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Is there a Notification ID available like in Autoremote? To be clear, I want to update the existing notification and not keep adding to the list

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Good one to start with....

Feature requests..

1) Make Nav Bar height user defined
I would rather is take double the height for ease for use..

2) Make the app open on checking if car is moving?

anyone else experience this?

I have android 5.1.1 on OneplusOne  and android wear(latest firmware)

If I send a notification with both an ICON & and PICTURE url,, the icon will show on the watch as the background picture. However, on the phone it shows correctly.. it shows the icon and the picture url..

This appears to only happen with an externally hosted icon. If I change from an external url to an internal icon, the correct image shows on the watch.. but the icon doesnt show..Thats not a big deal. but either way, strange behaviour.

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Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid3:

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hi, I'm trying to make a light control scene. But is there anyway to get status update from all 6 devices and change the border colour depending on state for each device? I know how to change the border colour. But don't know how to do it with multiple statuses.
Do I need to update every single device or can I combine it someway?

attaching a screen of my scene with the colours exampled on two buttons 

Has anyone here had an issue with CM11?
With AutoRemote enabled.. I get systemUI crashes whenever an AutoRemote notification arrives.

If I disable it, all works fine...

+João Dias 
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