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I think most of you recognize this ship by now. Loads of fellow photographers have photographed it, I am guilty of having abused it as a subject but I can't help it. It is one of my favorite locations. This is why I chose to test the D800 there, it is an area I feel comfortably being. Anyway this is an older shot when the winter skies had something to offer and on that day they delivered more than I could hope for. That particular sunrise was so intense that I had to tone down the warm hues in post.

[edit] Hey guys when I wrote "most of you recognize I meant those of you who follow my work. I have seen some shares and the comments imply that this is the "Costa Concordia" that capsized recently in Italy. This is the vessel "Mediterranean Sky" located in Elefsina bay in Greece. Completely different ship, completely different story. [/edit]

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Wow, the exposure and colors are perfect! The composition is fantastic as well. What a killer!
Its a wonderful shot. Conveys the story of the ship quite well.
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