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This is an image of me, photographed by +Mary Kay , overlooking the village of Nymfaio at western Macedonia region in Greece. We were part in one of the heaviest snowfall in the area for over 50 years. It was great.
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Looks great Konstantine, agree with Giannis, you look as if you were wondering for days lost in the blizzard and can't believe your luck finding a village at last...
Kudos to +Mary Kay for the setup, btw haven't seen anything from her for a long time, hope she's doing fine...
That is a great picture. Love it! Congrats to the photographer and to the model who is in fact making the picture :)
+Julia Anna Gospodarou I like those conditions a lot though the weather was too tough to beat that day and we couldn't set up so no decent photos from then.

+Giannis Gogos , +Alex Bazeos well we weren't wandering for days but we were wandering in the nearby hills and indeed the village at that moment after a tough walk through waist high snow seemed very welcoming and the promise of tsipouro and home made pies waiting for us at the local coffee house made us more determined to get there.

+Nicolas Lotsos thanks mate though all credit goes to Maria I wasn't aware I was being photographed

+Diane F it was a day to remember :D
I know, I have a thing for this kind of conditions too +Konstantinos Vasilakis :)) Maybe because we're not seing them too often around here :) Too bad you couldn't set up then. I'm sure you would have done wonders.
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