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Impressive stuff! One of the most powerful "equipments" for women (or even men too) in the near future. (@______@)

A dress that can turn transparent once the wearer is aroused.
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That will make men's job easier eliminating the guessing game from women who pretend ;)
Not good for wearing in public, eh?
this the answer to breaking the women code of personality...
+Timothy Ang, if the dress measures accelerated heart beat or increased body temperature, the result may be misleading. :-)

But yes, either way, probably best to avoid wearing this for the office.
The step closer is an climbing in quicksand :)
+Oliver Hahn it has to be temperature related ... It'll produce many patient women who won't lose temper easily ;) The Emperor's New Clothes is a true story? when can i c it on the cat walk?
I'm curious to know the physics behind this one.
KC Khoo
you really believe everything you see in the internet huh :D LOL
+KC Khoo it seems real enough from what I see. The technology is, according to their website, based on the number of heartbeats of the wearer.
Does it make her keep him forever? Or is it all touch and go Fakes?
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