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Google+ F1 Circle List:

I've posted this before but if there are any more F1 fans on Google+ ping me in the comments if you'd like to be added to me Google+ circle.

Who's your favourite driver? Who do you think will come 2nd (no point asking who is going to win the championship ;-))?

I'll be posted another live chat on Google+ next week if anyone is interested. I'll bump anyone in my F1 circle on Saturday if you're around.

The last chat can be found here:

Full list of all the Circle Lists can be found here:

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Me? I'm routing for Jenson but wouldn't mind seeing Webber do well.
Hi +Kol Tregaskes Great idea on the F1 circle. F1 is about the one thing other than my family that I'm passionate about (well maybe a good ale). Really missed the races during this 3 week break and looking forward to the weekend. I will NOT be paying to watch Sky although I fear it's one step along a path that does not end in a happy place for free to air fans.
+Matt Hines I know how you feel, I'm getting withdraw symptoms. Only a few days to go before it returns though. :-)
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Nice, lots of people for chat over the weekend. :-)
Sure, add me in! Rooting for Button, BTW. :-)
Count me in. This is Italy, I think Alonso might pull a price in
Add me please! Dean Gualandi! A huge FERRARI fan here in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Ooh, add me to the circle. I want to see Di Resta do well, but I think Button or Alonso will be 2nd
+Kol Tregaskes can you add me too please. It's Button for me but would love to see Di Resta do well too 
Bumping, if you want to be notified of the live chat for the British GP this weekend then let me know here and I'll add you to my F1 Circle.
Hi +Kol Tregaskes can you add me please as i would like to take part,hope it is as good as Euro Final i really enjoyed that thanks John .
This gives some of the better rain drivers (Button for one,  who needs it) a chance.
+Craig Nicol Yeah, they are warning for spectators to avoid the qualifying tomorrow as the circuit is waterlogged.  My boss is going for the 2 days.  It's a Birthday present from his girl friend.  I'm so jealous though perhaps not this year with the rain. ;-)

I'll probably post a live chat for qualifying then another for the race.  I don't normally watch qualifying but I make an expectation for the British GP. :-)
I think they will have trouble staying on the track the way the weather is looking should make good viewing.
Button could definitely do with a change of fortune, he's been misfiring a bit this year. Hope it doesn't get rained off.
Hi from Spain. Kimi is my favorite driver. Team don´t know i have been changing from Williams to benetton to Lotus (Camel One ) Ferrari...etc now i have no team prefer drivers 
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