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Experienced, Professional Genealogist


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AncestryDNA Canada Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale
AncestryDNA is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale, time to stock up on kits!  

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Transferring your 23andMe or AncestryDNA data to FTDNA
First, you need to download your DNA file from AncestryDNA or 23andMe.   Then, simply click here  and follow the directions to upload your file to FTDNA.  You will now see all your FTDNA matches.  If you wish to access the chromosome browser, and the ethnic...

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How to help me to help you, or how you can help me....
Several times a day I have people ask me the same questions.  Often, they are people who ask me for help or who I have offered to help with solving a mystery with DNA.  Sometimes they are people I have approached asking them to help me with solving a myster...

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Gedmatch now links to WikiTree
Not exactly new, as this has been in place for months, but I am just getting to this now.  I do have some entries at WikiTree although I use more.  I can see I need to add some Gedmatch numbers for some kits I manage.  I just did this, and if you h...

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AncestryDNA is giving great new matches with amazing frequency!
I now have one 2nd cousin, three 3rd cousins , and two new matches at the top of my 4th cousins.  My list of 4th cousins or closer is now 191, and it goes up almost every day! (In fact, while I was writing this my list of 4th cousins or closer went up to 19...

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New AncestryDNA match and I passed 5000 profiles at Geni !!!
I was excited to see I have a new AncestryDNA match at the very top of my 4th Cousins list.  It has been awhile since I've posted, so I thought I'd write a bit about that match today. They have a short tree (out to their grandparents) and it took me a bit o...

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Sandra's top Geni DNA match - Odd Wiking R
Since there is no way to sort according to best matches, I am going by the oldest matches first.   Odd Wiking R is according to Geni Sandra's 25th cousin. It is not a large overlap.  He is a match from FTDNA according to my GMP file. He appears to be a pate...

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Sandra's 2nd top Gedmatch match
Her top match is Andrew K, which has already been covered. Her second top match is Alisonn. They match in segments of chromosomes 3, 16 and 20. They tested at AncestryDNA.  Some day soon I really need to get at least my half siblings tested at AncestryDNA (...

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Sandra's top FTDNA match - Linton G.
This match matches Sandra in a segment of chromosome 10.  I believe this is a paternal match for Sandra, since they do not also match maternal relatives who do match Sandra in this segment. I sent an email and also emails to some nearby segments I also beli...

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Mary Jane Tucker
Mary Jane Tucker married Martin Whiteway. Their children included: Nehemiah Henry Whiteway Update on Jan 1, 2017 I was working on a theory as to the parents of Mary Jane Tucker. One possibility was George Henry Tucker and Mary Ann Leith. There is a birth re...
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