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OnePlus 3. Informatik Student.
OnePlus 3. Informatik Student.
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Nothing needs to be said, Franco is a god of android development.
Focus 1.2 is out NOW & re-share for a a chance to win promo codes

After a successful beta testing we're proud to announce the new version of Focus.

Check out the change-log below and the video we made for you!

+ Improved picture edit functionality
+ Added native video player
+ Added native "Set as wallpaper"
+ Added a feature to change the app's main icon!
+ Re-built the picture viewer experience, fixing a lot of bugs on the way
+ Added picture-picking mode for Android’s document picker (eg attaching a picture from Focus in Messenger)
+ Lowered starting page loading time
+ Re-structured Premium options & lowered the price to 1.99€
+ Improved scrolling performance
+ Added app lock security (use your fingerprint or passcode to open Focus)

+APK Mirror
Play store:

Also if this post gets 100 re-shares I'll be posting 50 promo codes in the comments below.

And the honourable mention of +Nick Butcher, his open sourced Plaid app ( helped me learn lots of cool stuff!


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So I managed to draw again, which is awesome.

This is a drawing of a photo of

Drawn with pencils and sharpie.

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Happy Valentines Day :)

I made this render some time ago. More as a test. I used the colors of Google's Material Design to make them matching.

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This is a very fast drawing for my brother. Toothless Form "How to Train your Dragon".

As always, the comments are free for feedback.

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So this is a birthday present for one of my classmates, I've no idea, how many hours I spent on it. Tell me what you think :)

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So, after some time, I managed to draw again, this is a girl from my school, I drew a night long, so about 4 hours, but its pretty cool now.

DIN A4 paper with pencils.

So tell me, what you think, its pretty small, it was hard to get the Details right but I'm satisfied with the result.

(I'm gonna show my Natalie Portman Portrait tomorrow, I started it some days ago, but didn't managed to make it complete, stay tuned, it's a matter of time)

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As I already announced in my previous post, I'm going to post my next drawing. Here we go.

Portrait of Taylor Swift, drawn on DIN A4 with pencil, something like 2-3 hours of time.


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Portrait of Ariana Grande. Made myself on DIN A3 with 2B Pencil within 4 hours.

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I love Blender for abstract Wallpapers...
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