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Koichi C
Destroyer Of The Japanese Language Learning Industry
Destroyer Of The Japanese Language Learning Industry

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It's finally here! That new product I promised I'd announce. Meet - let us find you your one true body pillow love.

Q. How many doors do you have to go through to get to Sauron's house? 

A. More Doors 


One of my favorite things to do is to hum the Jurassic Park theme song in very inappropriate situations.

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Wouldn't mind voting for the dude in the Smile Party, even though he almost certainly cries himself to sleep every night…

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This is a great idea, though there are very few Japanese users on the site right now (so don't overwhelm it, grrr!). It's like chat roulette for language learning where you get paired up with someone learning your language (who speaks the language you're learning too). You do language exchange, etc., and hopefully there aren't any naked people.

Like I said, going to be hard to connect with Japanese people all at once, but give it a try and see if you can make it work. Or, even better, invite your Japanese friends to join so that I have more people to practice speaking with :p

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So, made a Japanese Language community. Go join it and we'll help each other to learn Japanese better!

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相手は日本語を勉強して、あなたは英語(などなど)を勉強して、Language Exchangeをする。

Eating a container of nori is like watching Breaking Bad. You can't stop eating until it's all gone, but when it is you're kind of relieved.

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Three weeks into the shojin ryori diet, I've noticed my hipster jeans fitting a lot better… 

Here's Part 3:

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