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Formula One Live Chat on Google+ - 30th October 2011: Indian Grand Prix
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Feel free to join in the live chat for the race today. Where are you watching the race, who are you supporting, how do you think the race will go?

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I would normally as my girlfriend ( +Zoe Prytherch) loves F1. She's away today though so I might give it a miss...
I'll start watching it as soon as I can get my son off his Wii. Grrrr
My question is dis....why bother watching the race? We know well that most likely Vettel is gonna win the race. And if he doesnt, so what? hes already world champion. And as for the constructors champion, red bulls gona take it as well. F1's bcome predictable and boring now. Bring the era of Ayrton Senna back
Morning folks! This should be a good one - I have my money on Ferrari today. Massa available at 199-1 on Betfair - watch these odds tumble.
+Paul Gomes Last season 5 drivers in it all season, title decided in last race with title winner never having led all season! That never happened in the era of Senna/Prost/Mansell/Piquet et al.
+Kol Tregaskes This is the perfect race start time for a Sunday morning. The only downside is I've already had my breakfast, and it's not time for lunch, so no food updates. ;)
Have they turned up the engines in the sound mix today? (for those watching the BBC coverage)
From watching the pre-race stuff it looks like this will be a well supported event in India. What does everyone think?
+Chris Nixon It does seem a little louder than normal. The BBC were having problems with people's mics too.
Webber's car sounds very throaty... Is it alright?
Did anyone watch DC race around the new-not-finished (hardly-even-started) track in America? I thought the F1 car would not have liked going around a dirt track like that.
I'm loving the speedy part with all the corners. Very cool.
No hangout here I'm afraid, I don't have any of those webcam or mic things. Perhaps someone else can host a F1 hangout some week.
+Chris Nixon yea man and that is unlike him..i think the three place penalty made him give up.
yup yup ..watching.. first GP after-all :)
yea i dont think Hamilton and Button are on the same strategy.
OK, finished my F1 recruiting spree on Google+. Settling in for the rest of the race. :-)
I think F1 needs more circuits in extreme conditions, i miss the engine faults. I think India could be one of these circuits
+Bulavitchi Oleg Maybe they should leave the currently in construction US track as yet and drive it around like Red Bull did this week. ;-)
Some of these drivers are going to run out of tyres if they keep steaming into the braking zones so hard!
I suspect the difference between Button/Hamilton is setup. New circuit so no reference data for race setup and Hamilton not known for ability to setup his car.
jenson button sets the fast lap back to back in the last 2 laps.
So by 2013 there will be two US races. F1 is really going globally. A friend at work was talking about how many fewer European races there are nowadays.
F1 cars all seem to be much more reliable these days far less retirements all round
Reliability is due to cost saving regulations. Lower rev limit, limited engines, gearboxes etc. No encouragement to go to limits.
Yes but is possible to have more races in extreme conditions: cold, dust, hot. Going globally this may increase the show
Looks like a great circuit in India. Shame to see Hamilton down in 6th. Hoping Webber can put together a few good laps and get past Button before Vettel runs away with the race...if he hasn't already ;)
Rob McD
Button looking good and hopefully will look after his tyres better than those around him.
+Chris Nixon its all about the history of the sport in Europe...I say get the French grand prix back 
+Paul Kirkwood Just have more races. I wouldn't complain, though I'm sure the people working in F1 would. ;-)
i don't mind countries having 2 races if the circuits are good, Frankly Valencia needs to go. Think FOTA should have the ability to give some circuits a discount such as SPA so it never gets cut again because its easily the best one on the calendar
+Paul Kirkwood That's the plan, 2 races in the US by 2013. One is already being built in readiness for a November race next year. Then another one to be added in 2013.
+Paul Kirkwood Check the video I posted above for the first US track. They've hardly started building it!
who do you tip for to win next season without being biased.
Commercially it's going to be huge for the sport to get into the US but they've tried in the past and failed.
+karim Warsame I think McLaren will be much closer to Red Bull. They've been better in the last half of the season than the first but I can't seen anyone beating Vettel for a long time.
Lewis & Felipe to come together again?
The problem with F1 in the US in the past is they've tried to muscle in on places where people are already fanatical about other motorsports, instead of going to create a new market for themselves, flying through the sector 3.
Oh no, not those two coming together again...
what is it with Hamilton and Massa..those two hate each other.
Another unfortunate incident for Hamilton. Will only add to his woes. Loving the reaction from Rowan Atkinson.
+Fotis Nakos have u seen Mr.Bean chatting with hamilton's father...he looked comical.
Massa turned into him, Hamilton was along side, Massa hit Hamilton, Massa at fault this time. Rule is you cant force a driver off the road. Only place Hamilton could have gone is off the road
It was definitely a racing incident, both drivers equally to blame.

