Path vs. vs. Clipboard vs. Pinterest

I'm trying out all the above new/new-ish apps atm. Just a couple of comments on each...

I only just figured out what you are supposed to do with +Path - doh yeah the plus button, I know, I know. So I haven't really used it but it looks pretty neat from what others are posting. I would provide you with a link but there is no website as such, so just search for me. :-)

This looks like the poorest of the bunch, the UI on the site looks a bit basic compared to the others, who are very stylish. It's also the more buggy of the lot. Ss you can see from my photography page there are a lot of missing thumbnails:

I bookmarked this ages ago but only gave it ago this week. I think this is pretty neat, images are shared nicely and I love the bookmarklet, very cool. You can see for yourself here (note a couple of thumbnails are missing but the link works:

This one interests me the most. I went straight in with adding a board for photography I like, the bookmarklet is easy to use and the web site UI is very good. I do like how the images are presented. Check mine "pins" out here:

I need more time with Path but it looks like I could be using that regularly. As for the other 3 I'm using them all for bookmarking images atm. Clipboard has a great bookmarklet but I prefer the presentation of Pinterest. will probably be ditched very soon.

What about you? Have you used any of these apps? What do you think? Are there any similar apps I've missed?

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