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Google+ is now my blog

Well I've gone and done it, I've now pointed my domains to my +Google+ page. Specifically to a search address that shows all the tidy stuff (not the status update-like posts etc.).

My other blogs (WordPress.com being the main one) are sitting there collecting dust and no one reads them plus I'm always on here so it makes sense to move my "blogs" to Google+. In addition my Google+ #Currents edition is exactly what I want from a blog. It uses the content I already post here, has categories (Sections), a front page and a TOC. It works on mobiles (via Google Currents anyway) and easy to maintain The layout is basic but clean and there is nothing extra for me to do beyond what I already do on Google+.
Both use hashtags queries so thank goodness I've been adding them since the very early days. I'm also thankful that I've been formatting my posts and reshares for a while. It has benefited the presentation on Currents, for one.

And thank you for +Max Huijgen for the tip for searching under specific users only via the search operator inurl:, For example if you want to see only my posts then type this into the Google+ search box: "inurl:104405539079062799451". Very useful. Thanks, Max!

So you can find my "blog" here:

And my photography "blog" here:

No, it's not perfect, the search parameters at the top are ugly for a starters, but it's my best option atm.

You can also find my Google Currents edition here:

All are work-in-progress but all the content is from my Google+ stream. I just need to add a few tags here and there (which I do anyway) and job done. Well it's a test, let's see how I get on. :-)

CC +Natalie Villalobos +Will Kiefer +Tom Schneider +Louis Gray - I'd really like to see a tidier way to do all this or present my G+ stream as a blog. For one, as mentioned already, I'd like to see a specific search URL for searching "From You". Plus a search operator to filter on/off reshares. And also some way to have my Currents edition as my mobile and desktop-based site.

I'm open to anyone's thoughts and suggestions. :-)

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Well, if I klick on your "new" blog links, everything inside is on rel="nofollow" :)
+Sören Münzer That's for PageRanking right? Not bothered atm (unless you can suggest a quick and easy way to fix this?), at least on G+ I have readers and people to integrate with. WordPress and Blogger and just voids for me. :-( #kolreshare  
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