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Used to work in the games industry, a very keen photographer, likes music, movies, sport, computing + games, web development, art, tech and sci-fi.
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I'm a keen amateur photographer who would like to eventually combine photography with my other interests of travelling, cycling and pencil drawing. I currently work on projects in the telecoms industry but do make sure I take some time out for my photography. My main genres are landscapes, nature, animals, events and sport.

Along with photography I also work in Photoshop; manipulating and tidying photos for myself and others.

My photography has been used by various people and companies, such as a outside broadcasting firm, a major credit card/bank and one photo was in the running to be a Royal Mail stamp in the UK.

I used to work in the computer games industry in various roles, I'm also into music, movies, sports like rugby, F1 and football, computer games, web development, art, tech and science, science-fiction and social networking services like Google+.

My Google+ Table of Contents

I've organised my Google+ posts like a blog, so the table of contents goes a bit like this:

Plus a few extras:

My Google+ Personalised Hashtags

You can follow my posts on Google+ by searching for my personalised hashtags:

You can follow all these posts via this link.

My Google+ Themes

I also have some regular themed hashtags:

My Google+ Top Posts

Here's a few of my top posts that I would recommend checking out:

My Google Currents editions

I've re-created my main sites in Google's Currents app, you can find them here:

My Shared Documents

Lastly, here are a few of my interesting documents:

Me  |  Blog  |  Photography  |  Photography Blog  |  Prints
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Worked for The Bitmaps Brothers, makers of great games such as Speedball and Xenon.
Data Co-ordinator
Telecommunications, Microsoft Access, Quality Assurance, Digital Photography, Visio, Photography, Photoshop, Windows, Web Development, WordPress, Microsoft Excel, Web Design, Integration, Databases, Computer Hardware, Testing, Data Management, Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, System Administration, Reporting & Analysis, QLikView, SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Word, Computer Repair, Video Games, Computer Games, VBA, Business Objects, Cramer, DOS, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Publisher, Amdocs Clarify, Gaming Industry, Internal AUdit, 3G, Omnix, Evenflow, Clarify Insight
  • Clarke Telecom
    Data Co-ordinator, 2010 - present
    • Main interface between DataVisibility and Clarke Telecom for data, workflow and reporting requirements during the development phase of the Imprest projects database. • Project/Department process mapping. • Coordinate data cleanse activities across all projects/departments prior to migration to Imprest database. • Ongoing liaison with each project/department team to ensure current and future project tracking tools meet their requirements. • Develop and maintain company QlikView reports. • Maintain and issue day-to-day project tracking tools and reports, e.g. PM Report, suite of exception reports, PM Generator database, PM Report comments database. • Ongoing Imprest database management and administration e.g. user accounts, project workflows, reporting. • Develop, maintain and issue performance measurement reports to support all projects and departments. • Resolve any data errors and assist project teams improve the accuracy of Clarke data reported in customer systems. • Bespoke reports as required for Project Managers, Directors, etc. • Manage and maintain project areas of Clarke Telecom Intranet site. • Issue reporting packs to projects/departments/managers at agreed intervals. • Develop and maintain reporting tools specifically to help us meet customer KPI measures. • Verify any customer reports or statistics to ensure we are satisfied with their accuracy. Highlight any errors in the reports back to the customer reporting/data team. • External system accounts tracking. • Liaise with client for data/reporting/system requirements/request/issues
  • Kol Tregaskes Photography
    Photorgapher, present
    Photographer and photo editing.
  • The Creative Assembly
    QA/IT/Tools Tester, 2009 - 2010
    - QA duties including tools, compatibility and game testing.
  • Mono Consultants
    Data Co-ordinator, 2008 - 2009
    Employed on recommendation of former Bechtel colleague, now Mono Project Manager on Vodafone project • Produced Excel and Business Objects reports for the project & senior management for the whole of the UK • Work flow management tool (Evenflow) support and administration - the day to day maintenance and updating of data within the system, including raising new Network Requirements and Site Options for the projects, initiating active plans and updating workflow dates • General administration and project support
  • British Broadcasting Corporation
    Project Administrator, 2008 - 2008
    Short term Siemens project to audit all BBC telephony in London and various regional offices in preparation for further VoIP project/upgrade • Check and organise all information gathered by auditors and converted to electronic form • Tracked progress of audit via Excel spreadsheets used by the project manager • Completed project 2 months earlier than planned due to quick efficient gathering and entering of data
  • Vodafone UK
    Project Co-ordinator, 2005 - 2007
    Worked on project HSDPA, 3G Broadband and ATP • Work flow management tool (Evenflow) support and administration - the day to day maintenance and updating of data within the system, including raising new Network Requirements for the projects, initiating active plans and updating workflow dates • Produced Excel and Business Objects reports for the project & senior management • Raised work packages requirements in Clarify, raised and mapped 2G and 3G transmission requirements in Cramer plus raised and receipted sales orders for hardware kit • Gained knowledge of 2G and 3G networks while liaising with Vodafone key suppliers (Ericsson, Nortel and K&N) to ensure that the hardware requirement for the project deliverables were delivered accordingly • Held regular meetings with transmissions provider to determine delivery date and update database with latest forecast dates • General administration and project support
  • Bechtel
    Systems Integrator, 2003 - 2005
    Worked on Vodafone project IVOR • Data extraction, cleansing, comparison and clarification • Redesign of analysis tables giving greater clarity when producing progress updates, and enabling data to be updated more easily • Migrated data in preparation for software integration to the main VF database, Evenflow. • Redesigned Bechtel’s database forms via their web-based database • Generated reports for senior management with Business Objects
  • The Bitmap Brothers
    QA Manager/ Admin. Manager, 2000 - 2002
    Employed, on the recommendation of the Lead Designer to construct and promote a new corporate website ( • Redesigned, coded and implemented a new corporate website (which helped increase traffic dramatically) • Officially promoted in March 2001, having organically grown the initial Webmaster role and incrementally accepted additional responsibilities • Supported the Technical Manager to later take full responsibility of IT support within the company • Carried out various other tasks including design and maintenance of an Access bug database (improved data quality, user interface and more accurate reporting)
  • Atari
    Code Supervisor, 1996 - 2000
    Initially joined Warner Interactive as a Junior Tester. • Deputised for both the QA Manager and Assistant QA Manager during their absence • Acted as lead tester on a number of game titles, organising the workload of 4/5 members of staff and coordinating the testing areas • Carried out various administration tasks, including, testing software, assistance of office relocation, code record keeping, bug database maintenance and proofreading manuals
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Kent, UK
Croydon, UK - Newbury, UK - Thatcham, UK
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Google+ feature requests and bugs

