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I wish I had the cash for a Replicator 2X!  I made massive progress on  RiderScan over my vacation, and did very little else hobby wise as I got sick. Of course, right at the end of my vacation last night, I think I cooked another MightyBoard on my MakerBot. :/
It's not MakerBot's fault, I'm just driving my printer like a 4WD truck in the mud. :D I'll have to call today to order a new one - Zap! 
The only Good news is that I got the major components 3D printed for all 4 of the RiderScan units, so now it's down to assembly (which I spent gobs of time on, so many wires!!). I'll upload a full album in a few days when the completed first unit rolls off the assembly-desk. :)
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Looks so nice & clean... well done :D

How does the MightyBoard get cooked? If you run it continuously? :( (Also what temp are you using?)
Thanks!! :) My mighty boards either die from static electric shock or from overheating (as I covered the printer with a blanket to prevent drafts, but it got too hot. I'm thinking it may actually just be a frayed thermister, I'll try and fix it later today. :)
Can you place the control board outside of the blanket-enclosed area?  Maybe you could ass some VS1053s to Riderscan to send an MP3 to let a rider know verbally they have done something right?  Talking tack?  Tack talk back? :)
Hehehe nice. ;)
I didn't have that part covered up, the bottom had open-air. I think it's the LCD panel, it goes dark within minutes of turning it on, and is the only Major electronic part that I havn't had to replace yet (and I know I've static shocked at least one migthyboard to death by accidentally touching the back of the LCD panel when I was gripping the front of the unit to pull a freshly printed model off the platform - so it would make sense - well see!). I'll upload pics of a completed unit tonight.
+Kris Kortright Oooh! I had a problem once with the LCD going crazy... With the bot off- Unplugging and plugging in the wire behind the HBP fixed it. Probably wont help, but worth a shot?
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