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What do you love about the gym this time of year? (16 Photos)

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Krishan Kumar

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YOSEMIT NATIONAL PARK, USA..............................!

.......................An Extraordinary View.......................
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Krishan Kumar

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Krishan Kumar

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Krishan Kumar

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Friends, I'm just about to leave for Cathedral Provincial Park and Protected Area in Southern British Columbia, Canada. I will be guests of the Cathedral Lakes Lodge​ and will be blogging and taking photos of what I'm told by many people is a magnificent and beautiful part of the World.
I want to thank you all because without your support to my website and my social media platforms, this opportunity would have never existed. I wish I could take you all with me 😄

I will have limited coverage but will try to keep up here the best I can.
Take care and have a fun and safe weekend! 😄

For more information about Cathedral Lakes Lodge, please check out their website:

Photo is property of the Cathedral Lakes Lodge, used with permission. In the photo is Erin Trainer standing on top of The Boxcar and I should be on the ridge across the way sometime tomorrow 😄

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Krishan Kumar

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Perfect Day In Sea City

It was one of those scenes you just wish you had a camera on you.
Surprisingly I did :)

Instagram version:

Notice how the gull adds a bit of dynamism and life into the otherwise very peaceful scene. And how the clouds formed my signature... I'm telling you, a perfect day!

A bit of history about this place
It doesn't exist any more. It got renovated. New, bigger pier got built there. Plus a promenade. The boat got moved some place else. I'm glad I was there to capture one of its final moments in all its beauty and I'm happy I can share it with you.

We build new things. Better things. In place of old and not anymore useful ones. That's a natural order. One that we should embrace. But it's also nice to remember beauty that previously was. And appreciate it.

Photos are a good medium for that.

Available in print:
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Krishan Kumar

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Dol Gurdur - Photography by +Stefan HEFELE "Dol Guldur" - Hautes Alpes - France. Where the forests are shady and light shines always gloomy, Dol Guldur exists. Surrounded by bizarre landscapes there wafts a constantly air of mysticism around the majestically rocks. - Stefan HEFELE

#mountains #creek #alps

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Krishan Kumar

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Shifen Waterfall is a waterfall located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, it is part of the Keelung River.

‘Shifen Waterfall’ is also known as ‘Taiwan’s Niagara Falls’, ‘Little Niagara’ and ‘Rainbow Pond’, while ‘Shífēn’ means ‘very’ or ‘fully’.

**Shifen Waterfall is the widest waterfall found in Taiwan, and it spans a distance of approximately 40 metres (131 feet).

**The water of the fall runs down rocks that are spread in a horseshoe shape, that are found in a picturesque setting.

**Shifen Waterfall reaches heights of 15 to 20 metres (49 to 66 feet).

**Shifen Waterfall can be reached from a 15 to 20 minute trail, although a much longer track is available, and it can take as long as three or four hours to complete.

**Shifen Waterfall is located in a privately owned area and is surrounded by lush nature, as well as bridges, camping spots and rest areas.
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Krishan Kumar

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Sunset at Garrapata State Park Beach (California)
Check how photo looked straight from the camera, how it was taken and processed:

HDR Processed: Lightroom, HDR Expose 3, Photoshop
Bracketing: 5 shots (-2; -1; 0, +1; +2) 
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Krishan Kumar

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DAWN ...
happy friday, enjoy the weekend :)


weil das licht des himmels die göttliche weisheit ist, so werden im licht des himmels auch alle erkannt, wie sie beschaffen sind; das innere eines jeden liegt dort offen zutage in seinem gesicht, ganz wie es ist, und nicht das geringste bleibt verborgen!        
                                                              < emanuel swedenborg >

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#photomaniagermany  by +Sandra Deichmann +Markus Landsmann +Nico Kaiser  and myself ...
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Gracias Cathy...

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Krishan Kumar

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Minoo waterfall Osaka...............@Marco Gaiotti
Minoo waterfall in Osaka, Japan
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