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Kossine, a Neebal initiative
Stay Ahead Of The Learning Curve.
Stay Ahead Of The Learning Curve.


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Rohan worked in Deloitte India as a software engineer. USA then came calling, he applied for universities in the US and got selected in Carnegie Mellon (CMU) for Information Systems.

He completed his Masters and worked in the US for some time, but he felt something was amiss. That is what brought him back to India. Always intrigued by the mission and vision of Neebal Learning, he decided to be a part of it.

The subjects that he covers are- C, C++ and Data structures. His method of teaching revolves around allowing students the freedom to think critically, which according to him helps in designing real life applications



"You always have to put out to the universe what your dream is that is in part how they become actualized.”

Isabella Boylston

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Google plans to start blocking Flash in Chrome this year

Flash's death has been slow and painful, and now Google is planning to deal it another blow. Google has detailed plans to start blocking most Flash content with Chrome, with the change targeted toward the end of this year.

Under its current vision, nearly every website would have Flash content blocked by default. Visitors would still be able to enable Flash content on a site-by-site basis, but they would have to specifically choose to do so. Chrome would display a prompt offering to enable Flash; if chosen, Chrome would remember to run Flash on that site for all future visits.

Only 10 sites would have Flash enabled by default — the "top 10 domains using Flash," to avoid annoying people with too many prompts. Those include YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitch, and Amazon. But they'll only have a one year exemption. After that, it sounds like they'll have Flash blocked by default, just like everyone else.

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Learn how to think in terms of computers and developing programs to solve a problem. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to design a program.

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Added photos to Insight to Gaming- What it takes to make a full fledged game?.

Hello +Kush Jain
Java does not support typedefs, defines, or a preprocessor. The declaration of named constants is supported in Java through use of the final keyword.

- Java supports classes, but does not support structures or unions.

- Global functions and global data are not allowed in Java.

- All classes in Java ultimately inherit from the Object class. C++ can have inheritance trees that are completely unrelated to one another.

- The interface concept is not supported by C++.

- Java does not support multiple inheritance.

- Java does not support the goto statement. However, it does support labeled break and continue statements, a feature not supported by C++.

- Java does not support operator overloading.

- Java does not support automatic type conversions (except where guaranteed safe).

- Unlike C++, Java has a String type, and objects of this type are immutable.

- Java does not support pointers

- The scope resolution operator (::) like in C++ is not used in Java.

- The size of each primitive type is the same regardless of the platform.

- There is no unsigned integer type in Java.

- C++ requires that classes and functions be declared before they are used. This is not necessary in Java.

- There are no destructors in Java.

- Unlike C++, Java has built-in support for program documentation.

- Java is more robust than C++.


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Karan Gala is a student of Kossine. He is currently enrolled in the Code-Start Program of Kossine.

Here's what he has got to say -
"C programming is observed to be a very useful lesson in my career. This institute is very good for starting one's C programming. The staff here are very frank and helpful. The teachers Jude sir and Rohan Sir teach very well. The ones who have started or studied C programming would perhaps never forget the key statements and the whole C programming"
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#MehulChopra #KossineProfessor #java #j2ee #hadoop #android

Mehul Chopra is one of the senior most teachers in Neebal learning, he graduated from Fr. Agnel College in 2008 (Computers). In the final year of his engineering, he was placed in a software firm through college. The few months before joining the company, he decided to visit Jude Miranda – who was a mentor and a teacher to him – and started teaching Java in small batches. He also started handling mini java projects. When the call from the company eventually came, he went to work only to realize that his true passion lies in doing both – programming and teaching.

He started working full time for Neebal technology and in parallel taught Advanced Java in Neebal learning.

Now he teaches Android, Hadoop, Web programming and various web frameworks. If you were to ever sit in his lecture, you’ll find yourself amongst superheroes. His style of teaching uses superheroes as mascots and themes for a particular subject. His aim is to make teaching fun and interactive, which is why Hadoop is designed around Spiderman and Android around The Dark Knight.

He is so passionate about programming that he does it even in his free time, which is when he is not dreaming to be like Steve Jobs.
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