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3 Fright, LLC is raising funds for FrightShow Fighter: A Bizarre Fun Fighting Game on Kickstarter! An insane, out-of-this-world indie fighting game being brought to life by two artists and a programmer from Philadelphia.
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Reunion Tower all greened up today.
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Spartanburg, SC
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After an extended period of time on holiday; it can be difficult to return to a normal working schedule...

...So remember to take solace from the little things in life.
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2015 resolution: poop more at work.
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I decided to drive to the east coast instead of flying to visit family.

I left one week ago... My #ingress fueled road trip has gone 1900miles so far.

+2,157,005AP and check these WEEK stats ;)
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+Korey Lewis 14 total, and a few fillers
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Hey  +Android,

You very seriously need to re-evaluate Head-up Notifications in Android 5.0+

 We're back to iOS circa 2009 with this 'feature'

Anyone who may agree should go Star this issue tracker

Give us back the KitKat notification ticker and the ability to completely disable Heads-Up notifications.

Android 5.0+ (Lollipop) is a joke because of this one abysmal failure.

It is clear to me that whoever decided to implement Heads-up Notifications has never used their mobile device outside of a test environment.

I get hundreds of messages in a few hours sometimes, and I have to disable notifications or swipe each one away WHILE I AM TRYING TO USE MY DEVICE. EVEN IN FULL SCREEN APPLICATIONS THAT GOOGLE DESIGNED. 

I can't see what time it is
I can't see my signal type\strength
I can't see what I typed in the url\search box
I can't Push the hotkeys in APPs GOOGLE DESIGNED
I end up in hangouts video calls while trying to recharge keys in Ingress

I'm very disappointed with Google on this one, and each passing day makes my hatred for this 'feature' grow.

it has come to the point where I feel the need to blindly air my grievances on GOOGLES social media platform.

Anyone have tagging suggestions for Google employees who might actually care? 

+NIA Ops 
Android Open Source Project - Issue Tracker
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Edited post to include clear instructions for the only way Google appears to accept our attention to the issue...

"Anyone who may agree should go Star this issue tracker"
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Congratulations are in order to the Google Lollipop Calendar team. 

This is the team that thought that it was a good idea to introduce the "google calendar week" - that special five-day week that starts at random points in the old-fashioned 7-day calendar.

Because that is the kind of bold experimentation we want for our calendars. Look at Julius Caesar - with the introduction of the julian calendar he really put his stamp on history, and guaranteed that his name still lives on, two thousand years later.

The Lollipop Calendar team dreamed big, and wanted to play in the same league.  Bold move, team! Stupid, but bold.

But then the drugs wore off, and finally somebody seems to have realized that the whole point of a calendaring application is actually to be useful in a world where you interact with all those odd old-fashioned people who still think that a week has a boring seven days.

Guys, you looked immensely stupid there for a while. But today I got a calendar update, and the weeks are seven days again, and pinch-to-zoom works again.

I congratulate you on getting off the bad drugs, and not looking quite as f*cking stupid as you did there for several months.
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I'm gonna get this...
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We had a second quake!
This time I was near enough to feel it!
3.6 this time
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my house shook for a sec, but tbh I'm not actually concerned 
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Final #Ingress  Roadtrip tally:
2 weeks
Hit L13
3408 miles driven
2693 unique portals visited
931 unique portal captures
5026 hacks
27 Missions completed (JARVIS FTW!!!)
2,573,670 AP Gained
2 Tanks touched by me ;)
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Awesome road trip
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Have him in circles
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