This post has been in the making for years.  I noted a date of 30 Jun 2012 in my "Drafts" circle for a draft of this post, so I first wrote this back then!  I've today gone through the requests and bugs and amended it so I could finally post it. :-)

My ideal setup

Before I get into the list I just wanted to describe how I'd like my social networking process to work.  I used to use a lot of social networks.  As time went by some of the services died, some didn't turn out to be as good as initially thought and some I just didn't have enough time to use.  I currently use only a handful of services but getting them to work together is painful.  I would like Google+ to be at the centre of it all.

The ideal process for me would be the following (I've noted the specific services I use but for general use you can replace any service with any other related service you use):

- I create a post or share on Google+
- I selectively embed from Google+ to one of my two Blogger sites
- The hashtags included in the post are added as labels in Blogger, which you can edit before publishing
- I selectively share to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard and Path via Buffer using (you can share to Twitter and FB with Buffer using but the different types of posts you're sharing reap different, and sometimes untidy, results and this need tidying and simplfying)
- Comments on Google+ and Blogger are as one (which it is but the comments are not open in the embed like they are on G+, and Blogger already has a Google+ comments box so a post with an embed has two sets of comments!)
- Comments on YouTube shares also appear on YouTube as a threaded reply to my comment on YouTube
- inurl: operator is added back so my Google Play Newsstand G+ page works again without me needing to go into Producer to add the post to my published list
- I share photos or images to my various image booking services, i.e. Pinterest and VisualizeUs
- I share polls or questions to Quora

The list

This is my list of requests and bugs in Google (in no particular order all apply to the desktop and mobile apps unless stated):

1.  Mark as read/unread feature: option to mark any post on any feed as read while you scroll through the feed like I can with feedly.

