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And it...
turns the lights on?
Seriously, can you give us a hint, as I am sure it's controlling something but I can't work it out (between doorbell and nuclear power station)? Thanks.
I see the raspberry pi. along with everything else known to man.
There is just something Middle Earth about all of this to me. I mean the one tower to cool them. It just strikes me as being Barad-dûr, for some strange reason.
It looks like a beast of a machine. But what exactly is it? What does it do, is used for?

From what I can see there's at least 2 or 3 pc motherboards networked together all their USB ports seem to be used.
Let's see, he was, at 1 point, working on a robotic snowblower. That's not it(I think). I remember he had wifi issues, maybe that's it :)
Ulta-super internet onnection.
Hehehehehe - these are great comments, thanks!! :)  I'll be showing how it works tonight at 9:30PM EDT on Adafruit's show and tell, but a brief summary is this:
The goal of the rig is really quite simple: provide all of the computing power and functionality that I need in my office, but without the horrid noise that these systems make when in their "normal" (cased) configuration that you would buy at a store.
Based on my experiences with these kinds of systems, serviceability was important as I'm also sick and tired of twirling screwdrivers and pulling massive metal cases off things, and torquing my wrists to install/augment my computers in their "normal" cases.
The result is shown, and less impressive than some of the comments, but the hardware your seeing is:
Gaming Windows 7 PC (top-left), RedHat Linux 6.2 Server (top-right), Cisco 2924 Ethernet switch (bottom-left) and a Cisco 3640 Router (bottom-right). The 4 systems are cooled by 3 Zalman Reserator 1 water towers which I customized and even created some new water-heads to cool the networking gear, and the water hoses and cabling are done in such a way that I can extend the bottom "flap" with the Router and Switch on it, or either Computer on top without the hoses or cabling getting pinched. 
The system met all my expectations - it is completely Silent - and monitored and power-controlled by an Arduino Mega micro-controller and lots of Adafruit Industries components. :) (the coolest part!)
I LOVE the "One Tower to Rule Them All" comment!! :D lol!   Quite honestly, that was an accident of the design, as I had to cluster the water towers in the middle in order for the server/computer flaps to work right. 
Jim Sky
You obviously don't need an rf quiet environment.
+Michael Sollich Good quesitons. :) The  gaming PC is pretty tops; Intel Core-i7 3770K, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H MB, Gigabyte GV-N77OC Video card, 32G DDR3 Ram, and Intel SSDs.  The Server is about two years off the high-end, but still uses SSDs and has a Blue Cherry 16 port video capture card for the cameras. The switch is 10/100 ethernet and the router as 6 100 MB/s ports and is configured with IGRP and OSPF for the networks. 
Ugliness has no bearing in my system design, you could tell me that it looks like something you would see in a D4-Class Klingon vessel and I wouldn't be offended. :)
More costly? Well, No!  I got the Cisco 2924 switch and Cisco 3630 router from E-Waste Harvesters for less than $100 bucks. ;) I had to wait for the right ones to come through the pipe, but I would bet you that I spent less than 1/3 if what it would cost to buy this stuff new/boxed. 
+Jim Sky Nope!  Actually the WiFi network is really good, but beyond that your right, I don't see the harm - though if I'm wrong about that, it might be cool to make little metal cages out of screen for parts =)
+Kris Kortright
I would think a traditional rack, or a custom cage might be the way to go with all of that hardware. What you're doing now is interesting, but somehow it doesn't strike me as being particularly together really.
+Michael Sollich Gaming is only one thing I use it for, the server is used for alot of things, including my Son's Minecraft server. :) 
Because I live out in the boonies and can't get real broadband, I use the Cisco 3640 to route packets from different services to either our DSL or our Satellite links, as well as some custom Firewalls that I do for specific reasons (the server has it's own port on the router). This also allows me to isolate the RiderNet WiFi network for the farm from our house networks. The Cisco 2924 does it's job well, and is used for all of the house connections, and has its own port on the router so again I can do some firewall things that give me greater security. 
I didn't mean for this to be some kind of advertisement or anything, I'm not endorsing everyone run out and build these by any means. I think it's very much together, and gives me not only a quiet experience in my office, but leaves me with tons of desk space to work with, and is easy to maintenance and augment. :)  It's something that works for me, and as I havn't posted about the things that I make for a long time now, so I figured this was one to post given I'm going to show it tonight.
I think I'd have way more fun just building this machine than any game that I could play on it! So cool...
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