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How to Use Google+ Collections

What are Google+ Collections?

Google+ have launched a new feature they've called Collections.  What are Collections?  Well they are basically topics for your personal stream.

So you want to put your Google+ posts into categories then Collections does this.

How do I create a collection?

• Head over to the Collections page here: 
• Click on Create a collection box
• Give your collection a name and select whether you want visibility to be Public or Your circles or Only You or a custom setting
• And click the blue Create collection button

Can I edit my collection?

Sure, on the next screen you have the opportunity to customise your collection by changing the banner image and background colour from the Customise menu or editing or deleting the collection from the settings icon.

The one tip I have on this page is to select Edit collection from the settings menu and choose whether you want all your followers to see your posts in the collection (ticked) or not (unticked).  Personally, I have unticked this on most of mine so only people who have specifically selected to follow my collections will see the posts.  This allows me to post more but spam less and gives my readers the option to pick what topics they want to follow of mine instead of being forced to follow everything.

How do I share to my collection?

Sharing to your collections is easy and works the same way as before.  Select to share as normal but instead of selecting or typing Public, Your Circles, a community or user's name, select or type your collection's name and click on it.  Then click Share and you're all done.  You can do this from both the desktop and the Android app.

Can I share to more then one collection?

No, you can only share to a single collection.

How do I follow a Collection?

Depending on how the person has set up their Collections, you will either be following their collections already or you''ll need to find their collection and click to follow.

To follow a Collection seek out the person you want to follow and click on *Collections" from their profile page, for example:
From here click on the follow button.

You can also see the full list of collections you follow or from your circles from here:

From here you can select to follow or unfollow any collection.

What else do I need to know?

A few more points:

• You cannot move a share from one collection to another.  Instead you will have to remove the share then move to the second collection
• You can reshare from a collection to another collection but this is of course creating a new post, which you might not want
• If you select to delete a collection note that all posts in the collection are also deleted
• You can add any old post into a collection by clicking on the top-right dropdown menu and selecting Move to collection
• You can find featured collections here:
• You can see when a post is in a collection when you see the blue collection icon in the far top-right of the post as well as the name of the collection in the far top-left

There is no limit to the amount of collections you can create (that I've found so far anyway ;-)) so get creating and sharing! :-)

Enjoy and share yours and your favourite collections in the comments below! :-)

Where can I find more of your collections and links?

You can find a full list of my collections here:

And plenty more links and info here:

I've also created a collection for Collections, which includes all tips and guides here:

Enjoy collecting! :-)

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Lucrează la Clarke Telecom ca Data Co-ordinator. Locuiește în Kent, UK. Used to work in the games industry, a very keen photographer, likes music, movies, sport, computing + games, web development, ar
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Thanks +Kol Tregaskes, I just got back from 2 weeks in Japan and everything's changed on Google!!
h/t to +Ronnie Bincer for sharing this with me
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Kol Tregaskes

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What regional assumptions do you think Google would make about you? -
Google has a track record of patenting some pretty wacky tech, but its latest effort might end up offending as many people as it amuses
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Kol Tregaskes

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Fifa officials took bribes over more than 20 years to allocate tournaments and rig elections, US law enforcement officials say.
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Kol Tregaskes

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A New York court is considering whether chimps are legal persons - and whether animals should be granted the same rights as humans?
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Kol Tregaskes

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The Antarctic ozone hole would have been 40% bigger and a hole over the Arctic would have opened up if ozone-depleting chemicals had not been phased out, according to research.
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Kol Tregaskes

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When our mind is calm, we’re better able to find peace of mind and live a joyful life.
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Kol Tregaskes

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Humans have now evolved hands -- in VR, that is
One of ten brilliant innovations from our 2015 Invention Awards
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Kol Tregaskes

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A new species of ancient human has been unearthed in the Afar region of Ethiopia, scientists report.
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Kol Tregaskes

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Extremist views on Twitter would be drowned out if countries like Iran unblocked it, the social network says -
Twitter's head of public policy has claimed threats of violence will always exist on the service until authoritarian governments allow people "with an alternative message" to access it
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Kol Tregaskes

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New surveillance laws will give the police and security services unprecedented powers, the government has announced
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Kol Tregaskes

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Six football officials are arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, over corruption allegations involving the sport's world governing body Fifa.
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Kol Tregaskes

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Luria Petrucci (Cali Lewis) originally shared to tech.:
Curious About Google+ Collections?
So was I! So I asked +Moritz Tolxdorff to explain it all... best practices, what you can and can't do, etc.... 

Take a listen or a watch, and let us know what YOU think!
Moritz Tolxdorff, Google+ Community Manager, joins us on Tech Whisperer to talk about Google+ Collections and answer the question... "Is Google+ Dying?" Audio version coming soon...! I've been using Google+ Collections, but I had some questions about how to use it best... was I doing it right? Is there a "right way"?? Moritz helps break it all down! What is ... Read More
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Collections are just a way for all users do what the most effective users found ways to do.  :D
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Used to work in the games industry, a very keen photographer, likes music, movies, sport, computing + games, web development, art, tech and sci-fi.

Hello, welcome to my Google+ page.  I'm a keen amateur photographer who would like to eventually combine photography with my other interests of travelling, cycling and pencil drawing. I currently work in the telecoms industry as a data coordinator but do make sure I take some time out for my photography. My main genres are landscapes, nature, animals, events and sport.

Along with photography I also work in Photoshop; manipulating and tidying photos for myself and others.

My photography has been used by various people and companies, such as an outside broadcasting firm, a major credit card/bank and one photo was in the running to be a Royal Mail stamp in the UK.