2.  Ability to expand the edit box to aid with writing long posts like this one (which was quite painful to write).  This goes for all edit boxes on Google+ including the About page

3.  Add the mini formatting toolbar to Google+ edit box that is already used on the Introduction edit box + ability to use shortcut keys, e.g. CTRL+B to format text, which is also available on the Introduction edit box.  This is a little easier than having to use the manual commands.

4.  Option to swipe through Google+ posts rather than a continuous stream (can work on the web as well as Android).  To me this is just a tidier way to read Google+ feeds.  This goes well with the (un)read feature request and both items are the biggest annoyance of Google+ for.  I like to use Google+ instead of feedly but it's hard to track what you've read and not read.  I lost my place many times when reading on the web or Android app and it's a pain to get back to where you were.  In terms of comments, the notifications page would come into play here.  There you could have the posts with any unread comments are displayed (expanded) and read comments hidden (collapsed)

5.  Ability to share the thumbnail when sharing from the Android app.  You can do this on the desktop but not on the mobile app.

6.  Can we please have a 'reply to author' feature on all posts with commenting turned on?

7.  After typing 2 letters in the search field on the Android app the app crashes and reloads.  I suspect the crash is happening just before the dropdown of results appear.  This is a very new bug and was fine only a week or so ago [could be something specific to my Nexus 5 device?].

8.  Individual post pages do not have Ripples on the dropdown, any reason?

9.  Ability to embed Google+ posts from within Blogger + toggle on Blogger to automatically remove the comments box when embedding G+ posts.

10.  Ability to embed a Google+ posts at the time of posting or sharing + additional dropdown item on Google+ posts to embed direct to Blogger.

11. Ability to select which Google+ profile or Page to share to when sharing on desktop (I've tried various ways to share to G+ on the web - via, via the Chrome 1+ button etc. - but none seem to offer the option to select where to share to like it does in the Android app).

12.  Can we please have unread indicators on our feeds at the top (goes with the unread feature above)?

13.  When you've selected to be notified of new posts on a feed it would be good to have individual Android notifications for each post with any rich media when you double finger swipe down on the notification.

14.  Can we please have Chrome/Windows balloon alerts (bottom right of Chrome window or a location of your choice) for new posts/comments on selected feeds ?  I thought there were such notifications but from looking all over I can't see any option for this

15.  I selected to not have comments on my Blogger post but they are there anyway and so make this page with an embedded Google+ post look confusing: [perhaps a specific issue on my two Blogger sites?]

16.  A shared comment from Blooger to Google+ looks untidy, how about adding an avaialble thumbnail?:

17.  Can every page please have a "real-time" toggle so we can watch new posts come in on feed pages?  Or to watch new comments on individual post pages.  FriendFeed does this well.  I'm sure Google+ had some sort of real-time feature but we only have the blue box indicator that tells us the number of new posts on a feed page.

18.  Can we please have the inurl: search operator re-added?  All my links on my About page rely on this and are now broken, my Google NewsStand G+ sites rely on the operator too.  In addition can we also have more advanced search operators?  FriendFeed is a great example of this and has many operators that would work with Google+.  I really miss Saved Searches! :-(

19.  Why does "**" get shared when I embed a G+ post on my Blogger page? Please make this stop: (via

20. Sharing a post via various services, for example Buffer, is very untidy.  I've tried to detail the various results of sharing different types of G+ posts here:  This needs to be tidier and simplified.  If you are sharing without any link or picture it's a Facebook status update.  With a link or picture it's a share post.  There shouldn't be any appearance of "[username] - Google+" on shares to other services.

21.  I follow a lot of Google+ feeds with "Google" as the prefix of their name.  Unfortunately when I select to mention Google+ in a post, by typing "+Google+", Google+ is not on the dropdown as there are too many other above it.  Can we please have the ability to move up and down the dropdown to select off screen names?

22.  Save as draft feature (would have helped greatly with this) + any mentioned in a "draft" are not active until "published".

23.  I'm not able to save any changes to my About page.  I don't get any errors but clicking on the blue Save button doesn't seem to do anything.

24.  Why is the Google+ post box not on every desktop web page on Google+?  It's frustrating to have to move away from your current page to post an item via the home page.  The +1 Chrome button could handle this in the absence of anything on the desktop site.

25.  When you paste text into the Google+ edit box on the desktop it would be great to have the ability to cycle through all the captured links instead of it using the first link it finds.

