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Baltimore has melted down into riots, 7 police officers injured, and protesters have moved to outside Camden Yards in wake of Freddie Gray funeral.

Police have taken to riot gear at Camden Yards.  Explosive situation right now.
BALTIMORE, Maryland — Racial protests supposed to be peaceful quickly turned into violent riots on Saturday evening, closing down the city of Baltimore for some time—and creating a panic for thousands of people as just 50 miles away elites in Washington partied with President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
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All your weight it falls on brings me down...

Sometimes it's tough dealing with other people's negativity. If you don't stay on top of your own thoughts and let yourself get too wrapped up in other people's drama, their negativity can easily become yours.

You don't have to get weighed down by other people's issues to be a supportive friend or loved one. Keep your own thoughts positive while you help them out.

#gratefulnothateful #spreadthelove #sharethejoy #youredoingitright
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great song.  great band.
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Anything worthwhile takes hard work...especially life. Don't ever give up!

#youredoingitright #thelittleenginethatcould #chooseliving
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Come on over and do the twist...have a fit.

#workoutjam #musicbomb
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That's not to say all of those people/events were influential factors in your decision, though. No; they absolutely are not to blame for the choice you made, but you don't operate in a vacuum, either. The key is to not only take full responsibility for the choices you make, but to also recognize negative influences in your life and to ensure you don't let them infiltrate your perspective or decision making process.

Only you control your thoughts.

#wordsoftruth #truthbomb
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I knowwwww right!?!
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Have her in circles
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So often people will tell you to just ignore them.  Well, sometimes you just can't...and sometimes they are so insidious that they succeed at infiltrating your mind and breaking you.

It's wrong, it's sick, and it's a real thing.

#RIPRachel #stopbullying #cyberstalking #cyberharassment #trolls  
I can't fucking even today. Bullying, hate speech? This shit is as much violence as stabbing someone. This is why I don't have tolerance for even casual drive by trolls. Because words can kill.

I am so sorry you were failed, Rachel, even though I never met you.

(Liberated from private share.)
Online trolls urged trans game developer Rachel Bryk to jump off a bridge. She did.
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Or the ones who get others to do their dirty work for them. Despicable cowards, all of them.
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Our humanity makes us the same, but being who you are makes you special. Don't shy away from your uniqueness. You be you.

#youredoingitright #yourownspecialway #beyourself #youbeyou
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So, back to the conversation about the Zombie Apocalypse that begat the can opener conversation.

Should we not be in possession of guns, or have our guns but no bullets, we can make our own blow darts from thorns.

#reducereuserecycle #idonneenosteekingunyokeel #thezombiesareathand
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I've decided that the kindest thing I can do for any troll who crosses my path is to apologize to them for all the pain, anger, and hatred they carry in their heart. It must be so awful to walk around, day in and day out, burdened by such ugliness. I know they make a choice, initially, to behave in this way, but I think that they eventually reach a point where they lose their humanity in their rage and then they are completely and totally powerless to stop themselves from being trolls.

Rather than get angry, I think we should show them compassion for being pathetic wretches. It must be such a horribly sad and lonely existence. That deserves our pity.

#wordsoftruth #practicekindness #gratefulnothateful
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+Paul Frank I'm not entirely sure that is even possible!  LOLz
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Have her in circles
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I like talking with people
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I was told I am a good conversationalist and people don't puke into paper bags when they look at me. Life is full of surprises. Always strive to BE one.

I'm really only here for the conversations.  Period.


Photographer, writer, music and book lover, sports nut, and mom. Happy to be living. Blessed with wonderful friends. Learning to live in acceptance, quiet, and peace.

I'm a very happy person who is surrounded by people who love and support me.  I love my job, have fabulous friends, and some pretty awesome children.  I'm far from perfect...neither is my life...but lack of perfection frees us to explore all possibilities and to learn.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we may never discover that reason.    Sometimes the most important reason is just the life lesson that comes with anything that happens.  We should endeavor to learn as much as possible from every situation.  

I also believe we all have a responsibility to each other, stranger and friend alike.  It is the fabric that is our humanity and without it we are nothing.


Be thankful in all circumstances.


I love sports, am a die-hard Philly Sports Phan (and hometown girl) who loves lacey things, dresses and cute shoes, but who is very comfortable in my team jerseys.  I'm more likely to be direct and if sarcasm were clothing, I'd be a mummy.  I don't suffer fools well, but I'm incredibly loyal.  I don't have a problem admitting when I'm wrong and love a debate mostly because of what I will learn from it.  There is so much to be learned...I never want to stop.














PLEASE NOTE:  If you are married, don't tell me you think I'm hot, pretty, sexy, smart, adorable, amazing, or any other empty platitude; don't send me any pictures of yourself, including, but not limited to, body parts or naked pictures; don't flirt with me; don't drop sexual innuendo into conversations; don't be suggestive; don't tell me you'd like to meet up with me one day or that you look forward to it if it isn't in the context of the topic being discussed - I don't want to date you, I promise; if I post that I'm going to be in a certain city for work and I'd like to know who might be up for hanging out, don't assume I'm looking to get laid and that I'm interested in you that way - I promise you I am not; don't +1 all my photos - it won't impress me; and don't use endearments when speaking to me - ever.  If you are looking for a date, then go date your wife...and if you don't want to date your wife, then be a man and free her from that bondage.  If you can't abide by these rules, then uncircle me...break them and you will be blocked.

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