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Hey, I sent an email about getting the chromecast plugin on a new device. I sent the proof of purchase from the play store too. Can someone send me the plugin download link? 

Someone, please send me an Inbox Invite, please. Thanks. 

Anyone else experiencing screen rotation issues?

For a while now,this app wont rotate on my device (2013 Nexus 7) when a manga is open. This doesnt happen on Main library view and Manga specific library view, just when an actual manga is open. It automatically rotates upside down and locks into place like that. No more landscape, no more right side up.. just doesnt budge. I cant keep the manga from rotating into this upsidedown motion if I lock the device rotation before hand, but if I open a manga, then go back and ununlock the rotation.. bam! it goes back to the upsidedown mode again all by itself.

Any thoughts?

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Mr Oscar Peterson everyone....

Oh Oh, I think the back Button in broken.

With the new update, now when I push "Back" inside a chapter, instead of taking me back to the manga chapters library to view my other chapters, it takes me all the way back to the main manga library where all the other mangas are. I hope it's a bug. 

-2013 Nexus 7

Hi . I was wondering if it's just me. New Bleach and Naruto came out this morning (Sept4) but for some reason, the app can't seem to find them. the search results won't update past the 546 and 644 respectively. my source is set on Mangapanda first. 

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