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Computer geek laundry rags!
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Best birthday gift ever!
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Hello!  I'm in West Michigan and I use IITC.
We have a very active player who keeps telling everyone "if you run IITC don't come to the anomaly in Detroit."

Seriously itc
Till you all delete that garbage no help
Starting a live you guys a rouge and will be banned soon so no further com needed
Starting alive you guys*
Iitc it's illegal
I've stated it once or every
If you run iitc please don't come to the anomaly
You won't be added to a team
I've asked people think it's a joke
------------- -------------
They audit accounts within the state and you guys use it and have it installed . Abd cost the team the anomaly hrll will be paid
I'm ask ing nicely
Delete the apk
Seriously guys iitc needs to go

He claims Niantic will disqualify the entire Resistance Team at the Anomaly in Detroit if they catch wind of anyone using IITC.

Is there ANYTHING to substantiate his claims?  I can't find anything.


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I hope you all are OK after last night's storm!

Update from Sheriff Dept Emergency Managment:
Here is the latest information regarding last night’s storm:

 The Calhoun County EOC has been partially activated.
 Damage Assessment teams are processing information.
 Approximately 25,000 without power in Calhoun County.
 Power restoration is expected by tomorrow night.
 No reports of serious injuries or fatalities.
 Please remember to watch out for downed power lines.
 Many roads are still in the process of being cleared.
 Please Drive Safely.

If there is further pertinent information with regards to this event, I will send an email update.

Durk L. Dunham - Director
Calhoun County Sheriff's Office
Emergency Management Division
Board Chair – 5th District EMHSD
161 East Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49014
Office: 269-969-6430
Mobile: 269-317-7718
Fax: 269-969-6428

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday & have a fun safe Memorial Day weekend!

I took Bailey Park last night - thank goodness for snow tires!  :)
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