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Kol Tregaskes

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Well this will be my last post on +Google+ for the foreseeable future. My post on the lack of interaction on here ironically received no responses but it's the lack of content or consistency that's the most frustrating thing.

I returned to Twitter for only a week or so and already finding it better. I forgot how useful it is. You can @mention a brand and they will reply. I've had a few queries and support requests where I @mention the company and they've returned my mention. This doesn't happen on Google+ unfortunately.

Anyway, you'll find me mostly posting on Twitter at

For the rest I've tried to simplify it...

For my favourite photos and art check my Pinterest

For my favourite articles check my Flipboard

For my favourite videos check my YouTube playlists:

And I have my own sites at

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Kol Tregaskes

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I'm trying to find an app that turn on a set of Hue lights at sunset on a certain scene. But I can't seem to find an app.

Is this possible on all 4 hue android's? I can't see any option via the rule wizard.
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+M. Zerwes Thanks, I think I found the options I'm after. :-)
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Kol Tregaskes

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I'm honestly on the verge of ceasing use of +Google+. After my social media clean up the other week my new "faves" circle, which I cut down to include mostly the main Google feeds and a handful of Google+ only brands, now only takes me a few seconds to read each day. The brands and users I used to read each day I now read on Twitter or via an RSS feed from their site purely because they post more of their content there.

Google+ seems to be under used by a lot of brands and users and it's a real shame as it's my favourite social network in technical terms. The UI is great and easy to use and looks pretty too. Browser plugins work well and other services support it. It has personal profiles, communities, "circles" and "collections" (or categories). So lots of great features.

But content is inconsistently posted here and it's frustrating as I just want everyone to use it. I've gone back to Twitter a lot more since my clean up and expanded my RSS feeds a little so make sure I'm not missing anything. And it's great. Interaction hasn't really improved (on Twitter) but at least I don't miss any content brands and users post.

Google actually post their G+ content on their various Twitter accounts so I could follow the Google feeds on Twitter if I wanted to and only miss a handful of users, which would be a shame. It's all very disappointing and with little interaction too it's a little worrying.

For me at least the downward trend started when the brands joined. I remember it clearly as interaction was very hard up until that point. Similar issue on Twitter but content is pretty consistent on there.

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The irony is... no one has replied to this post. So I think this has answered my question.
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Kol Tregaskes

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Kol Tregaskes

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To all that celebrate it, merry Christmas! Happy holidays everyone!
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merry christmas Kolin, and wishing you a happy new year :-)
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Kol Tregaskes

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Sadly we had to put my dog, Kaz, to sleep today after battling with cancer for many months.

RIP my best friend and thank you for being such a great dog and companion to us all.

Kaz (2004 - 2016)

My favourite photos of Kaz:

Lots more here:
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"If there are no dogs in heaven, when I die I want to go where they went" - Will Rogers
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Kol Tregaskes

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Come teach us in africa, so we can make some money
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Kol Tregaskes

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I've installed this on all my devices now.  With firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware it seems to be the best overall security software.  Be it that the likes of Bitdefender are higher rated on PC though lack features on mobile.
I installed Avast Free Antivirus for Windows and it’s great. Goodbye paid-for antivirus! Download now to stay safe.
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Kol Tregaskes