26.  Buffer does not have the ability to share to personal G+ profiles.  API limitation?

27.  On Android in Gmail, the notifications ideally should be like the embedded G+ posts we see in Blogger etc.

28.  You cannot play YouTube videos on Android in Gmail from G+ notifications

29.  Ability to swipe through notifications or read them as a stream like you can on the desktop.  WIth either implementation, it would be good to have the (un)read feature go with this.

30.  When I click on the notification number on the +1 Chrome plugin, the button on the desktop version of Gmail or Google+ or within the Android app, it greys out anything on the notification list like I've read it.  I wish it didn't do this and left things un-greyed out until I've either clicked on the notification or hit the mark all as read button.

31.  Ability to reshare from the desktop Gmail.

32.  Why does it need to open a new Chrome window when clicking on a time stamp on a post from the personal profile page?  Really annoying.

33. In Gmail notifications there is no option to reply.

34.  Why are posts not using more of the screen estate on a Nexus 9 in landscape mode?  Example here:

35. I wish you could follow by community topic instead of the whole community.

The only other issue I have with Google+ is the lack of content from certain websites or services.  There's not really much Google themselves could do.  But for some reason some sites are either not posting all their content or not using the Google+ at all.  It's a little odd as we can all see that other websites have a huge engagement here.  I guess they see it as 'yet another' service to share to when they already have so many.

It's a shame as I could nearly replace Google+ with my RSS reader, feedly, but it's just not not possible yet.  If we had the ability to add RSS feeds to our feeds (sort of merging the old Google Reader into Google+) that would be great but I can't see Google doing that.  Even the ability to add YouTube feeds would help a lot.

Update 1: I could use the G+ notifications as a workaround for the lack of an (un)read feature but it's awkward to do it this way on Android as you have to click into the notification, click back then click into the next notification.  A notification page where you can swipe through the notifications would work better.  I_could_ use Gmail too but the formatting of the notifications on the Android Gmail app are untidy and lack some features from the Google+ app itself.

To end this post I have a couple of questions, how do you unpin a post and can you pin more than one post?  Once I've found this out I can pin this post and will keep it up to date.  I would really love any feedback on the above and happy to amend or elaborate anything that is not clear.

I really would like as much of the above fixed or implemented as possible to aid with using Google+ and my social networking process :-)

#googleplus #gplus #featurerequest #bug

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Any feedback from anyone at +Google+ or +*****?
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Kol Tregaskes

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Little Bird Floating on a Hurricane -- San Francisco, Ca
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Kol Tregaskes

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Sheep galore in New Zealand! Photo by Irca Caplikas:
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Kol Tregaskes

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Save your bandwidth:
Google's new Data Saver extension for Chrome helps you reduce data usage by compressing the pages you visit. It could come in handy if you sometimes go online from your laptop via a mobile hotspot or your smartphone.
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Kol Tregaskes

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He's only gone and done it...
Harry Kane scored 79 seconds into his England debut and Wayne Rooney moved a step closer to Sir Bobby Charlton's all-time goalscoring record in a routine Euro 2016 dismissal of Lithuania at Wembley.
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Kol Tregaskes

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I took this image in August 2013 and it won Astrofest in Western Australia in March 2014. It's Astrofest again today, so I thought I would make some slight adjustments to it and repost. I don't like reposting images - so may not stay long. I find it interesting to see how I've changed as a photographer since I took this photo. This was the first 2 tier panorama that I did along a series of tests that I did with crescent moon lighting. The ...
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Kol Tregaskes

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Kol Tregaskes

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The final squads for Sunday's All-Star charity match at Anfield have now been confirmed:
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Kol Tregaskes

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Our Assassin's Creed Unity stream goes live today at 3PM EST with the AC fanmade community podcast hosts Fatal-Feit, NerdieBeauty, & SixKeys.

Watch here today:
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Bond is back baby! The New #Spectre Teaser Trailer is here!

"You're a kite dancing in a hurricane Mr. Bond."
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Bookmark this for reference when learning a new programming language or tool:
Once you've learned one programming language or programming tool, it's pretty easy to get into another similar one. Sometimes, though, the fine differences are hard to remember. Hyperpolyglot is an awesome tool for looking up the differences and similarities between programming languages and tools.
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Works at Clarke Telecom as Data Co-ordinator. Lives in Kent, UK. Used to work in the games industry, a very keen photographer, likes music,

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