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Oh my goodness. According to this video, Al Jazeera's reporter claimed their camera got busted by the police, whereby they had to report through Skype (with an iPad). #bersih

Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett, reporting from the city using the Skype for iPad application, after Malaysian police "busted" his crew's camera, shares his first-hand account of the police's actions.
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Now that they've provoked the media by taking away their camera, the reporters will dig even deeper to expose all the dirt in the system... V_V
We need cameras that automatically upload shots to the internet as soon as they're taken. I'm glad they had Skype.
which is exactly why the government wishes to censor the internet
I am surprised nobody used US Stream to live stream the scene like what the occupiers in US do. Is US stream banned there?
You mean Ustream. ;)

Well, you'd need to have a stable and fast wireless net connection for that...perhaps, that's why they prefer to record it first and then upload from somewhere with a good connection?( their news van/ hotel room )

For news channel camera crew to stream a video on Ustream would probably violate news channel rules...they must get the footage first, after all.

Also, I doubt if any channel shows videos without editing o.O

The organizers could have done it...but it would have probably cost them. (and pissed off the govts/courts/police...there probably were rules set by the police, agreed to by the main organizers )
Yes ustream but not for the media but the public from their smart phone
Well, people have uploaded videos, isn't it?
No point streaming the entire thing. :)

People just want to watch the "exciting" parts :P
You will probably not get much in the way of streaming because the infrastructure in Malaysia doesn't really support that too well. There are considerable 3G blind spots even in the capital's major thoroughfares and there are very few open WiFi spots. And now, as we have seen, setting up a stationary recording spot is just asking to be taken down.
this country sucks, my wife is from here and I am american, it was only because I had many contacts and we caused one huge diversion in the middle of the night that we all got the hell out. Cannot tell you how I did it but suffice to say they were not happy.
malaysia's riots are getting scary these days.
+Louis Fong if you follow BERSIH 3.0 news and tweets, you'll find out the violence came from police.
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