I used to work in the computer games industry in various roles and still an avid gamer. I'm also into music, movies, sports such as rugby, F1 and football, web development, art, technology, science, science-fiction and social networking services like Google+.

My Collections

I have a large list of collections, which are broken up into main sections, topics and themes.  So take your look at your favourite interests and please click follow if you would like to keep up to date with my posts.

My main collections are:

The bulk of my collections are all my favourite topics::

And lastly my so-called themes:

My Google Newsstand

I've produced my main sites in Google's Newsstand app, you can find them here:

My Social Profiles

I’m on many social networks!  My main profiles are:

Thanks for visiting my Google+ page! :-)

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Worked for The Bitmaps Brothers, makers of great games such as Speedball and Xenon.
Data Co-ordinator
Telecommunications, Microsoft Access, Quality Assurance, Digital Photography, Visio, Photography, Photoshop, Windows, Web Development, WordPress, Microsoft Excel, Web Design, Integration, Databases, Computer Hardware, Testing, Data Management, Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, System Administration, Reporting & Analysis, QLikView, SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Word, Computer Repair, Video Games, Computer Games, VBA, Business Objects, Cramer, DOS, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Publisher, Amdocs Clarify, Gaming Industry, Internal AUdit, 3G, Omnix, Evenflow, Clarify Insight
  • Clarke Telecom
    Data Co-ordinator, 2010 - present
    • Main interface between DataVisibility and Clarke Telecom for data, workflow and reporting requirements during the development phase of the Imprest projects database. • Project/Department process mapping. • Coordinate data cleanse activities across all projects/departments prior to migration to Imprest database. • Ongoing liaison with each project/department team to ensure current and future project tracking tools meet their requirements. • Develop and maintain company QlikView reports. • Maintain and issue day-to-day project tracking tools and reports, e.g. PM Report, suite of exception reports, PM Generator database, PM Report comments database. • Ongoing Imprest database management and administration e.g. user accounts, project workflows, reporting. • Develop, maintain and issue performance measurement reports to support all projects and departments. • Resolve any data errors and assist project teams improve the accuracy of Clarke data reported in customer systems. • Bespoke reports as required for Project Managers, Directors, etc. • Manage and maintain project areas of Clarke Telecom Intranet site. • Issue reporting packs to projects/departments/managers at agreed intervals. • Develop and maintain reporting tools specifically to help us meet customer KPI measures. • Verify any customer reports or statistics to ensure we are satisfied with their accuracy. Highlight any errors in the reports back to the customer reporting/data team. • External system accounts tracking. • Liaise with client for data/reporting/system requirements/request/issues
  • Kol Tregaskes Photography
    Photorgapher, present
    Photographer and photo editing.
  • The Creative Assembly
    QA/IT/Tools Tester, 2009 - 2010
    - QA duties including tools, compatibility and game testing.
  • Mono Consultants
    Data Co-ordinator, 2008 - 2009
    Employed on recommendation of former Bechtel colleague, now Mono Project Manager on Vodafone project • Produced Excel and Business Objects reports for the project & senior management for the whole of the UK • Work flow management tool (Evenflow) support and administration - the day to day maintenance and updating of data within the system, including raising new Network Requirements and Site Options for the projects, initiating active plans and updating workflow dates • General administration and project support
  • British Broadcasting Corporation
    Project Administrator, 2008 - 2008
    Short term Siemens project to audit all BBC telephony in London and various regional offices in preparation for further VoIP project/upgrade • Check and organise all information gathered by auditors and converted to electronic form • Tracked progress of audit via Excel spreadsheets used by the project manager • Completed project 2 months earlier than planned due to quick efficient gathering and entering of data
  • Vodafone UK
    Project Co-ordinator, 2005 - 2007
    Worked on project HSDPA, 3G Broadband and ATP • Work flow management tool (Evenflow) support and administration - the day to day maintenance and updating of data within the system, including raising new Network Requirements for the projects, initiating active plans and updating workflow dates • Produced Excel and Business Objects reports for the project & senior management • Raised work packages requirements in Clarify, raised and mapped 2G and 3G transmission requirements in Cramer plus raised and receipted sales orders for hardware kit • Gained knowledge of 2G and 3G networks while liaising with Vodafone key suppliers (Ericsson, Nortel and K&N) to ensure that the hardware requirement for the project deliverables were delivered accordingly • Held regular meetings with transmissions provider to determine delivery date and update database with latest forecast dates • General administration and project support
  • Bechtel
    Systems Integrator, 2003 - 2005
    Worked on Vodafone project IVOR • Data extraction, cleansing, comparison and clarification • Redesign of analysis tables giving greater clarity when producing progress updates, and enabling data to be updated more easily • Migrated data in preparation for software integration to the main VF database, Evenflow. • Redesigned Bechtel’s database forms via their web-based database • Generated reports for senior management with Business Objects
  • The Bitmap Brothers
    QA Manager/ Admin. Manager, 2000 - 2002
    Employed, on the recommendation of the Lead Designer to construct and promote a new corporate website ( • Redesigned, coded and implemented a new corporate website (which helped increase traffic dramatically) • Officially promoted in March 2001, having organically grown the initial Webmaster role and incrementally accepted additional responsibilities • Supported the Technical Manager to later take full responsibility of IT support within the company • Carried out various other tasks including design and maintenance of an Access bug database (improved data quality, user interface and more accurate reporting)
  • Atari
    Code Supervisor, 1996 - 2000
    Initially joined Warner Interactive as a Junior Tester. • Deputised for both the QA Manager and Assistant QA Manager during their absence • Acted as lead tester on a number of game titles, organising the workload of 4/5 members of staff and coordinating the testing areas • Carried out various administration tasks, including, testing software, assistance of office relocation, code record keeping, bug database maintenance and proofreading manuals
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