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Social media guidance for CEO's to enhance your online visibility, reputation and profits
Social media guidance for CEO's to enhance your online visibility, reputation and profits
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Curate content on Google Plus with the new Collections feature

If you content on your Google Plus page or profile that you would like to curate to refer people back to for example expert tips on a specific topic or a series of Hangouts On Air, it is now possible to do so with the new Collections feature.

You will find this on the desktop on the left navigation and it is available for Profiles and Pages.

The Android app also allows you create Collections - however it is not a feature available at the moment for iOS apps.

You make the content available for people toview publically or you could make it available to your Circles or only to you.

There are a number of image templates you can use or you can upload your own image - see one I curated here about using Meerkat and Periscope for business

To learn more about Collections you can read this article

And you can learn about editing and deleting a collection here

How do you plan to use Google Collections to curate topics for your Page or Profile?

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Using a Hangout On Air to promote your forthcoming event

As part of my ongoing curation of examples of how organisations use Hangouts On Air to promote events and as part of their marketing communications, here is a recent example of how AMC hosted a Hangout On Air to promote the forthcoming series of The Walking Dead.

You can find the HOA event page here

What ideas does this give you for hosting Hangouts On Air to promote your events?

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Great tips for your lighting setup for your webinars, Hangouts On Air and video production

Re-pin on Pinterest to review later

If you are working on producing video content on a budget then one of the important things to get right is your lighting.

I know the best video content I produced last year was in natural light, but I do not have that luxury when it comes to where I manage my HOA's and webinars from as there is very little space and hardly any natural light.

So  I have been experimenting with lighting and backdrops and I think I have just found a little trick that might make it more effective - check the diagram of the lighting set up in this article by +Wistia for tips you can put to use.

This article provides lots of helpful tips to help you improve your lighting in your small studio.

#hoa #hangouts #hangoutsonair #webinars #onlinevideo  

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New Self Study Programme For Google Hangouts On Air

If you have been considering using Google Hangouts On Air but are not sure how to get started there are lots of articles you can refer to and you might even have watched my series of Hangouts on Air or read the case studies I have published. (See some of them here

But it can be overwhelming.

So if you are looking for a trusted resource and a self study programme here is a new resource for you from +Ronnie Bincer

I highly recommend his content and over the last year plus I have had the opportunity to get to know Ronnie personally, testng HOA features, collaborating on mobile Hangouts and he has even been a guest on one of my shows in 2014.

The programme launched yesterday and for the launch period (sorry I am not sure how long this is) there is a discounted price for this nine module course.

There are also some free modules on the site that you can check out:

New account set up for Hangouts and Hangouts on Air

Mistakes to avoid when hosting Hangouts on Air

So if 2015 is the year of delivering Hangouts on Air I recommend you check out this new programme.

#hoa #hangoutsonair #allabouthangouts #hangoutstraining #hangoutsforbusiness

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Social media monitoring and online reputation in the movie business

An interesting article was published by the +The New York Times exploring how movie studio marketers are using “social listening”

These organisations are using content from social networks including Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and movie blogs to explore the size and sentiment of the online conversation - both organic and content resulting from the movie studios own promotion.

And they can also monitor social media versus the competitors.

I always recommend starting with social media monitiring before you launch a new product so it is interesting to read how this is being used by entertainment companies to track the online mentions of their forthcoming movies.

#socialmediamonitoring #sociallistening #socialmedia #smm #socialmediamarketing #onlinereputation #onlinereputationmanagement

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Five best practice tips for Pinterest marketing success

Join the live event on Google Plus here:

Watch the event on your mobile device on YouTube here:

Make sure that you get your Pinterest marketing plan in shape for the Holidays - join me and +Melissa Megginson Marketing Manager of +Tailwind as we cover tips to help you be more successful with your Pinterest marketing.

Remember you can also leave comments on the event page and we will look to address as many as possible in the live event.

#hoa #visualcontentmarketing #visualcontentmarketingshow #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #socialnetworking #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbusiness  

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Using Google Hangouts On Air To Promote And Market The Interstellar Movie

Read the article

He is a good example of using the Google Hangouts On Air Showcase app as part of a promotion for a movie - with the calls  to action including to buy tickets to the movie and to purchase the book based on the film.

The #interstellarhangout took place yesterday but you can watch the replay.

What ideas does this give you for hosting Hangouts On Air to promote your event or publication?

#hoa #HangoutsOnAir #Hangoutsforbusiness #Hangoutsformarketing #thehangoutsherpa #thehangoutmentor #marketingwithhangouts  

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LIVE EVENT TODAY - How University College Dublin Uses Google Hangouts On Air To Promote Their Programmes

Important Links

Watch on the event page:

Watch on YouTube:

The accompanying article:

Check your timezone:

Yes it may be a public holiday in Ireland, but that does not stop the Visual Content Markeitng show! We will be live on air at 6 pm today and I am delighted that a member of the Graduate Studies team from +UCD Graduate Studies will be joining me to discuss how they use Google Hangouts On Air as part of their communications programme.

If you are not able to join me live, remember to click 'Maybe' and you will be able to access the archived recording in your 'Events' tab.

#hoa #thevisualcontentmarketingshow #contentmarketing #marketingwithhangouts #hangoutsforeducation #universitycollegedublin #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing  

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Tiffany And Co explore social commerce in their first Hangout On Air

As part of my series of article about how organisations are using Google Hangouts on Air it was good to see that +Tiffany & Co. hosted their first Hangout On Air this week featuring their T collection.

They used the Showcase App to share links to their online store.

I know many people used to watching HOA's on Google Plus event pages dislike the feature of the Showcase app for reasons of useability - however it is a great resource to highlight content that you want to feature.

Do you use the Showcase App in your HOA's?

For more case studies of organisationsusing Google Hangouts On Air see my articles here

#ShopTheHangout #tiffanyandco #HOA #Hangouts #Hangoutsforbusiness #Hangoutsformarketing #marketingwithhangouts #thehangoutsherpa #thehangoutmentor  

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The case study of the Toyota US Collaborator App and the use of Plus Post Ads to extend reach and engagement

If you have been using Google Hangouts for some time you will remember the development of the +Toyota USA Collaborator app which enables people to design their own Corolla 2014 with friends during a Hangout.

Google have now published their case study of how Toyota (like +Cadbury ) have used Plus Post Ads to entend the reach and engagement of their content.

It's an interesting case study if you want to market to millenials and increase engagement.

I have added this to my collection of Hangouts case studies and you can read my write up in the article below.

Find the article at

Save to Pinterest to read later

Have you tested plus post ads yet? In the article I also direct you to a previous Visual Content Marketing Show where we discussed a UK small business case study of using the new ad format.

H/T to +JEM 9 Digital Marketing Consultancy for pointing me to the case study.

#toyota #toyotacollaborator #hangoutsforbusiness #hangoutsformarketing #marketingwithhangouts #thevisualcontentmarketingshow #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #casestudy  
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