Want to Follow my Google+ Posts by Topic? Use This Links

I've just updated all the links on my About page and added a useful table of contents. The TOC is basically a copy of the sections from my #Currents edition here: http://kolt.at/kolcurrents (this has also been updated today though I still need to fix the logo)

You'll see that they are +Google+ search pages. They are filtering on/off a load of hashtags (which you see at the bottom of virtually all my posts for the last several months). These hashtags have now become extremely useful, for the TOC as well as for #Currents. They have turned into my categories. So if you only want to follow the tech posts I share then click on the Tech link below and save the search. Easy as that. Just regular check the search and you'll get all my tech-related posts.

Here's the full list (had to use shortened links as the the original links are lines and lines long, some users might find these don't work on their browser so just shout and I'll post the full links):

MAIN (all posts): http://kolt.at/kolgplusmain
Photography: http://kolt.at/kolgplusphotog
Photos: http://kolt.at/kolgpluspic
Technology: http://kolt.at/kolgplustech
Google+: http://kolt.at/kolgplusgplus
Gaming: http://kolt.at/kolgplusgaming
Entertainment: http://kolt.at/kolgplusentertain
Music: http://kolt.at/kolgplusmusic
Movies: http://kolt.at/kolgplusmovies
Science: http://kolt.at/kolgplusscience
Nature / Wildlife: http://kolt.at/kolgplusnatwildlife
Art: http://kolt.at/kolgplusart
Sport: http://kolt.at/kolgplussport
Fun / Wow / Cool: http://kolt.at/kolgplusfunwowcool
Other: http://kolt.at/kolgplusother

Plus a few extras:

Images: http://kolt.at/kolgplusimages
Videos: http://kolt.at/kolgplusvideos
Audio: http://kolt.at/kolgplusaudio

The posts the links filter on don't include any status update-like posts, they filter on only the good stuff. :-)

That's it. Hopefully +Google will add some more basic blogging features (as I've suggested on here: http://bit.ly/kolgplusgplusblogging) but for the time being this is the best way I could think of to create a blog-like Google+ stream. Ideally I'd love to have my #Currents edition as a web/mobile site as that's exactly what I'm after. Alas... Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, +Will Kiefer and +Tom Schneider ;-)
Anyway, the full About page is here (there are lots of links and useful info to be had so worth checking out):

CC'ing a few people who might like this, at least the suggestion on following specific topics as saved searches: +Natalie Villalobos +Louis Gray +Robert Scoble +Christina Trapolino +Gabriel Vasile and +Ahmed Zeeshan

A quick reminder of my "blog" and "photography blog" Google+ links.

You can find my blog at:

And my photogrpahy blog at:

Again these are Google+ search pages. Yes, the search string at the top of these and the rest of the pages is ugly (I wish they weren't there too) but beggars can't be choosers. Just scroll down a little and you'll get all the juicy content. :-)

Let me know your thoughts and any further suggestions. Ta. :-D

Original link: http://kolt.at/gplusfollowmebytopic

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