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It is a GREAT HONOR for me and our research team that the European Society of Cardiology has accepted a new clinical study on electronic cigarettes for presentation in oral form (as a lecture) during the next annual congress held in Amsterdam, Netherlands August 31 till September 4 2013. It is really an honor because:
1. It is probably the biggest scientific congress of the world. Last year, 29,000 scientists participated to the congress.
2. This year 10,492 studies were sent from 87 countries for presentation to the congress, 4,000 were accepted and only 35 single-center studies (like ours) are accepted for presentation in a lecture (the rest will be presented in posters). 

The exact words of the European Society of Cardiology acceptance letter were: "Your abstract has been chosen for its outstanding quality and will be presented during an oral abstract session. Each presenter has 15 minutes to present his/her work (10 minutes powerpoint presentation + 5 minutes questions-and-answers). "

So, the biggest scientific conference of the world and one of the most respectable Scientific Organizations is giving us 15 minutes time to present a single study. I am really proud that they have shown so much respect and value to our study. And i would like to thank all participants, without them the study would have never been performed.
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I will not disclose any results in specific, but i can say that cigarette smoke had DISASTROUS effects on cultured heart cells, while the two e-cigarette liquids we tested today had EXCELLENT results. However, we have to wait for more samples to be tested (in total, 20 e-cigarette liquid samples will be tested).
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