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Yesterday and today, one of the most important IT events in Belgium is being organized. I visited it yesterday, and while passing by I was asked to take part of the data privacy debate at the Computable Café. It was moderated by Luc Blyaert. Other people on stage were the information security expert Marc Vael, chairman of Isaca, Caroline De Geest, spokeswoman of the Privacy Commission and Toon Van Den Bergh from HPE Software Enterprise Security.

Luc prepared some very good questions for us like: did the March 22th attacks have an impact on Privacy. Is there less privacy and what is the right equilibrium between freedom and privacy, is privacy for losers, who has to take the lead in privacy policy, what about privacy as a service and will everybody be ready for GDPR on time (deadline May 2018).

You can read a great summary on the Computable site: or watch a video summary on the Computable Youtube Channel: . (Both in Dutch.)

My take on privacy and responsibilities: privacy and information security is the responsibility of every one. It should be a culture. Of course the end responsibility is always the CEO’s. Privacy is also not only a ICT issue, it’s much broader than that… Depending on size, complexity, sector the privacy governance can be organized by a Data Privacy Officer (DPO), the Chief Security Information Officer (CISO), the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) or why not the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in small or medium sized companies.

Vendors have a responsibility in privacy topics as well. They should be clear in explaining all risks and potential costs. Certainly in the Internet of Things world, that is booming today with all it’s incredible functionality, the privacy and information security should rise. Regulators have still some work to do in this area in my opinion.

Our Vuca-world (,_uncertainty,_complexity_and_ambiguity ) is in a continuous evolution and so will be Data Privacy Governance. Start with a good company culture and a good architecture!

Information Security and Data Privacy are rather complex matters. So I would advice SME’s to get some external and most important independent advice. It shouldn’t be expensive, with just a small investment, you can minimize your risks dramatically.

Awesome Singular Guidance can help you with that. If you have questions, I’ll be happy to help!

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Great Wall Motors Commercial with their view of the future...

Most remarkable: cars with nuclear power!


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I've just entered a social and technological experiment: +Grantcoin wants to realise the Utopia of #BasicIncome in an alternative way.

It uses the #BlockChain technology to realize this. It's a brand new initiative, the value of a Grantcoin is virtually nothing at the moment but the creators really think out the box!

As I really believe in Basic Income as a concept for the future and as I am into new and promising technology, I'm glad to support this initiative.

Do you want to try it out as well?
Please be my guest on .

Looking forward to your feedback on this!

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Well, well, there it is in our country: #androidpay ... Wonder if it will survive in the struggle for the preferred payment platform!

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De moeite van het lezen waard... maar relativering is evenzeer van belang!

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Blijft bij mij nog steeds een WOW-effect hebben!

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Fascinerende man...

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