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Good quote from one of my favorite authors

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One of the highlights of my recent vacation was getting to visit Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, Indiana. If you are aren't familiar, this is the site where the move "Hoosiers" was filmed. 

For someone who loves Basketball as deeply as I do, this was truly a bucket list item. 
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The Atlanta Hawks reportedly got in an early meeting with free agent Luol Deng as head coach Mike Budenholzer was slated to speak with him Thursday night. 

Deng is currently still in Europe and won't be ready for face-to-face meetings until sometime next week. 

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The +Atlanta Hawks have also been in contact with Los Angeles Lakers' free agent Nick Young. Plenty of rumors flying as the NBA's silly season is underway. #NBA  

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Once the big dominoes fall everyone else will fall in behind

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“Phil Jackson is trying to change the Knicks culture in basketball operations top to bottom.” via +ProBasketballTalk 

Lots of talk these days about a basketball team's culture. What do you think a team's culture actually is?

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I got an HP Chromebook 14 today and I must say that I am impressed so far. This is my first chromebook since the original CR-48. Things sure have come a long long way since then. 

I initially wanted a pixel but couldn't justify the price. I thought about holding out for a 4GB version but this one seems snappy enough plus I really like the big screen. 

Anyone have any issues with their HP 14? 

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Many more views of my profile than I was expecting to see. 
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