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Need Visitor Feedback? Don't use a poll use a bot...

If you're an affiliate, blogger or if you sell your own products online, listen up because this will show you how to get all the valuable feedback you need from visitors and how to instantly turn that feedback into revenue and money in the bank!

How does it work?

Simply train your bot to ask an opening question (the bot's greeting message) like this:

"Thanks for visiting, what topics should I write more about on my blog?"


"What other types of products would you like me to review for you?"

However your visitor responds, their answer will be saved to your dashboard as an "unanswered" question - For you that's INSTANT MARKET RESEARCH!

To complete the bot's set-up you simply set a fallback reply (the response your bot gives when it doesn't know the answer) to

"Thanks I'll pass that information on - Have a great day"

That's it! Collect all the info you need and it takes no longer than 5 minutes to set everything up.

Cool Right? So check out ChitChatChimp here to see how you can start gathering all that valuable feedback. Go to right now!


Because your bot is smart you can also train it to reply to certain responses -

So let's look at that same conversation again:

BOT: "Thanks for dropping by, what topics should I write more about on my blog?"

YOUR READER: "More on list building would be great"

BOT: "Thanks for letting me know. You might like free report about list building (URL)"


Thanks to ChitChatChimp not only do you know what your readers are most interested in, but the next time someone responds that they want more on 'list building' your bot can instantly direct them to other posts, landing pages to grow your list and even paid offers relevant to their needs -

And at the same time you are increasing the levels of engagement and the value you provide to your visitors you are also monetize responses with links to paid products, affiliate offers or lead magnets to grow your list with.

If your visitors asks about a topic and you don't have any resources to recommend then it will revert to the fall back response and thank them for their feedback.

"Thanks I'll pass that information on"

If up to now you've been using survey forms or polls to gather market research then I'm guessing the light bulb just went off over your head about how much MORE POWERFUL Chit Chat Chimp is (and why it needs to be on your blogs and websites like yesterday)

NOTE: If you upgrade to the Pro Pack behind the main offer you will find even more cool extras such as exit intent triggering (get feedback when someone is leaving your site) and direct autoresponder integration which means you can build your list with just a bot no landing pages needed at all. Plus even more cool stuff.

And if you secure your account today you'll benefit from:

ZERO CHAT LIMITS - Your bots can have UNLIMITED monthly chats.
NO ANSWER LIMITS - No limits on how many answers you add to your bot.
NO TRICKY CODING - Create your first bot in just a few minutes.

Go build a feedback bot - And turn hands free research into revenue fast! Go to

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