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Just added some great illustrations by Miranda Meeks!
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    Photographer and photo editing.
  • The Creative Assembly
    QA/IT/Tools Tester, 2009 - 2010
    - QA duties including tools, compatibility and game testing.
  • Mono Consultants
    Data Co-ordinator, 2008 - 2009
    Employed on recommendation of former Bechtel colleague, now Mono Project Manager on Vodafone project • Produced Excel and Business Objects reports for the project & senior management for the whole of the UK • Work flow management tool (Evenflow) support and administration - the day to day maintenance and updating of data within the system, including raising new Network Requirements and Site Options for the projects, initiating active plans and updating workflow dates • General administration and project support
  • British Broadcasting Corporation
    Project Administrator, 2008 - 2008
    Short term Siemens project to audit all BBC telephony in London and various regional offices in preparation for further VoIP project/upgrade • Check and organise all information gathered by auditors and converted to electronic form • Tracked progress of audit via Excel spreadsheets used by the project manager • Completed project 2 months earlier than planned due to quick efficient gathering and entering of data
  • Vodafone UK
    Project Co-ordinator, 2005 - 2007
    Worked on project HSDPA, 3G Broadband and ATP • Work flow management tool (Evenflow) support and administration - the day to day maintenance and updating of data within the system, including raising new Network Requirements for the projects, initiating active plans and updating workflow dates • Produced Excel and Business Objects reports for the project & senior management • Raised work packages requirements in Clarify, raised and mapped 2G and 3G transmission requirements in Cramer plus raised and receipted sales orders for hardware kit • Gained knowledge of 2G and 3G networks while liaising with Vodafone key suppliers (Ericsson, Nortel and K&N) to ensure that the hardware requirement for the project deliverables were delivered accordingly • Held regular meetings with transmissions provider to determine delivery date and update database with latest forecast dates • General administration and project support
  • Bechtel
    Systems Integrator, 2003 - 2005
    Worked on Vodafone project IVOR • Data extraction, cleansing, comparison and clarification • Redesign of analysis tables giving greater clarity when producing progress updates, and enabling data to be updated more easily • Migrated data in preparation for software integration to the main VF database, Evenflow. • Redesigned Bechtel’s database forms via their web-based database • Generated reports for senior management with Business Objects
  • The Bitmap Brothers
    QA Manager/ Admin. Manager, 2000 - 2002
    Employed, on the recommendation of the Lead Designer to construct and promote a new corporate website ( • Redesigned, coded and implemented a new corporate website (which helped increase traffic dramatically) • Officially promoted in March 2001, having organically grown the initial Webmaster role and incrementally accepted additional responsibilities • Supported the Technical Manager to later take full responsibility of IT support within the company • Carried out various other tasks including design and maintenance of an Access bug database (improved data quality, user interface and more accurate reporting)
  • Atari
    Code Supervisor, 1996 - 2000
    Initially joined Warner Interactive as a Junior Tester. • Deputised for both the QA Manager and Assistant QA Manager during their absence • Acted as lead tester on a number of game titles, organising the workload of 4/5 members of staff and coordinating the testing areas • Carried out various administration tasks, including, testing software, assistance of office relocation, code record keeping, bug database maintenance and proofreading manuals
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Gamer, photographer and likes tech, science, music, movies, sci-fi and sport. All round geek.

Hello, welcome to my Google+ page.  I'm a keen amateur photographer who would like to eventually combine photography with my other interests of travelling, cycling and pencil drawing. I currently work in the telecoms industry as a data coordinator but do make sure I take some time out for my photography. My main genres are landscapes, nature, animals, events and sport.

Along with photography I also work in Photoshop; manipulating and tidying photos for myself and others.

My photography has been used by various people and companies, such as an outside broadcasting firm, a major credit card/bank and one photo was in the running to be a Royal Mail stamp in the UK.

I used to work in the computer games industry in various roles and still an avid gamer. I'm also into music, movies, sports such as rugby, F1 and football, web development, art, technology, science, science-fiction and social networking services like Google+.

My Collections

I have a large list of collections, which are broken up into main sections, topics and themes.  So take your look at your favourite interests and please click follow if you would like to keep up to date with my posts.

My main collections are:

The bulk of my collections are all my favourite topics::

And lastly my so-called themes:

My Google Newsstand

I've produced my main sites in Google's Newsstand app, you can find them here:

My Social Profiles

I’m on many social networks!  My main profiles are:

Thanks for visiting my Google+ page! :-)

Me  |  Blog  |  Photography  |  Photography Blog  |  Prints

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Worked for The Bitmaps Brothers, makers of great games such as Speedball and Xenon.
  • John Ruskin College
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