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Look at this ignorance:

This isn't backed up with any facts whatsoever; also, who really follows Fox news? Am I missing something? This world sickens me... I've spent hours upon hours trying to understand the logic behind liberal views and it just doesn't make logical sense.
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The minions' mantra is: 1. You must watch Fox News. 2. You're a racist. 
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Someone when they try Google +

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SO GLAD, this isn't me... 0_0
AHH... A close shave for this week's GIF Tuesday

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When I post GIF images on Facebook I get the same feeling as this dog: "This is not what I expected".
Not seriously.
I am a technology enthusiast with numerous skills and accomplishments. I'm friendly and really enjoy talking about computer related things and although I absolutely love video games, don't expect to make as long a conversation with me as with any gaming fanatic. I have built my own gaming computer and take pride in its speed and cable management for being a budget build. Aside from being such an indoors person, I do like to be outside and have an interest in weaponry and tactics, to an extent. In relation to the great outdoors I find throwing a ball or even riding bikes while socializing with friends something to take for granted while it lasts. To further extend my interests, I have a modern interest for cars and electrolysis. In many ways I'm very smart, although things I find absolutely no interest in are things I end up putting minimal effort into, not that my interests can't change.

If you ever plan on building your own computer or plan on buying an alienware, talk to me first cause I have learned from past mistakes and have an expertise mindset for targeting any user's needs whether it be gaming, rendering, or just casual use. You will have forgotten that computers can be slow.

PC Specs:
-AMD A4 5300
-MSI Mobo; 2 slots
+500GB 7200RPM HDD
+4GB DDR3 RAM; 1x4
+Fractal R4 Case
+Xigmatec Fans
-  ~ To be upgraded
+ ~ Perfectly fine; it's going to stay for a loooong time
Yes I do get the occasional bottlenecking but it really isn't that bad. Overall I get a cold boot time of roughly 15 seconds and loading applications is a breeze of a few additional seconds longer than letting the OS cache apps. The 660 is something I should have waited on so I could afford a slightly higher end graphics card, but I'm probably just experiencing bottlenecking. Also, yea the mobo was cheap and so it doesn't help provide sufficient power for overclocking the video card before it resets. Although it's only the 660 and it was rather cheap, it's the Gigabyte Twin Frozr model with dual fans and an awesome heat sync and frame with quiet fans that always keeps it cool. It always runs at 40 degrees with a max EVER of 47, and even then it cools down multiple degrees in the matter of seconds. To wrap things up with a disclaimer, this was a supercombo that I bought off Newegg and got a really good deal on. If I had the choice I would probably have just not saved $100 and got the components I wanted at a slower pace since I will need $100 in upgrade money for the mobo alone. I've definitely learned a lot from this build and I can officially say no one can fully know what they're talking about until they've built a computer themselves.
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I am extremely proficient throughout the ideals technology
  • Lakeland High School
    Grades 10-12 (Currently 11), 2012 - present
  • Self Educated
    Technology, 1996 - 2014
    I am a self taught technology enthusiast with added teamwork skills and public relations through FIRST FRC Robotics. In the classes Speech, Psychology, and History, I am applying what I have learned for the future use in being a loyal employee and a possible life goal of running my own company providing products for the consumer. I will make the company subjected towards selling products without draining the pockets of everyone yet keeping competition within the industry, legally, avoiding anti-trust acts and other mistakes major companies have made to their new and grandfathered customers. I believe I can change the world for the better, whether I make my life goals or not.
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