...but Hamilton will get a drive through as always.
but i bet you the steward won't penalize him. they will only penalize hamilton as usual.
Massa is the spare tyre of Ferrari. Ferrari love Alonso!
still got off lightly as he's still infront of Hamilton
Bad call from Herbert on penalty for Massa - imho
+Andrew Terry I'd have to agree with Chris and Graham, I think it was a driving incident, but would have been upset if Hamilton got the drive-thru.
I've said this since Lewis Hamilton arrived in F1 - chucking it down the inside on the brakes is not the way to race in F1, but it appears to be his 'go-to' move.
surely that Ferrari front wing is illegal, far too much flexing
Can't be safe
Good lord! How did Petrov keep that on the track??
all the KHANS are watching the race.
Morning folks - overslept. I see Hamilton and Massa are having their usual squabble.
i mean Bollywood actors, "sharu khan" "imran khan" you know!
I know this is venturing dangerously into "TMI territory", but is anyone else dying for a pee, but doesn't want to miss any of the action..? What an exciting race! 
Very similar incident for Massa to the one from qualifying.
We'll all need to synchronise our pausing, hehe. :-)
+Chris Nixon It was marginal, but I'd say HAM not alongside and MAS entitled to line. Racing incident probably.
Strange race this - circuit appears to be a good one but no real racing up the front. A trait of all the new circuits.
Another easy day at the office for Seb... Picturing him listening to an audiobook on his iPod as he breezes round...
+Graham Terris Don't get me wrong...I'm very surprised Massa got a drive through.

I've said it in previous weeks, but race stewards have abandoned 'racing incidents'. There now always has to be a driver to blame...even in a 50/50 crash.
the guy who played DS beech in the bill will be doing his Injury Lawyer for you schtick asking if Lewis has Whiplash
+Paul Kirkwood Sure, why not. Unfortunately I can't see the BBC changing their minds. Their hands are tied due because of the budget cut-backs the Trust has imposed on them. I can see F1 going full-time on Sky in the next few years. BBC just can't afford it.
webber kills these boys with experience.!
Any sound engineers here - do the cars sound different because of the smog?
Coulthard: "Mark must be wondering what I must do to get a break.."
Me too, David, me too. With the amount of points he won this year, he would have won last years world championship according to one report I read.
On another note, G+ is great for discovering communities of interest and engaging in discussion.
+Rowan Hofmeister I like seeing Webber doing well. Behind the British drivers he's probably my favourite racer. I just like his temperament and attitude. He seems to be one driver who is down to Earth.
Paul Di Resta is doing fine with Force India - another year will enhance his reputation and allow him to look at a big seat (Ferrari/Red Bull/McLaren) for 2013. He's a Mercedes boy so I assume they have first call.
his last post was 26 of july...Lmaoo..he only posts when he wins.!
everyone knew that Raikkonen was coming back...tell us something we don't know commentators.
All over now - the only thing to look forward to is the interviews with Hamilton/Massa.
every winner should hug the wall at a high speed.
Well it's was an interesting race, perhaps not the greatest. Predictable result though. Good to see Button is still the only one keeping in touch with Vettel.
Well done Vettel - see you guys in Abu Dhabi - a terrible circuit. Then Brazil - a great one.
Thank you all for joining. There seems to be more and more new chatters on these posts, which is great. Thank you.
Don't forget to check out the links at the description above, you might be interested in my F1 Circle list.
What a great race! India has proven itself to be a fab F1 circuit and will be one to look forward to again next year!
Right, out with the dog then back in for a spot of Battlefield 3. :-) Take it easy everyone!
+Kol Tregaskes my Twitter F1 list:

thanks for the invite :)
+John Hauxwell We do need groups on Google+. A lot of FFers are waiting for them so all those guys will probably come over at that point. Which will be great.
Ahh, they've reshown the Hamilton Massa crash. Massa was definitely looking over at Hamilton just before turning in. SO the stewards must have seen that and thought Massa knew Hamilton was there.
INDIA ki bat hi nirali hai........................
Damned early races. F1 over and it's not even lunchtime. :(
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