Formula One Live Chat on Google+ - 30th October 2011: Indian Grand Prix
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Feel free to join in the live chat for the race today. Where are you watching the race, who are you supporting, how do you think the race will go?

Official F1 Site:
Get the latest info, including track standings, from the official page:

BBC Live Coverage:
The BBC have a live stream here that includes live commentary and standings and live TV coverage [UK only]:

Android App:
There is an official Android app here:

Twitter Twazzup Updates:
You can watch the tweets come in in real-time on twazzup here:

McLaren Live Updates:
Also, keep up to date with the McLaren cars during the race here:

F1 Google+ Circle List:
If you'd like to be included in my F1 G+ Circle then add your name to the comments here:

Google+ F1 Search:
And lastly watch the posts come in real-time on Google+:

The only tip I can suggest to get real-time on this post is to simply add me to a separate circle and go to view that circle. Search still doesn't appear to update comments in real-time, else I would have suggested using this link:

Feel free to reshare (suggest disabling comments and linking back to this (the original) post. You'll need to view the thread on a stream page.

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