #socialvideo #livestream #socialmedia #contentmarketing #FacebookLive #FacebookMarketing
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Watch the Marketing Innovations Keynote Live - 10 July 2018 12pm ET (5 pm UK and Ireland)

Read the associated article Introducing simpler brands and solutions for advertisers and publishers
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Warfare Plugins 4th of July sale - 30% off all purchases through to 5 July

Learn about the plugin here

I'm fortunate to be an early adopter of Social Warfare the social sharing plugin for WordPress so I got an incredible deal at the time.

I know it is a little more expensive than other plugins but it means you have features such as having a different image for sharing to social sites (such as being able to add your brand identity to it) versus what will show on your blog post on your site. This is something that major publishers do all the time.

If you have been putting off purchasing Social Warfare for your site or want to add an additional licence they have a sale on for the 4th of July which gives 30% off any purchase.

Find the details of the plugin here

Note: If you purchase through this link I will get a small referral fee for having shared about the plugin - but you can be assured this is a tool I use and have done so since the early days of it being launched.

#socialmediamarketing #WordPressPlugin #socialsharing #ad
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Instagram launches live video chat in Instagram Direct - one of the topics discussed on the Live Stream Insiders show on 1 July 2018

Resources for the show can be found here

Turn up your audio to learn about the topics covered on the show:

- On this episode Peter covers the news that Twitter has closed the live video unit merging it under content partnerships;

- Krishna talks through how to use the new group live video chat on Instagram Direct;

- Peter covers the new Vimeo Producer and Vimeo Premium plans that provide access to graphics and simulcasting within the Mevo app;

- He also mentions a new iOS app that allows you to stream to multiple social platforms from your iPhone;

- Krishna shares how you can discover gaming streamers using HiddenStream.Live;

- And she shares a tip in terms of live streaming during emergencies and crises in remote locations that is especially relevant for news and media organisations.

More live stream tutorials can be found at

#LiveStreamInsiders #FacebookLive #socialvideo #socialmedia #mojo #livevideo #socialmediamarketing #Livetream #LiveStreamNews #videomarketing #InstagramUpdate
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