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+Steve Gill +Ger Hughes +Beverly Cash - What was I only saying the other day about Android-powered DSLR's... I did say it, I didnt dream it right...? ;o)
Back in January, Polaroid unveiled its SC1630 Smart Camera that's powered with Google's Android operating system. Now, more manufacturers may be gearing up to have the popular smartphone OS built into...
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Well on the plus side, yeah more software and hardware options. But I agree with the last sentence... it could be a bit of a disaster too when what you really want out of a DSLR is absolute reliability... (and absolute maximum battery life which this may do away with)

Save all the fancy stuff for when you get back to the studio! :)
Ideally I suppose you would want the camera and Android to also run independently. Use it when needed, So you could still power on the camera to fire some quick shots without waiting for Android to boot up etc. But the sharing potentials and connectivity would increase massively with an Android powered, DLNA enabled camera :o)
Can see it becoming popular on bridge cameras for a start....
hahaha! yes you did...heard it myself! you gamble much kris!? lol
+Kris Williams the Mystic Man! On the beach at Llanddwyn I thought you were cleaning your lens, you were obviously rubbing your crystal ball!
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