Dear all,

Stefan previously mentioned on the forum the possibility of a reunion/trip/conference in Warsaw this September and many members responded with interest in joining us.

There will be more detail to follow but thus far we are very excited to announce a 
"Gathering of the Generations" 
18th-19th September 2014 at the Senate in Warsaw.

We will start with a reception at the Senate on the evening of the 17th September, following the 75th year commemoration of the Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland in Warsaw at the Deportation Monument.

The Senate has very kindly offered to host us and the Katyn Museum (in the Polish Army Museum) in Warsaw has also offered to host a "Katyn" session (film screening of "The Officer's Wife", discussion, tour) at their premises. 

As yet we have no funding for this so whilst we would love to see as many members, friends, family, Sybiraks, veterans and associates as possible please note that we will also be self-funding travel and expenses. 

Our acting manager in Warsaw, Paulina Kasprowicz, will be helping to organise this gathering. Some of the program items that we are looking at include film screenings (Once my mother, The Officer's Wife), a Katyn session, hopefully a concert by Katy Carr, academic programme put together by Dr Agata Blaszczyk (UK), fundraising for KS, Sybirak stories and discussions, a guide to researching this history, a high profile key-note speaker, training session on interviewing survivors, launching Wolyn Ghost Villages Project and Polish Navy exhibition. Including all our members we will be inviting all of the wonderful people and associations with whom we collaborate - such as OROK, ZOS (Osadnicy), our academic advisors, religious representatives, Katyn Museum, Senate staff, MSZ/consular staff, IPN, Educators, "Kresy" societies and organisations, genealogists, Warsaw museum staff (such as Museum of Polish History), UDSKIOR, Sybirak associations throughout Poland....

We will also include the option of a tour of Warsaw by Boutique B&B guide Monika, visits to the Deportation Monument, the Polish Field Army Cathedral (Katyn memorial and plaques), Monte Cassino Monument, the Warsaw Uprising Monument and Museum etc. 

Regarding accommodation we have received this offer from our friend and original Kresy-Siberia member Jarek Chołodecki of the Boutique B&B, Smolna 14 - a wonderful bed & breakfast in a pre-WW2 apartment building just moments from Nowy Swiat:

"September is the month of our best occupancy and rates go up to 390 PLN. For regular guests, we offer rooms for 320 PLN. Of course, due to the long knowledge specifically for the Foundation we can offer 300 PLN per night."

The rate of 300PLN per night is a room rate so includes two people (queen or twin share) and also includes a wonderful organic breakfast around a communal table every morning. 

Here is the direct link to the Boutique B&B

And here is the link to the reviews on Trip Advisor (Travellers Choice 2014 Winner, Ranked No 2 of 55 Inns and B&Bs in Warsaw)

So I will send more details as we get organised. The week prior is the March of the Sybiraks in Białystok (which Stefan, Irena Lowe and Aneta Hoffmann and I attended last year). If the situation in the Ukraine is safe, some of us may also go onto Lwow/Krzemieniec following the gathering.

In the meantime if you would like to join us and if you would like to stay at the Boutique B&B please advise me directly.

Lastly, if anybody can volunteer to help organise this gathering in anyway... please let me know!

We hope to see you there,

Best regards
Anna Pacewicz
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