Google+ is now my blog

Well I've gone and done it, I've now pointed my domains to my +Google+ page. Specifically to a search address that shows all the tidy stuff (not the status update-like posts etc.).

My other blogs ( being the main one) are sitting there collecting dust and no one reads them plus I'm always on here so it makes sense to move my "blogs" to Google+. In addition my Google+ #Currents edition is exactly what I want from a blog. It uses the content I already post here, has categories (Sections), a front page and a TOC. It works on mobiles (via Google Currents anyway) and easy to maintain The layout is basic but clean and there is nothing extra for me to do beyond what I already do on Google+.
Both use hashtags queries so thank goodness I've been adding them since the very early days. I'm also thankful that I've been formatting my posts and reshares for a while. It has benefited the presentation on Currents, for one.

And thank you for +Max Huijgen for the tip for searching under specific users only via the search operator inurl:, For example if you want to see only my posts then type this into the Google+ search box: "inurl:104405539079062799451". Very useful. Thanks, Max!

So you can find my "blog" here:

And my photography "blog" here:

No, it's not perfect, the search parameters at the top are ugly for a starters, but it's my best option atm.

You can also find my Google Currents edition here:

All are work-in-progress but all the content is from my Google+ stream. I just need to add a few tags here and there (which I do anyway) and job done. Well it's a test, let's see how I get on. :-)

CC +Natalie Villalobos +Will Kiefer +Tom Schneider +Louis Gray - I'd really like to see a tidier way to do all this or present my G+ stream as a blog. For one, as mentioned already, I'd like to see a specific search URL for searching "From You". Plus a search operator to filter on/off reshares. And also some way to have my Currents edition as my mobile and desktop-based site.

I'm open to anyone's thoughts and suggestions. :-)

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