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No more The Next Web on Android!  Didn't even know there was an app!
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The tech website has decided to dump Android.  This is very sad to hear.  To be honest I didn't even know of the +Android app for +The Next Web until today so that's not a great sign to start with.  Their comment that us Android users are not active then is because the site needs to market it has an Android mag in the first place.  I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that's how it works, right?

I read the website regularly but have slowly gone off them as they are slowly but surely turning into +Mashable and writing link-bait headlines.  I don't really have time for this and just want the facts.  I also don't like that fact that their links are to tags on their site rather than to the external sites (though +Android Central is doing the same now and that's really frustrating as they are one of my favourite sites, full stop).  Again, I don't really have time for c**p that like.

Their comment that they have to redo the movies and music from iTunes for Google is a joke.  Of course you have to redo these, you're writing on a different format.  Gosh!  Do we think if they produced for the Android first that they would start complaining they have to redo the movies and music for iOS?  I don't think so.

I think their decision to stop making an Android mag is wrong - of course it's their decicion - and I think I'll look elsewhere for me tech news.  Why do all this tech news sites go bad like this? :-(

There is a lot of reaction from the techies, I really wish I could reshare the comments from +Colby Brown, but have a read from this link:

Also, +Douglas Fils's comment (second from the top) is just brilliant and sums up the whole situation perfectly for me.

What do you think?  Should they stop the Android app?  Should a site calling themselves the "next web" concentrate soley on Apple?  Did you even know TNW even had an app for the +Google OS?

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I never new they had an app, I read them via Google Reader, as I do with umpteen sites that have apps that are irrelevant to me.
So I read  +TechCrunch then dumped them, I read +Mashable then dumped them.  I've read +The Next Web up until now but they are turning into the other two.  I did start reading +The Verge but they linkbait too.  What other tech news sites are there out there?
I don't read TNW, but it seems to me that publishing content exclusively for a particular device will limit growth potential. To not tackle a task because it is "too hard" will doom you to mediocrity.
Why would I bother with a "magazine" in the first place? They're a website.
The Verge and Ars Technica are the main two I'm reading currently. They're about the only two  I can tolerate. Ars is great for in depth articles.
Didn't know it was there, won't miss it. Funny attitude though - probably not worth visiting their web-page now.
Err... To be honest, I've never really undestood the point of a web site having a device-specific app. If they coded their HTML/CSS/etc. correctly, they wouldn't have to worry about device-specific apps at all. Having device-specific apps means "you're doin' it wrong". Frankly, that says more about a site that purports to be about "the next web" than even the change to link-baiting does.
The worst part of it is that it's on the "what's hot" list. While I know that Plus is more than just Android-users, it still seems a bit odd that enough people would give a rat's about it to make it a "hot" topic.
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